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ValueSet: Valid coded reasons for ordering a lab service


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Title:All Valid Reasons for Ordering a Lab Service
Status:Active as of 2019-12-20

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CodeDisplay - English (United States) (English (United States), en)
  138875005SNOMED CT Concept
  101009Quilonia ethiopica
  102002Hemoglobin Okaloosa
  103007Squirrel fibroma virus
  104001Excision of lesion of patella
  106004Posterior carpal region
  107008Fetal part of placenta
  108003Entire condylar emissary vein
  109006Anxiety disorder of childhood OR adolescence
  110001Visceral layer of Bowman's capsule
  111002Parathyroid gland
  112009Bembrops anatirostris
  113004Type-casting-machine operator
  114005Feline calicivirus
  115006Removable appliance therapy
  116007Subcutaneous tissue of medial surface of index finger
  117003Rhipicephalus sanguineus
  118008Black buffalo weaver
  119000Thoracoscopic partial lobectomy of lung
  120006Ornithine racemase
  121005Retrobulbar injection of therapeutic agent
  122003Choroidal hemorrhage
  124002Coronoid process of mandible
  125001Ferrous (59-Fe) sulfate (substance)
  126000Galactosyl-N-acetylglucosaminylgalactosylglucosylceramide alpha-galactosyltransferase
  127009Spontaneous abortion with laceration of cervix
  128004Hand microscope examination of skin
  130002Hemoglobin Hopkins-II
  131003Dolichyl-phosphate mannosyltransferase
  132005Serraniculus pumilio
  133000Percutaneous implantation of neurostimulator electrodes into neuromuscular component
  134006Decreased hair growth
  135007Arthrotomy of wrist joint with exploration and biopsy
  136008Acacia erioloba
  138009No past history of
  139001Felid herpesvirus 1
  140004Chronic pharyngitis
  142007Excision of tumor from shoulder area, deep, intramuscular
  144008Normal peripheral vision
  145009Colloid milium
  146005Repair of nonunion of metatarsal with bone graft
  148006Preliminary diagnosis
  149003Central pair of microtubules, cilium or flagellum, not bacterial
  150003Abnormal bladder continence
  151004Gonococcal meningitis
  153001Cystourethroscopy with resection of ureterocele
  154007Rubber molding-press operator
  155008Deep circumflex artery of ilium
  156009Spine board
  158005Salmonella Irumu (organism)
  159002Ferrocyanide salt
  160007Removal of foreign body of tendon and/or tendon sheath (procedure)
  161006Thermal injury
  162004Severe manic bipolar I disorder without psychotic features
  163009Bacteroides stercoris
  164003Phosphoenolpyruvate-protein phosphotransferase
  166001Behavioral therapy
  167005Supraclavicular part of brachial plexus
  169008Product containing hypothalamic releasing factor (product)
  170009Special potency disk identification, vancomycin test
  171008Injury of ascending right colon without open wound into abdominal cavity
  172001Endometritis following molar AND/OR ectopic pregnancy
  173006Micrognathus crinitus
  174000Harrison-Richardson operation on vagina
  175004Supraorbital neuralgia
  176003Anastomosis of rectum
  177007Poisoning by sawfly larvae
  178002Uridine diphosphate galactose
  179005Apraxia of dressing
  181007Hemorrhagic bronchopneumonia
  183005Autoimmune pancytopenia
  184004Withdrawal arrhythmia
  186002HLA-Cw9 antigen
  187006Cyanocobalamin (57-Co) (substance)
  188001Injury of intercostal artery
  189009Excision of lesion of artery
  191001Lednice virus
  192008Congenital syphilitic hepatomegaly
  193003Benign hypertensive renal disease
  194009Notropis whipplei
  195005Illegal abortion with endometritis
  196006Concave shape
  197002Mold to yeast conversion test
  198007Disease due to Filoviridae
  199004Decreased lactation
  201002Oligopus claudei
  202009Anterior division of renal artery
  205006Entire left commissure of aortic valve
  206007Gluteus maximus muscle
  207003European edible frog
  211009Product containing norethandrolone (medicinal product)
  213007Simian enterovirus 7
  214001Streptococcus mutans
  216004Delusion of persecution
  217008Blood group antigen IH
  218003Ophidion holbrooki
