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ValueSet: Procedures (SNOMED CT) - IPS

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Standards status: Trial-use Maturity Level: 2 Computable Name: ProceduresSnomedCtUvIps

Copyright/Legal: The HL7 International IPS implementation guides incorporate SNOMED CT®, used by permission of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation, trading as SNOMED International. SNOMED CT was originally created by the College of American Pathologists. SNOMED CT is a registered trademark of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation, all rights reserved. Implementers of SNOMED CT should review usage terms or directly contact SNOMED International:

This value set includes codes from SNOMED Clinical Terms®: descendants of 71388002 |Procedure (procedure)|, excluding [all subtypes of 14734007 |Administrative procedure (procedure)|, all subtypes of 59524001 |Blood bank procedure (procedure)|, all subtypes of 389067005 |Community health procedure (procedure)|, all subtypes of 442006003 |Determination of information related to transfusion (procedure)|, all subtypes of 225288009 |Environmental care procedure (procedure)|, all subtypes of 308335008 |Patient encounter procedure (procedure)|, all subtypes of 710135002 |Promotion (procedure)|, all subtypes of 389084004 |Staff related procedure (procedure)|].


Logical Definition (CLD)

This value set includes codes based on the following rules:

This value set excludes codes based on the following rules:



Expansion based on SNOMED CT International edition 31-Jan 2023

This value set expansion contains 979 concepts.

  104001 of lesion of patella
  115006 appliance therapy
  119000 partial lobectomy of lung
  128004 microscope examination of skin
  133000 implantation of neurostimulator electrodes into neuromuscular component
  135007 of wrist joint with exploration and biopsy
  142007 of tumor from shoulder area, deep, intramuscular
  146005 of nonunion of metatarsal with bone graft
  153001 with resection of ureterocele
  160007 of foreign body of tendon and/or tendon sheath (procedure)
  166001 therapy
  170009 potency disk identification, vancomycin test
  174000 operation on vagina
  176003 of rectum
  189009 of lesion of artery
  197002 to yeast conversion test
  230009 operation, urethrovesical suspension
  243009 of cerebral ventricular tube
  245002 of nerve ganglion
  262007 aspiration of renal pelvis
  267001 fistulectomy, multiple
  285008 and drainage of vulva
  294002 biopsy of joint structure of spine
  295001 destruction of cyst of ciliary body
  306005 of kidney
  316002 dacryocystectomy
  334003 examination of mandible
  342002 interview
  348003 dynamic function study
  351005 undiversion of ureteral anastomosis
  352003 RBC, preparation antibody sensitized pool
  374009 for pectus excavatum repair
  389000 measurement
  401004 subtotal pancreatectomy
  406009 of stomach lesion
  435001 inhalation study
  445004 of malunion of tibia
  456004 abdominal colectomy with ileostomy
  459006 condylotomy of mandible
  463004 reduction of coxofemoral joint dislocation with splint
  468008 measurement
  474008 anastomosis, intrathoracic
  489004 measurement
  493005 measurement, 48-hour, feces
  494004 of lesion of tonsil
  497006 of cochlear prosthesis, multiple channels
  531007 pulmonary valve commissurotomy with inflow occlusion
  533005 of vesicocolic fistula
  535003 of ureterovesicovaginal fistula
  540006 to single and double stranded DNA measurement
  543008 with transduodenal sphincteroplasty
  545001 procedure on lower leg
  549007 of intracranial vein
  550007 of lesion of adenoids
  559008 of varicose vein
  574005 measurement
  617002 graft to mandible
  618007 sinusectomy
  625000 of supernumerary digit
  628003 test
  629006 of adhesions of urethra
  637003 of adhesions of nose
