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Resource Profile: IndicationDefinition - Mappings

Draft as of 2023-02-10

Mappings for the IndicationDefinition resource profile.

Mappings for RIM Mapping (http://hl7.org/v3)

ClinicalUseDefinitionEntity. Role, or Act

Mappings for IDMP Mapping (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identification_of_medicinal_products)

ClinicalUseDefinitionContraindication, Therapeutic Indication, Interactions, Undesirable Effects
   type(the type of IDMP class, out of Contraindication, Therapeutic Indication, Interactions, Undesirable Effects)
   subject(the link between the IDMP class and Medicinal Product)
   indicationTherapeutic Indication
      diseaseSymptomProcedureTherapeutic Indication.Indication as "Disease / Symptom / Procedure", and Therapeutic Indication.Indication Text
      diseaseStatusTherapeutic Indication.Disease Status
      comorbidityTherapeutic Indication.Comorbidity
      intendedEffectTherapeutic Indication.Intended Effect
      duration[x]Therapeutic Indication.Timing / Duration
      undesirableEffectTherapeutic Indication.Undesirable Effects
      otherTherapyTherapeutic Indication.Other Therapy Specifics
   populationPopulation Specifics

Mappings for FiveWs Pattern Mapping (http://hl7.org/fhir/fivews)