  219006Alcohol user
  221001Articular surface, phalanges, of fourth metacarpal bone
  222008Acute epiglottitis with obstruction
  223003Tumor of body of uterus affecting pregnancy
  226006Aedes luteocephalus
  227002Canal of Hering
  228007Lucio phenomenon
  229004Accipiter gentilis
  230009Miller operation, urethrovesical suspension
  2310083-hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenase
  232001Congenital fold
  233006Hepatocolic ligament
  234000Cyrnea colini
  235004Superior labial artery
  241006Epilepsia partialis continua
  242004Noninfectious jejunitis
  243009Replacement of cerebral ventricular tube
  245002Division of nerve ganglion
  246001Lateral vestibular nucleus
  248000Infectious bursal disease virus
  251007Pectoral region
  252000Acinetobacter johnsonii
  254004Insect iridescent virus 11
  255003Calcified nodule
  256002Kupffer cell
  257006Acne rosacea, erythematous telangiectatic type
  259009Fibrous body
  260004Indigo bunting
  261000Codeine phosphate
  262007Percutaneous aspiration of renal pelvis
  263002Thoracic nerve
  264008Blind hypertensive eye
  266005Right lower lobe of lung
  267001Anal fistulectomy, multiple
  268006Lycosa tarentula
  269003Theileria sergenti
  270002Female first cousin
  271003Bone plate
  272005Superior articular process of lumbar vertebra
  273000Lateral myocardium
  275007Noturus placidus
  276008Poisoning by oxytocin
  279001Senile myocarditis
  280003Salmonella Limete (organism)
  281004Dementia associated with alcoholism
  282006Acute myocardial infarction of basal-lateral wall
  283001Central axillary lymph node
  284007Entire flexor tendon and tendon sheath of fourth toe
  285008Incision and drainage of vulva
  286009Czech (ethnic group)
  287000Air receiver
  289002Metacarpophalangeal joint of index finger
  290006Melnick-Fraser syndrome
  292003EEG finding
  294002Excisional biopsy of joint structure of spine
  295001Nonexcisional destruction of cyst of ciliary body
  297009Acute myringitis
  299007Paraffinoma of skin
  301000Fifth metatarsal bone
  302007Product containing spiramycin (medicinal product)
  303002Apoplectic pancreatitis
  306005Echography of kidney
  308006Pearly penile papules
  310008Boil of penis
  311007Plantar surface of great toe
  312000Salmonella Amba (organism)
  313005Déjà vu
  314004Eimeria lagopodi
  315003Skin of umbilicus
  316002Partial dacryocystectomy
  317006Reactive hypoglycemia
  318001Cardiac impression of liver
  320003Cervical dilatation, 1cm
  322006Octylphenoxy P.H. ethanol
  324007Plaster ulcer
  325008Eimeria bovis
  326009Aerodrome construction engineer
  327000Arsenic-76 (substance)
  328005Follicular papule
  329002Antimony-127 (substance)
  330007Occipital headache
  331006Hospital-based outpatient rheumatology clinic
  332004Sphyrna lewini
  334003Panorex examination of mandible
  336001Fibrinogen Tokyo II
  338000Black-headed oriole
  340005Enzyme variant
  341009ABO incompatibility reaction
  342002Amobarbital interview
  345000Atrioventricular bundle
  346004Periodontal scaling and root planing, per quadrant
  347008Rufous tinamou
  348003Radionuclide dynamic function study
  349006Absent tendon reflex
  350006Percina crassa
  351005Urinary undiversion of ureteral anastomosis
  352003Reagent RBC, preparation antibody sensitized pool
  354002Triton tumor, malignant
  355001Hemorrhagic shock
  356000Reticular corium
  357009Closed fracture of trapezoidal bone of wrist
  359007Kernicterus due to isoimmunization
  360002Acute radiation disease
  362005Arthroderma quadrifidum
  363000Fibrinogen San Juan
  364006Acute left-sided heart failure
  365007Circaseptan biorhythm
  368009Heart valve disorder
  369001Normal jugular venous pressure
  370000Beta>2S< glycoprotein (substance)
  371001Acylcarnitine hydrolase
  372008Trichophyton rubrum
  374009Costosternoplasty for pectus excavatum repair
  378007Morquio syndrome
  379004Human rhinovirus 13
  380001Normal variation in shape
  381002Mansonia pertubans
  382009Legal history finding relating to child
  383004Passive range of hip extension - finding
  385006Secondary peripheral neuropathy