  642006 thermography
  647000 of cervix by electroconization
  657004 on bursa
  665001 meniscectomy of temporomandibular joint
  670008 epilation of eyebrow
  671007 of testis
  673005 laryngoscopy
  674004 test
  676002 dialysis including cannulation
  680007 physics consultation
  687005 ratio
  695009 procedure of lesion on skin of trunk
  697001 A virus antibody measurement
  710006 with graft of mesenteric artery
  712003 chest suction
  722009 needle biopsy of thymus
  726007 consultation, comprehensive, records and specimen with report
  730005 of subcutaneous tissue
  741007 on prostate
  746002 adjustment of coccyx subluxation
  753006 of ankle AND foot
  754000 urethrectomy
  759005 electroencephalogram
  762008 axial tomography of cervical spine with contrast
  764009 of interphalangeal joint of great toe
  767002 blood cell count
  789003 decompression, subtemporal, supratentorial
  791006 and fixation procedure
  807005 of brain
  814007 measurement
  817000 of cyst of spleen
  831000 test
  851001 canal therapy, molar, excluding final restoration
  853003 fat measurement, 72-hour collection
  867007 nerve anastomosis
  870006 measurement
  879007 blood coagulation test, explain by report
  893000 antigen measurement
  897004 maxillary antrotomy
  910002 measurement, urine
  911003 of subarachnoid-ureteral shunt
  913000 patient education and instruction
  926001 with catheter of radial artery by arm incision
  935008 of bulbourethral gland
  941001 of pituitary gland
  948007 of intracranial varicose vein
  951000 guidance for endomyocardial biopsy
  956005 for procedure on thoracic esophagus
  967006 education
  969009 and exploration of larynx
  971009 construction and fitting
  1001000 of Bartholin's gland
  1008006 on nerve ganglion
  1019009 of corneal epithelium
  1021004 of scrotum
  1032004 of parotid gland cyst
  1035002 bactericidal concentration test, microdilution method
  1036001 of intravascular device in common iliac vein, complete
  1041009 of open fracture of phalanges of foot
  1048003 specimen collection
  1054002 of sphincter of Oddi
  1071001 splenorenal anastomosis
  1084005 of perinephric cyst
  1093006 of abdominal varicose vein
  1103000 mobilization of stapes
  1104006 knee repair
  1119007 reduction of dislocation of foot and toe
  1121002 activities for range of motion
  1127003 radium application
  1133007 of intact bilateral mammary implants
  1176009 of inguinal region
  1181000 of tendon for graft
  1186005 for procedure on bony pelvis
  1198000 biopsy of bone of scapula
  1209007 of knee with lateral meniscus repair
  1225002 of humerus
  1227005 of subvalvular tissue for discrete subvalvular aortic stenosis
  1235008 transfer
  1237000 of cast, sugar tong
  1238005 arrest by stapling of distal radius
  1251000 biopsy of testis
  1253002 of spine
  1258006 of meniscus of wrist
  1266002 of fistula of ear drum
  1267006 of lesion of vagina
  1278003 reduction of closed shoulder dislocation with fracture of greater tuberosity
  1279006 of cardiac pacemaker pocket in skin AND/OR subcutaneous tissue
  1292009 resonance imaging of urinary bladder
  1299000 of appendiceal stump
  1315009 of eyebrow
  1324000 fluid IgG ratio and IgG index
  1327007 on Meckel's diverticulum
  1328002 shunt
  1329005 of congenital web of larynx
  1339004 of impacted feces
  1352009 spinal rhizotomy
  1358008 globulin test, enzyme technique, titer
  1366004 therapy procedure
  1385001, scan B-mode for fetal age determination
  1390003 sigmoid colectomy
  1398005 thrombectomy of iliac vein by leg incision
  1399002 and exploration of ureter
  1407007 of long leg cast, brace type
  1410000 for tympanotomy
  1411001 on papillary muscle of heart
  1413003 keratoplasty with homograft
  1414009 of arteriovenous shunt
  1417002 on face
  1440003 with resection-recession
