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OperationDefinition: Generate Re-Identified Bundle

Official URL: Version: 1.0.0
Draft as of 2020-11-19 Computable Name: BundleReIdentify

Generates a re-identified bundle containing PHI/PII data​ ​from an instance of a previously de-identified bundle. When the re-identification algorithm is not specified by the Content IG, implementers can choose specific algorithms based on use case needs and other program/policy requirements.Errors during the execution of the operation can be returned as OperationOutcome per the FHIR spec as a return parameter.

URL: [base]/Bundle/$reidentify



An de-identified input bundle instance that needs to be re-identified


A context value for the operation. This could be used for providing salt values, program names etc.


Upon successful re-identification, the re-identified bundle is returned back from the service.