  386007Poecilia formosa
  389000Tobramycin measurement
  390009Ophidion beani
  391008Field crop farm worker (general)
  392001Gadolinium-151 (substance)
  393006Wall of urinary bladder
  394000Abnormal trabeculation
  395004Immunoglobulin pentamer
  397007Hippeastrum equestre
  398002Left axis deviation greater than -90 degrees by EKG
  399005Blaberus craniifer
  401004Distal subtotal pancreatectomy
  402006Dental branches of inferior alveolar artery
  404007Brama japonica
  405008Entire posterior temporal diploic vein
  406009Fulguration of stomach lesion
  407000Congenital hepatomegaly
  408005Tooth chattering
  409002Food allergy diet
  410007Atheta occidentalis
  411006Anopheles cruzii
  412004Ribose-5-phosphate isomerase
  414003Gastric fundus
  415002Taggert virus
  417005Hospital re-admission
  419008Functional dilatation
  420002Anastomosis, heterocladic
  421003Baltimore oriole
  422005Inferior surface of tongue
  423000Oochoristica ratti
  424006Citramalyl-CoA lyase
  425007Hemoglobin Nagoya
  426008Superficial injury of ankle without infection
  427004Human echovirus 4
  428009Northern flat-head snake
  431005Hypertrophy of scrotum
  432003Carminic acid
  433008Euphorbia mauritanica
  435001Pulmonary inhalation study
  436000Determined by
  437009Abnormal composition of urine
  4380042-hydroxyglutarate dehydrogenase (substance)
  439007Therapeutic radioisotope
  440009Persistent hyperphenylalaninemia
  442001Secondary hypopituitarism
  443006Cystocele affecting pregnancy
  444000Legal sibling
  445004Repair of malunion of tibia
  446003Trochanteric bursa
  447007Coach in sports activity accident
  448002Yaba monkey tumor pox virus
  450005Ulcerative stomatitis
  451009Lichanura trivirgata
  452002Blister of groin without infection
  453007Aedes dorsalis
  455000Babesia trautmanni
  456004Total abdominal colectomy with ileostomy
  457008Collateral ligament
  459006Closed condylotomy of mandible
  460001Squamous metaplasia of prostate gland
  461002Lateral corticospinal tract
  462009Urease (ATP-hydrolysing)
  463004Closed reduction of coxofemoral joint dislocation with splint
  464005Basophilic normoblast
  465006Ascending frontal gyrus
  467003Old laceration of muscles of pelvic floor
  468008Glutathione measurement
  470004Vitreous touch syndrome
  471000Flexor hallucis longus muscle
  472007Vegetable textile fiber
  474008Esophagoenteric anastomosis, intrathoracic
  476005Lymphocyte antigen CD1b
  479003Graves' disease with pretibial myxedema AND with thyrotoxic crisis
  480000Cardiopulmonary circulatory system
  481001African horse sickness virus 3
  482008Gallbladder contraction
  484009Eubacterium oxidoreducens
  485005Transverse colon
  486006Acute vascular insufficiency
  487002Coil/whorled fibers
  488007Fibroid myocarditis
  489004Ferritin measurement
  490008Upper respiratory tract hypersensitivity reaction
  493005Urobilinogen measurement, 48-hour, feces
  494004Excision of lesion of tonsil
  496002Closed traumatic dislocation of third cervical vertebra (disorder)
  497006Replacement of cochlear prosthesis, multiple channels
  499009Psilocybe mixaeensis
  501001Blood group antibody Sf^a^
  502008Aspidogaster conchicola
  504009Androgen-dependent hirsutism
  505005Blood group antibody M'
  5060063-oxosteroid delta^1^-dehydrogenase (substance)
  508007Eranthis hyemalis
  509004Salmonella II 30:k:e,n,x,z15
  511008Fibrous meningioma
  515004Blood group antigen Giaigue
  516003Beetle larva
  517007Foreign body in hypopharynx
  518002Multiple aggregation
  519005Free protein S
  520004Congenital bent nose
  521000Mercury-197 (substance)
  522007Thermoactinomyces peptonophilus
  525009Eimeria coturnicus
  526005Porcine epizootic diarrhea virus
  527001Spontaneous fetal evolution, Roederer's method
  528006Costal surface of lung
  531007Open pulmonary valve commissurotomy with inflow occlusion
  533005Repair of vesicocolic fistula
  534004Wooden boatbuilder
  535003Closure of ureterovesicovaginal fistula
  536002Glissonian cirrhosis
  537006Haemonchus similis
  5380012,3-dihydroxybenzoate 3,4-dioxygenase (substance)
  539009Conjunctival argyrosis