  1453000, galvanic skin response
  1457004 vagotomy with pyloroplasty and gastrostomy
  1494008 measurement
  1500007 epididymovasostomy with anastomosis of epididymis to vas deferens
  1501006 operation, perineal rectal pull-through
  1529009 of soft tissue
  1550000 measurement
  1555005 group psychotherapy
  1559004 assay
  1576000 of uteroenteric fistula
  1578004 of ossicles with stapedectomy
  1583007 of mesencephalon
  1585000 of gastrocnemius muscle
  1596008 for total elbow replacement
  1597004 X-ray of ankle and foot
  1614003 of both direct inguinal hernias
  1615002 of upper partial denture at chairside
  1616001 beta-galactosidase measurement, leukocytes
  1636000 of sclerosing agent in varicose vein
  1638004 with cineplastic prosthesis of extremity
  1640009 and physical examination, insurance
  1645004 sphincterotomy
  1651009 of tendon sheath
  1653007 fixation of bone without fracture reduction
  1677001 test
  1678006 procedure of nerve
  1680000 chemoprophylaxis
  1683003 closure of laceration of conjunctiva
  1689004 excision of ovary
  1691007 of abscess of tonsil
  1699009 dosimetry
  1702002 veneer, resin laminate, laboratory
  1704001 of congenital pseudoarthrosis of tibia
  1712009 typing, IgG
  1713004 and maintenance of total body hypothermia
  1730002 of skin wound of hindfoot
  1746005 buckling with implant
  1747001 of skeletal muscle stimulator
  1753001 of uveal tissue
  1757000 of wrist with partial synovectomy
  1759002 of nutritional status
  1770009 valvotomy
  1774000 rehabilitation
  1775004 incision with drainage
  1784004 stercobilin, qualitative
  1787006 guidance for pericardiocentesis
  1801001 biopsy of duodenum
  1805005 closure of stoma
  1811008 of bursa of hand
  1813006 of genital warts
  1820004 measurement, breath
  1830008 reduction of open sacral fracture
  1836002 of diverticulum of ventricle of heart
  1844002 of ligament
  1854003 of nose
  1859008 of foreign body from tendon of hand
  1861004 for closed procedure on humerus and elbow
  1862006 phlebectomy
  1866009 total nephrectomy
  1868005 of foreign body from brain
  1870001 of halo device of skull with synchronous skeletal traction
  1871002 of aneurysm of coronary artery
  1872009 of male perineum
  1876007 of prognathic jaw
  1879000 antigen measurement
  1907003 of bone
  1924009 with drainage
  1950008 of abscess of nasal septum
  1958001 of bone of thumb with transfer of skin flap
  1966005 block anesthesia
  1983001 urethrectomy including cystostomy in female
  1995001 of cerebral meninges
  1999007 test
  2002009 of subcutaneous tunnel without esophageal anastomosis
  2021001 fixation of radius and ulna without fracture reduction
  2051007 cell iron utilization study
  2054004 measurement, quantitative and qualitative
  2067001 of electromagnetic hearing aid
  2069003 subperiosteal implant
  2078009 of bursa of hand
  2079001 of anomalous pulmonary artery
  2080003 with anastomosis of lower limb artery
  2098004 reduction of open mandibular fracture with external fixation
  2115003 prophylaxis of child
  2119009 of blood vessel
  2127000 of closed sacral fracture
  2137005 of pericardial tumor
  2153008 catheterization education
  2161003 on vulva
  2164006 of aorta
  2166008 of aortic valve
  2171001 of tonsil tag (procedure)
  2181002 for bone injury of tarsals and metatarsals
  2188008 of tendon to skeletal attachment
  2193006 of ruptured aneurysm with graft of celiac artery
  2196003 liquid chromatography, electron capture type
  2199005 of lesion of cul-de-sac
  2214008 test of skin
  2220009 component assay
  2225004 system test
  2242005 of eyelid
  2244006 of wrist with internal fixation for instability
  2250001 of ascending aorta with anastomosis
  2267008 tracheostomy tube
  2270007 of cleft hand
  2276001 of popliteal artery
  2278000, automated
