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ValueSet: Cardiac Arrest (Experimental)

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Active as of 2023-11-14 Computable Name: CardiacArrest

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Logical Definition (CLD)



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Expansion based on:

  • SNOMED CT United States edition 01-Sep 2023
  • SNOMED CT United States edition 01-Sep 2023
  410429000 arrest (disorder)
  16574001 arrest after obstetrical surgery AND/OR other procedure including delivery
  62657007 arrest AND/OR failure following anesthesia AND/OR sedation in labor AND/OR delivery
  71908006 fibrillation
  78240009 arrest due to pacemaker failure
  180906006 cardiac arrest
  181869007 cardiorespiratory arrest
  195083004 fibrillation and flutter
  213213007 arrest as a complication of care
  233915000 familial ventricular fibrillation
  233927002 arrest with successful resuscitation
  234172002 dissociation
  261195002 arrest
  309809007 dissociation with successful resuscitation
  397829000 (disorder)
  410430005 arrest (disorder)
  422970001 arrest due to trauma (disorder)
  423168004 arrest due to respiratory disorder (disorder)
  423191000 arrest due to cardiac disorder (disorder)
  424571008 arrest due to drowning (disorder)
  429243003 ventricular fibrillation (disorder)
  609506003 termination of pregnancy complicated by cardiac arrest
  698504006 cardiopulmonary failure
  699748007 arrest with successful resuscitation
  703162001 cardiac arrest
  713419002 cardiopulmonary arrest
  716050002 arrest during surgery (disorder)
  723866006 ventricular fibrillation not Brugada type (disorder)
  1149361009 arrest due to procedure (disorder)
  1149362002 arrest during procedure (disorder)
  1264229001 cardiac arrest
  5561000124105 cardiac arrest (disorder)
  10745231000119102 arrest due to administration of anesthesia for obstetric procedure in pregnancy (disorder)
  10750641000119101 arrest due to failed attempted abortion
  10760181000119109 arrest due to miscarriage
  10811961000119109 arrest due to incomplete miscarriage (disorder)
  15964501000119104 arrest during cardiac surgery (disorder)
  15964581000119107 arrest following cardiac surgery (disorder)

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