  540006Antibody to single and double stranded DNA measurement
  541005Salmonella Ahuza (organism)
  543008Choledochostomy with transduodenal sphincteroplasty
  544002Product containing melphalan (medicinal product)
  545001Operative procedure on lower leg
  546000Heterandria formosa
  547009Hypersecretion of calcitonin
  54800413p partial trisomy syndrome
  549007Incision of intracranial vein
  550007Excision of lesion of adenoids
  551006Phialophora repens
  552004Entire vagus nerve parasympathetic fibers to cardiac plexus
  5540032p partial trisomy syndrome
  555002Dicentra species poisoning
  559008Excision of varicose vein
  564007Bathyagonus alascanus
  565008Intervertebral disc space of fifth lumbar vertebra
  567000Plant producing pyrrolizidine alkaloids
  568005Tic disorder
  573004Amphistichus koelzi
  574005Benzodiazepine measurement
  576007Blood group antibody Duck
  578008Hemoglobin Jianghua
  579000Argas africolumbae
  581003Salmonella Canada (organism)
  582005Head of phalanx of great toe
  584006Blood group antibody Wr^b^
  585007Substance P
  586008Contact dermatitis caused by Primula obconica (disorder)
  587004Capsule of proximal interphalangeal joint of third toe
  589001Interventricular septum
  590005Congenital aneurysm of anterior communicating artery
  5910092-oxoisovalerate dehydrogenase (acylating) (substance)
  592002Ixodes pacificus
  593007Blood group antibody Holmes
  5940012-oxoglutarate synthase (substance)
  595000Palpebral fissure
  596004Premenstrual dysphoric disorder
  597008Californium-247 (substance)
  598003Vespa crabro
  599006Chronic pneumothorax
  604000Plant sapogenin glycoside
  605004Severe inflammatory atypia
  607007Decreased vital capacity
  608002Subcutaneous tissue of philtrum
  609005Adoptive father
  610000Spastic aphonia
  611001Hippurate hydrolase
  612008Hepatozoon canis
  613003Fragile X syndrome
  615005Obstruction due to foreign body accidentally left in operative wound AND/OR body cavity during a procedure
  616006Sensorimotor disorder of eyelid
  617002Bone graft to mandible
  618007Frontal sinusectomy
  621009Multivesicular body, internal vesicles
  623007Loom threader (machine)
  625000Removal of supernumerary digit
  626004Hypercortisolism due to nonpituitary tumor
  627008Spinner, thread and yarn
  628003Steinman test
  629006Lysis of adhesions of urethra
  631002Transfusion reaction due to minor incompatibility
  633004Chart review by physician
  635006Tuberosity of distal phalanx of little toe
  637003Lysis of adhesions of nose
  638008Legionella oakridgensis
  640003Injury of pneumogastric nerve
  641004Artillery missile
  642006Cerebral thermography
  643001Hypertrophy of lip
  644007Toucan barbet
  645008Diagnostic procedure on vitreous
  646009Idiopathic cyst of anterior chamber of eye (disorder)
  647000Excision of cervix by electroconization
  648005Oil of calamus
  649002Open fracture of distal end of ulna
  650002Superior articular process of seventh thoracic vertebra
  651003Root work
  652005Gangrenous tonsillitis
  653000Latrodectus dahli
  654006Acremonium recifei
  655007Abnormal fetal heart beat noted before labor in liveborn infant
  656008Salmonella Os (organism)
  657004Operation on bursa
  658009Injury of colon without open wound into abdominal cavity
  660006Tracheal mucous membrane
  662003Aeromonas proteolytica aminopeptidase
  664002Delayed ovulation
  665001Partial meniscectomy of temporomandibular joint
  667009Embryonic structure
  668004Osmium-185 (substance)
  670008Electrosurgical epilation of eyebrow
  671007Transplantation of testis
  673005Indirect laryngoscopy
  674004Abduction test
  675003Torsion of intestine
  676002Peritoneal dialysis including cannulation
  677006Panicum antidotale
  680007Radiation physics consultation
  681006Antiaris toxicaria
  683009Mercuric acetate
  686001Plastoquinol-plastocyanin reductase
  687005Albumin/Globulin ratio
  688000Fetal hyaloid artery
  689008Anopheles sundaicus
  691000Small intestine submucosa
  692007Body of ischium
  695009Destructive procedure of lesion on skin of trunk
  697001Hepatitis A virus antibody measurement