  2279008 detection, RBC, enzyme, 1 stage technique, including anti-human globulin
  2290003 culture, anaerobic, initial isolation
  2315006 on cerebral meninges
  2318008 for cast procedure on forearm, wrist or hand
  2321005 by Ritgen maneuver
  2322003 of recent wound of eyelid, direct closure, full-thickness
  2337004 tenotomy of hip
  2344008 cystorrhaphy
  2364003 resection of tumor of soft tissue of wrist area
  2371008 type II with graft against incus or malleus
  2373006 coat smear evaluation
  2382000 of manual or electric breast pump
  2386002 of closed patellar dislocation
  2393003 of vein of lower limb
  2406000 dental consultation and report
  2407009 of mediastinal tumor
  2408004 A and total hexosaminidase measurement, serum
  2409007 of extremity of foot
  2425002 virus serologic test
  2442008 of lacrimal canaliculus
  2448007 count of synovial fluid with differential count
  2455009 of lumbosubarachnoid shunt
  2457001 rehabilitation therapy
  2458006 therapy
  2459003 procedure of artery of upper extremity
  2474001 of malunion of metatarsal bones
  2475000 specimen collection, 24 hours
  2480009 of skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle and bone
  2486003 of tissue of breast
  2488002, fitting and dispensing of contact lens
  2498008 of upper partial denture
  2507007' Nucleotidase measurement
  2508002 urography with KUB
  2514009 of closed humeral supracondylar fracture with manipulation and traction
  2517002 rehabilitation
  2530001 visit
  2531002 cell function assay
  2536007 of medication in anterior chamber of eye
  2547000 of keloid
  2552005 of cerebral subarachnoid space
  2564002 of lumbar shunt including laminectomy
  2566000 of radius
  2567009 of rib by transaxillary approach
  2580007 of hair follicles to scalp
  2598006 heart surgery
  2601001 of bone flap of skull
  2607002 on uterus supporting structures
  2613006 of prosthesis or prosthetic device of joint of hand
  2614000 of ligature from fallopian tube
  2616003 of bifid digit of hand
  2619005 interpretation to family or parents of patient
  2629003 perfusion pressure monitoring
  2632000 and drainage of infected bursa of upper arm
  2642003 post and core in addition to crown
  2643008 of varicose vein of head and neck
  2644002 of liver
  2645001 test/WB1
  2646000 and exploration of vas deferens
  2658000 service interview of patient
  2659008 of ligament of lower extremity
  2668005 of space maintainer
  2673004 and drainage of masticator space by extraoral approach
  2690005 resonance imaging of pelvis
  2693007 fat, quantitative measurement
  2696004 venography with hemodynamic evaluation
  2697008 and ligation of saphenous vein
  2716009 graft
  2722000 assay
  2731000 test for Influenza A virus (procedure)
  2732007 of tendon of hand
  2737001 craniotomy, infratentorial
  2742009 of Bartholin's gland or cyst
  2743004 endoscopy of ileum
  2780005 of facial bones
  2794006 of navel
  2802005 dilation and stretching
  2811005 of pharynx
  2837008 of ulnar nerve at elbow
  2842000 chromatography measurement
  2843005 of urinary conduit
  2847006 myelography
  2851008 for synovectomy of sternoclavicular joint
  2854000 of hand
  2857007 pinealectomy
  2866006 of lymphatic structure
  2875008 of prosthesis or prosthetic device of elbow joint
  2885009 skin test
  2891006 of elbow with partial synovectomy
  2898000 analysis, antenatal, blood
  2908005 of hemorrhoids by cryotherapy
  2914003 sclerotomy
  2915002 of capsule of ankle
  2945004 diverticulectomy of bladder
  2947007 compound measurement
  2960001 of fistula of cervix
  2968008 with treatment of penetrating wound of brain
  2970004 lengthening and transfer of local flap
  2971000 of urethrovaginal fistula
  2977001 of lower limb vein
  3001009 lobectomy with bronchoplasty
  3010001 of silastic tubes from ear
  3016007 of Crutchfield tongs from skull
