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ErrorValueSet.urlValues for url differ: '' vs ''
ErrorValueSet.versionValues for version differ: '20170915' vs '3.0.0'
InformationValueSet.nameValues for name differ: 'Smoking Status' vs 'BinetStageValueVS'
InformationValueSet.statusValues for status differ: 'active' vs 'draft'
InformationValueSet.dateValues for date differ: '2017-09-15T01:00:04-04:00' vs '2023-10-25T20:34:07+00:00'
InformationValueSet.publisherValues for publisher differ: 'HL7 Terminology' vs 'HL7 International / Clinical Interoperability Council'
InformationValueSet.jurisdictionAdded the item 'urn:iso:std:iso:3166#US'
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[0]Code 266919005 removed
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[0]Code 266927001 removed
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[0]Code 428041000124106 removed
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[0]Code 428061000124105 removed
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[0]Code 428071000124103 removed
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[0]Code 449868002 removed
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[0]Code 77176002 removed
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[0]Code 8517006 removed
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[0]Code C80134 added
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[0]Code C80135 added
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[0]Code C80136 added


        • Values Differ
        .descriptionCodes in the Binet staging system representing Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) stage.
        • Added the item 'Codes in the Binet staging system representing Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) stage.'
        • Added the item 'false'
            • Added the item 'urn:iso:std:iso:3166#US'
            .nameSmoking StatusBinetStageValueVS
            • Values Differ
            .publisherHL7 TerminologyHL7 International / Clinical Interoperability Council
            • Values Differ
              • Values Differ
              .titleBinet Stage Value Set
              • Added the item 'Binet Stage Value Set'
              • Values Differ
              • Values Differ


                ..Concept266919005Version: Never smoked tobacco (finding)
                • Removed this Concept
                ..Concept266927001Version: Tobacco smoking consumption unknown (finding)
                • Removed this Concept
                ..Concept428041000124106Version: Occasional tobacco smoker (finding)
                • Removed this Concept
                ..Concept428071000124103Version: Heavy tobacco smoker (finding)
                • Removed this Concept
                ..Concept449868002Version: Smokes tobacco daily (finding)
                • Removed this Concept
                ..Concept77176002Version: Smoker (finding)
                • Removed this Concept
                ..Concept8517006Version: Ex-smoker (finding)
                • Removed this Concept
                ..ConceptC80134Version: Binet Stage A
                • Added this Concept
                ..ConceptC80135Version: Binet Stage B
                • Added this Concept
                ..ConceptC80136Version: Binet Stage C
                • Added this Concept


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