  698006Erythromycin lactobionate
  699003Coal tar extract
  701003Adult osteochondritis of spine
  703000Congenital adhesions of tongue
  704006Blood group antigen Rx
  705007Piper darienensis
  707004Menispermum canadense
  708009Bunostomum phlebotomum
  709001Ruminococcus callidus
  710006Thromboendarterectomy with graft of mesenteric artery
  711005Salmonella Tunis (organism)
  712003Closed chest suction
  714002Abrasion and/or friction burn of toe with infection (disorder)
  715001Nontraumatic rupture of urethra
  718004Acute bronchiolitis with obstruction
  719007Emblemaria bahamensis
  722009Fine needle biopsy of thymus
  723004Dense intermediate filament bundles
  725006Mobula hypostoma
  726007Pathology consultation, comprehensive, records and specimen with report
  728008Director of photography (motion picture)
  730005Incision of subcutaneous tissue
  735000Blood group antigen Jobbins
  736004Abscess of hip
  737008Carpet weaver (hand)
  738003Ball valve obstruction
  739006Bicycle ergometer
  740008Ophichthus ophis
  741007Operation on prostate
  744004Avitellina ratia
  746002Chiropractic adjustment of coccyx subluxation
  748001Salmonella Chandans (organism)
  749009Salmonella Truro (organism)
  750009Schistosoma mansoni infection (disorder)
  751008Wood turner
  752001Veratrum viride
  753006Manipulation of ankle AND foot
  754000Total urethrectomy
  755004Postgastrectomy phytobezoar
  756003Chronic rheumatic myopericarditis
  758002Cyst of uterus
  759005Intracerebral electroencephalogram
  760000Salmonella Djelfa (organism)
  761001Salmonella Runby (organism)
  762008Computerized axial tomography of cervical spine with contrast
  763003Monodon monoceros
  764009Arthrodesis of interphalangeal joint of great toe
  767002White blood cell count
  770003Shuttle-car operator (mine)
  771004Dry-cleaner (hand)
  773001Hemoglobin M-Iwate
  774007Head and neck structure
  775008Open wound of head with complication
  776009Partial arterial retinal occlusion
  778005Gobionellus stigmalophius
  781000Cestrum diurnum poisoning
  782007Maxx rat
  784008Lasiodiplodia theobromae
  786005Clinical stage I B
  787001Rheumatic mitral stenosis with regurgitation
  788006Disease-related diet
  789003Cranial decompression, subtemporal, supratentorial
  790007Visceral aspect of liver
  791006Dressing and fixation procedure
  792004Jakob-Creutzfeldt disease
  793009Mechanical power press
  796001Product containing digoxin (medicinal product)
  798000Entire deep temporal vein
  799008Sigmoid colon ulcer
  800007Salmonella Offa (organism)
  801006Nonvenomous insect bite of foot with infection
  802004Serratia ficaria
  804003Creosotic acid
  805002Pneumoconiosis due to silica
  807005Excision of brain
  808000Posterior intercostal arteries
  809008Fetal chondrocranium
  810003Spindle cell nevus
  811004Flail motion
  813001Ankle instability
  814007Electrophoresis measurement
  816009Genetic recombination
  817000Excision of cyst of spleen
  818005Third degree burn of multiple sites of lower limb
  819002Lytic antibody
  820008Intestinal mucosal permeability
  821007Trichodina pediculus
  823005Posterior cervical spinal cord nerve root
  825003Superficial injury of axilla with infection
  826002Edge sawyer
  827006Late congenital syphilis, latent (+ sero., - C.S.F., 2 years OR more)
  830004Spinous process of fifth thoracic vertebra
  831000Drawer test
  832007Moderate major depression
  833002Domesticated Japanese quail
  834008Chair-seated facing coital position
  835009Peripheral T-cell lymphoma, AILD (Angioimmunoblastic Lymphadenopathy with Dysproteinemia)
  836005Oral region of face
  841002Congenital absence of skull bone
  844005Behavior finding
  845006Injury of inferior mesenteric artery
  846007Thaumetopoea processionea
  847003Product containing dextrothyroxine (medicinal product)
  848008Burrowing toad
  849000Total cataract
  850000Stizolobate synthase
  851001Root canal therapy, molar, excluding final restoration
  852008Entamoeba lagopodis
  853003Fecal fat measurement, 72-hour collection
  854009Hybognathus argyritis
  856006Actinic keratosis
  857002Erythema simplex