  3025001 measurement
  3026000 arthrodesis
  3029007 nervous system disease rehabilitation
  3041000 of stomach
  3047001 fundus photography
  3060007 amputation, right
  3061006 avulsion of nail
  3063009 through artificial stoma
  3075004 removal of prosthesis of bile duct
  3078002 with catheter of renal artery by abdominal incision
  3083005 of device from thorax
  3088001 for endoscopic procedure on upper extremity
  3090000 with graft replacement of lower limb artery
  3112006 removal
  3116009 coagulation panel
  3130004 of cardiac output by ECG
  3143004 field examination and evaluation, intermediate
  3162001 measurement
  3164000 reduction of closed mandibular fracture with interdental fixation
  3165004 of muscle of hand
  3166003 of salivary gland fistula
  3177009 obstetrical version
  3183007 of colostomy
  3186004 of Skene's gland
  3190002 by forceps
  3204007 procedure of nerve
  3241008 of chordee with mobilization of urethra
  3249005 construction of filtration bleb
  3256004 lymphangiogram
  3257008 and measure peritoneal dialysis fluid
  3258003 of cerebral arteries
  3268008 of tissue of pelvic region
  3270004 of neurostimulator in spine
  3278006 of adhesions of bursa of hand
  3324009 beam photocoagulation
  3326006 of bunionette
  3328007 of vein of head and neck
  3333006 of short arm splint, forearm to hand, static
  3338002 reduction of open radial shaft fracture
  3352000 hormone measurement
  3357006 kinetics study
  3360004 of bile ducts
  3390006 routine
  3399007 of torsion of omentum
  3407002 of lesion of spinal cord by percutaneous method
  3413006 cell morphology
  3418002 of spine
  3432000 dental service
  3443008 cap, direct, excluding final restoration
  3450007, T and B cell evaluation (procedure)
  3457005 referral
  3479000 of heart assist system with replacement
  3498003 excision of pituitary gland by transsphenoidal approach
  3499006 of vitreous with replacement
  3509001 vaccination
  3515001 of electronic heart device, pulse generator
  3517009 of foreign body of pelvis from subcutaneous tissue
  3518004 psychotherapy
  3527003 measurement
  3546002 artery bypass graft with saphenous vein graft
  3559005 of ureteral stent with ureterotomy
  3562008 Smith operation, radical subtotal pancreatectomy
  3564009 of foreign body from fallopian tube
  3575008 of fascia with graft of fascia
  3580004 of calculus of pharynx
  3605001 of ciliary body
  3607009 of mesenteric tissue
  3620007 cell survival study with hepatic sequestration
  3625002 for brachial arteriograms, retrograde
  3651000 analysis, nerve
  3654008 of lung
  3659003 of inner ear
  3664004 of scleral fistula
  3666002 neurorrhaphy
  3669009 of prosthesis or prosthetic device of upper arm
  3673007 urethral reconstruction
  3683006 measurement, urine
  3686003 operation for tendon transfer of biceps
  3688002 for lens surgery
  3690001 of left subclavian to descending aorta by Blalock-Park operation
  3691002 osteotomy of tarsals and metatarsals
  3697003 processing technique, routine, embed, cut and stain, per autopsy
  3700004 extraction of cataract by intracapsular approach
  3701000 of foreign body of hip from subcutaneous tissue
  3713005 for de Quervain's tenosynovitis of hand
  3717006 Russell viper venom time
  3735002 III measurement
  3740005 of foreign body of canthus by incision
  3748003 of perirenal tissue
  3749006 of closed ischial fracture
  3758004 with catheter of subclavian artery by neck incision
  3770000 urine dip stick testing
  3778007 of scrotal tissue
  3784005 hypersensitivity skin test for SK-SD
  3786007 of lesion of pharynx
  3787003 guidance for needle biopsy
  3794000 measurement
  3796003 of redundant mucosa from jejunostomy
  3799005 of adenoids
  3802001 application of desensitizing medicament
  3819004 of thoracic artery
  3826004 with drainage of abscess of eyelid