  859004Peptide-N^4^-(N-acetyl-b-glucosaminyl) asparagine amidase
  860009Immunoglobulin, aggregated
  861008Couesius plumbeus
  862001Anemia caused by chlorate (disorder)
  864000Anopheles multicolor
  865004Hyperalimentation formula for ileus
  867007Facial-hypoglossal nerve anastomosis
  868002Fundulus heteroclitus
  869005Camelostrongylus mentulatus
  870006Carbamazepine measurement
  871005Contracted pelvis
  872003Notocotylus attenuatus
  874002Therapeutic diuresis
  875001Chalcosis of eye
  876000Blood group antigen D
  877009Carboxypeptidase A
  878004Ship's steward
  879007Special blood coagulation test, explain by report
  882002Diagnostic implant
  885000Lamina muscularis of colonic mucous membrane
  887008Chirolophis ascanii
  888003Foetal or neonatal effect of maternal blood loss
  889006(acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase) kinase (substance)
  890002Deep third degree burn of elbow
  891003Suicide by self-administered drug
  892005Senecio harveianus
  893000Tumor antigen measurement
  895007Anterior cruciate ligament of knee joint
  897004Radical maxillary antrotomy
  898009Ptychocheilus umpquae
  899001Axis I diagnosis
  900006Mucin-producing adenocarcinoma
  901005Helicopter-based care
  903008Chorioretinal infarction
  904002Pinard's sign
  905001o-Dihydroxycoumarin O^7^-glucosyltransferase
  907009Datisca glomerata
  909007Mycobacterium parafortuitum
  910002MHPG measurement, urine
  911003Removal of subarachnoid-ureteral shunt
  913000Chiropractic patient education and instruction
  915007Malignant melanoma in junctional nevus
  917004Superior laryngeal aperture
  918009Trichodina truttae
  921006Thyrohyoid branch of ansa cervicalis
  922004Product containing pralidoxime (medicinal product)
  923009Complement component C2
  925002Sodium iodipamide
  926001Embolectomy with catheter of radial artery by arm incision
  927005Rainbow snake
  928000Disorder of musculoskeletal system
  929008Scarus taeniopterus
  931004Gestation period, 9 weeks
  932006Flat affect
  933001Human rhinovirus 15
  934007Thalassemia intermedia
  935008Excision of bulbourethral gland
  938005Veterinarian (general)
  940000Secondary immune response
  941001Endoscopy of pituitary gland
  943003Congenital retinal aneurysm
  946006Nandayus nenday
  947002Crus of diaphragm
  948007Phlebectomy of intracranial varicose vein
  951000Ultrasonic guidance for endomyocardial biopsy
  956005Anesthesia for procedure on thoracic esophagus
  958006Trachinotus falcatus
  961007Erythema nodosum, acute form
  962000Disability evaluation, disability 6%
  963005Pyridoxine 4-dehydrogenase
  964004Open wound of pharynx without complication
  965003Toxic amblyopia
  967006Medication education
  968001Rauvolfia serpentina
  969009Incision and exploration of larynx
  971009Prosthetic construction and fitting
  972002Air filter
  974001Adenosylmethionine decarboxylase
  975000Anorectal agenesis
  976004Ovarian vein
  977008Simian foamy virus
  978003Chronic infantile eczema
  979006Carbamate kinase
  981008Hemorrhagic proctitis
  984000Perirectal cellulitis
  987007Cellulitis of temple region
  988002Wet gangrene
  989005Linen cloth
  991002Wide QRS complex
  993004Palladium compound
  995006Farm tool
  996007Meningeal branches of occipital artery
  998008Chagas' disease with heart involvement
  999000Mixed islet cell and exocrine adenocarcinoma
  1001000Cauterization of Bartholin's gland
  1002007Mannotetraose 2-alpha-N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase
  1003002Religious discrimination
  1005009Entire diaphragmatic lymph node
  1007001Brassica oleracea
  1008006Operation on nerve ganglion
  1009003Salmonella Oakland (organism)
  1010008N-Acetylneuraminate monooxygenase
  1012000Fibrous portion of pericardium
  1013005Micropolyspora faeni
  1014004Bembrops gobioides
  1015003Peritonsillar tissue
  1017006Lactobacillus casei
  1019009Removal of corneal epithelium
  1020003Disease due to Nairovirus
  1021004Repair of scrotum
  1025008Molybdenum-93 (substance)
  1027000Alkaline reflux disease
  1028005Sebaceous gland
  1030007Vesicular bursa of sternohyoid muscle
  1031006Open wound of trachea without complication
  1032004Enucleation of parotid gland cyst
  1033009Thoracic arthritis
  1034003Mesenteric-portal fistula
  1035002Minimum bactericidal concentration test, microdilution method
  1036001Insertion of intravascular device in common iliac vein, complete
  1037005Salmonella Aragua (organism)
  1039008Product containing mercaptopurine (medicinal product)
  1040005Anterior open dislocation
  1041009Debridement of open fracture of phalanges of foot
  1044001Diagnostic ultrasound of abdomen and retroperitoneum
  1046004Ureteritis glandularis
  1047008Guanine deaminase
  1048003Capillary specimen collection
  1050006Melilotate 3-monooxygenase
  1051005Hyperplasia of islet alpha cells with gastrin excess
  1053008Pontinus rathbuni
  1054002Incision of sphincter of Oddi
  1055001Stenosis of precerebral artery
  1056000Salmonella II, 4,12:l,z28:- (organism)
  1060002Jacquard card cutter
  1063000Frontozygomatic suture of skull
  1065007E. coli periplasmic proteinase
  1066008Instrument of strangulation
  1067004Nesotriatoma flavida
  1069001Hydrastis canadensis
  1070000Facial myokymia
  1071001Proximal splenorenal anastomosis
  1073003Xeroderma pigmentosum, group B
  1074009Glucocorticoid-responsive primary aldosteronism
  1076006Entire subcutaneous prepatellar bursa
  1077002Septal infarction by EKG
  1078007Macaroni maker
  1079004Macular retinal cyst
  1080001Thallium-202 (substance)
  1081002Salmonella II 9,12,(46),27:g,t:e,n,x
  1082009Apogon townsendi
  1083004Salmonella Wyldegreen (organism)
  1084005Excision of perinephric cyst
  1085006Candidiasis of vulva
  1087003Sternothyroid muscle
  1089000Intrauterine sepsis of fetus
  1091008Coagulation factor inhibitor
  1092001Superior occipital gyrus
  1093006Excision of abdominal varicose vein
  1095004Notropis atrocaudalis
  1097007Blood group antigen M^A^
  1098002Human adenovirus 3
  1099005Thymic cortex
  1101003Cranial cavity
  1102005Intraerythrocytic parasitosis by Nuttallia
  1103000Transcrural mobilization of stapes
  1104006Triad knee repair
  1105007Isochorismate synthase
  1106008Entire major calyx
  1107004Early latent syphilis, positive serology, negative cerebrospinal fluid, with relapse after treatment (disorder)
  1108009Female pattern alopecia
  1109001Varanus salvator
  1110006Tarsal gland
  1111005Normal sebaceous gland activity
  1112003Degenerative disorder of eyelid
  1113008Pancreatic ribonuclease
  1116000Chronic aggressive type B viral hepatitis
  1119007Closed reduction of dislocation of foot and toe
  1120001Printing machinery fitter-assembler
  1121002Kinetic activities for range of motion
  1122009Inferior longitudinal muscle of tongue
  1124005Postpartum period, 6 days
  1125006Septicemia during labor
  1126007Knee locking
  1127003Interstitial radium application
  1129000Acidophilic body
  1131009Congenital valvular insufficiency
  1133007Removal of intact bilateral mammary implants
  1134001Muehrcke's lines
  1135000Solar retinopathy
  1136004Aortopulmonary septum
  1137008Uranium-240 (substance)
  1138003Moderate squamous cell atypia
  1139006Confrontation (visual) test
  1140008Thermal hypesthesia
  1141007Circumoral paresthesia
  1143005Bovid herpesvirus 4
  1145003Developmental speech disorder
  1147006Anarrhichthys ocellatus
  1148001Product containing ticarcillin (medicinal product)
  1149009Hemoglobin Barcelona
  1150009Congenital microcheilia
  1151008Visual field constriction
  1152001Skin reaction negative
  1153006Tragelaphus angasi
  1154000Nealotus tripes
  1155004EKG hypertrophy
  1157007Metal engraving etcher
  1159005Frenulum linguae
  1160000Blood group antibody Lutheran
  1161001Chrysolophus pictus
  1162008Micrurus nigrocinctus
  1169004Hemoglobin Gower-2
  1171004Fibrinogen Kawaguchi
  1172006Odontoid process of axis
  1173001Mandibular nerve
  1174007Chromosomes, group E
  1176009Incision of inguinal region
  1177000Pongo pygmaeus
  1181000Excision of tendon for graft
  1182007Hypotensive agent
  1184008Glasgow coma scale, 10
  1185009Hemoglobin Roseau-Pointe à Pitre
  1186005Anesthesia for procedure on bony pelvis