  3828003 biopsy of vertebral body of thoracic region
  3831002 application of ice
  3843001 of foreign body from fascia
  3858009 of thyroid, A-mode
  3861005 with anastomosis of lower limb artery
  3862003 vital capacity measurement
  3864002 biopsy of scrotum
  3880007 of lesion of fibula
  3881006 and drainage of submental space by extraoral approach
  3887005 of wart
  3889008 of lip
  3891000 orthodontic treatment, permanent dentition, for class I malocclusion
  3895009 of dressing
  3907006 and drainage of retroperitoneal abscess
  3911000 transplantation
  3915009 of artery of thorax and abdomen
  3917001 biopsy of phalanges of foot
  3918006 repair with lengthening
  3926003 acid measurement
  3938007 for retinal reattachment
  3955006 elution, RBC
  3957003 of thoracoabdominal aorta
  3963007 on submaxillary gland
  3967008 polarization immunoassay
  3968003 of vertebra
  3969006 of osteocartilagenous loose body from joint structures
  3971006 muscular dystrophy carrier detection
  3980006 resection of esophagus
  3981005 detection, molecular genetics
  3985001 for procedure on arteries of lower leg with bypass graft
  3991004 resonance imaging of pelvis, prostate and bladder
  3998005 imaging of limited area
  4007002 globulin test, indirect, titer, non-gamma
  4008007 of neck
  4027001 of electronic stimulator into phrenic nerve
  4034004 reduction of facial fracture, except mandible
  4035003, resin, two surfaces, posterior, permanent
  4036002 of elbow with extensive debridement
  4037006 of vascular graft or prosthesis
  4044002 colostomy
  4045001 of cerebral ventricle by incision
  4052004 aspiration of spinal cord cyst
  4064007 aliquoting
  4068005 of ventricular reservoir with synchronous replacement
  4083000 of prosthesis or prosthetic device of lower arm
  4084006 of tendon of hand by graft or implant of muscle
  4090005 of transvenous atrial and ventricular pacemaker electrode leads
  4094001 of retroversion of uterus by pessary
  4102006 canal therapy, anterior, excluding final restoration
  4114003 chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm
  4116001 procedure
  4119008 phlebectomy with anastomosis
  4134002 block anesthesia
  4139007 spinal cordotomy
  4143006 of anterior chamber of eye
  4149005 histomorphometry, aluminum stain
  4154001 and drainage of penis
  4165006 hypersensitivity skin test for staphage lysate
  4192000 testing for organophosphate insecticide
  4213001 of Ommaya reservoir
  4214007 injection for cardiac resuscitation
  4226002 of lesion of thoracic vein
  4252008 with graft replacement by interposition
  4263006 of soft tissue of elbow area, superficial
  4266003 to drug addiction rehabilitation service (procedure)
  4285000 of bone growth stimulator into femur
  4293000 of intussusception by laparotomy
  4304000 of cusp of tricuspid valve
  4319004 of complete lower denture
  4321009 leg arteriogram
  4323007 of lesion of sclera
  4331002 for hernia repair in lower abdomen
  4333004 and drainage of perisplenic space
  4336007 operation, abdominoperineal resection
  4337003 acid measurement
  4339000 of nasolabial fistula
  4341004 submucous resection of turbinate
  4348005 of hand
  4350002 of implant of cornea
  4363008 brush biopsy of trachea
  4365001 repair
  4380007 of vulvar tissue
  4387005 of pulmonary valve in total repair of tetralogy of Fallot
  4388000 of splenocolic fistula
  4407008 of lacrimal canaliculus for passage of tube
  4411002 of device from female genital tract
  4420006 and drainage of parapharyngeal abscess by external approach
  4436008 receptor measurement
  4438009 of vena cava
  4443002 of ovary
  4447001, gross and microscopic examination, stillborn or newborn without CNS
  4449003 of spinal meninges
  4450003 of Kirschner wire
  4455008 reduction of open elbow dislocation
  4457000 of mold into vagina