  1188006Superior open dislocation
  1189003Hemoglobin F-M-Osaka
  1191006Bungarus flaviceps
  1193009Teres major muscle
  1194003Disease condition determination, well controlled
  1195002Senecio integrifolius
  1196001Chronic bipolar II disorder, most recent episode major depressive
  1197005Carbuncle of heel
  1198000Excisional biopsy of bone of scapula
  1200006Liopropoma mowbrayi
  1201005Benign essential hypertension
  1206000Product containing alpha-2 adrenergic receptor antagonist (product)
  1207009Glaucomatous atrophy of optic disc
  1209007Arthroscopy of knee with lateral meniscus repair
  1210002Struck by falling lumber
  1212005Childhood type dermatomyositis
  1213000Gaigeria pachyscelis
  1214006Infection by Strongyloides
  1219001Diethyl xanthogen disulfide
  1220007Trimeresurus tokarensis
  1222004Product containing metronidazole (medicinal product)
  1223009Blood group antigen Marks
  1225002Radiography of humerus
  1226001United Church of Canada
  1227005Incision of subvalvular tissue for discrete subvalvular aortic stenosis
  1232006Congenital articular rigidity with myopathy
  1235008Muscle transfer
  1236009Duodenal serosa
  1237000Application of cast, sugar tong
  1238005Epiphyseal arrest by stapling of distal radius
  1239002Congenital anteversion of femur
  1240000Prone body position
  1241001Relieved by
  1242008Heterakis meleagridis
  1243003Inferior articular process of sixth cervical vertebra
  1244009Fibrinogen Madrid I
  1245005Salmonella Kiel (organism)
  1246006Dorsal digital nerves of radial nerve
  1248007Leucostoma neutral proteinase
  1251000Incisional biopsy of testis
  1253002Refusion of spine
  1254008Black-footed penguin
  1255009Electron transfer
  1258006Excision of meniscus of wrist
  1261007Fracture of multiple ribs
  1262000Sagiyama virus
  1263005Distinctive arrangement of microtubules
  1264004Injury of descending left colon without open wound into abdominal cavity
  1265003Anopheles earlei
  1266002Closure of fistula of ear drum
  1267006Electrocoagulation of lesion of vagina
  1268001Cyclura cornuta
  1269009Amikacin sulfate
  1270005Percina squamata
  1271009Bart-Pumphrey syndrome
  1272002Pteridine oxidase
  1273007Blood group antibody Evelyn
  1274001Securities salesman
  1277008Vertebral nerve
  1278003Open reduction of closed shoulder dislocation with fracture of greater tuberosity
  1279006Repair of cardiac pacemaker pocket in skin AND/OR subcutaneous tissue
  1280009Isologous chimera
  1281008Notropis scabriceps
  1282001Perichondritis of larynx
  1284000Abnormal jaw closure
  1285004Third heart sound, S>3<
  1286003Vitamin K deficiency coagulation disorder
  1287007Congenital absence of bile duct
  1288002Anopheles punctipennis
  1290001Mycoplasma hominis
  1291002Salmonella Frankfurt (organism)
  1292009Magnetic resonance imaging of urinary bladder
  1293004Human coxsackievirus A8
  1297003Infection by Cladosporium carrionii
  1299000Excision of appendiceal stump
  1300008Chocolate lenzites
  1303005Parafasciolopsis fasciolaemorpha
  1306002Hotel concierge
  1308001Complication of reimplant
  1309009Electrical transmission of fiber
  1310004Impaired glucose tolerance associated with genetic syndrome
  1311000Telogen hair
  1313002Nitrate reductase (cytochrome)
  1314008Antigen transformation
  1315009Reconstruction of eyebrow
  1318006Post-translational genetic protein processing
  1319003Blood group antibody K18
  1320009Hemoglobin Manitoba
  1323006Poisoning by kanamycin
  1324000Cerebrospinal fluid IgG ratio and IgG index
  1325004Metocurine iodide
  1327007Procedure on Meckel's diverticulum
  1328002Ilioiliac shunt
  1329005Division of congenital web of larynx
  1330000Crax alector
  1332008Conjugated visual deviation
  1333003Emesis basin
  1334009Estradiol receptor
  1335005Induratio penis plastica
  1338007Basal cell carcinoma
  1339004Removal of impacted feces
  1340002Malays (ethnic group)
  1341003Hemoglobin Ta-li
  1342005Babesia foliata

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
Source The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
Comments Additional notes about how to use the code