  4466001 of artery of upper limb
  4467005 of tumor of ankle area, deep, intramuscular
  4475004 measurement
  4487006 measurement, supine
  4489009 of trigeminal nerve
  4503005 of foreign body of sclera without use of magnet
  4504004's obstetrical version with extraction
  4505003 of flexor tendon of forearm
  4507006 fasciotomy of wrist, flexor and extensor compartment
  4511000, inlay, composite/resin, one surface, laboratory processed
  4516005 and iridotasis
  4520009 of esophagus, antesternal or antethoracic, with insertion of prosthesis
  4533003 of artery of lower limb
  4535005 of pelvirectal tissue
  4539004 of bronchogenic cyst
  4542005 reduction of fracture of foot
  4544006 of subcutaneous tumor of extremities
  4558008 resection of rectum
  4579008 of ventriculo-atrial shunt
  4585001 of tendon of hand
  4587009 of distal radius
  4593001 of sclera with iridectomy
  4594007 isomers, series I & III, urine
  4625008 pulse taking
  4626009 of arterial anastomosis
  4636001 operation for radical maxillary antrotomy
  4640005 of fallopian tubes by abdominal approach
  4642002 of inflatable penile prosthesis, with pump, reservoir and cylinders
  4670000 of bronchus
  4671001 of lesion from sphenoid sinus
  4691008 of rotavirus antigen in feces
  4692001 of artery of upper extremity
  4694000 needle biopsy of muscle
  4699005 naphthyl butyrate stain method, blood or bone marrow (procedure)
  4701005 forming unit-granulocyte-monocyte-erythroid-megakaryocyte assay
  4707009 excision of calcaneus
  4712005 of Gardner Wells tongs from skull
  4713000 and photography
  4719001 cognitive testing and assessment
  4727005 electrophoresis
  4734007 of wound catheter of integument
  4737000 culture
  4756005 of subcutaneous tissue
  4764004 ventilation procedure
  4765003 of ocular implant following or secondary to enucleation
  4770005 for repair of urethrocele
  4772002 of torsion of spermatic cord
  4784000 on sublingual gland
  4804005 identification test
  4811009 of diaphragm
  4815000 identification, RBC antibody panel, enzyme, 2 stage technique including anti-human globulin
  4820000 of labial frenum
  4827002 hydrotherapy
  4829004 of small intestine for interposition
  4847005 for cesarean section
  4849008 of ovary
  4862007 of anastomosis of large intestine
  4877004 extraction of lens with iridectomy
  4895001 of sigmoid bladder
  4902005 measurement
  4903000 protein electrophoresis
  4904006 of anal sphincter under nonlocal anesthesia
  4914002 planning for teletherapy
  4929000 perfusion of kidney
  4930005 of thoracogastric fistula
  4957007 spinal fusion for pseudoarthrosis
  4966006 perfusion
  4974007 on liver
  4976009 for endoscopic procedure on lower extremity
  4987001 of cranium with flap of bone
  4992004 catheterization, left heart, retrograde, percutaneous
  4993009 limb exercise with EMG and lactic acid determination
  5016005, resin with high noble metal
  5019003 laryngoscopy with biopsy
  5021008 measurement, standing, normal salt diet
  5022001 acid diethylamide measurement
  5025004 analysis, presence and motility of sperm
  5032008 veneer, porcelain laminate, laboratory
  5048009 cephalic version with tocolysis
  5055006 system test
  5057003 orbitomaxillectomy
  5065000 of closed traumatic hip dislocation with anesthesia
  5091004 vascular disease study
  5105000 of renal pelvis
  5110001 peripheral imaging, real time scan
  5113004 free measurement
  5121005 osteotomy of pelvic bone
  5123008 for procedure on pericardium with pump oxygenator
  5130002 of primary membranous cataract by discission
  5131003 of chest wall
  5147001 of lesion of ankle joint
  5151004 reduction of hemorrhoids
  5154007 therapy
  5162004 of pressure ulcer
  5165002 of thoracic artery
  5176003 with graft of renal artery
  5182000 body perfusion
  5184004 of shaft of femur with fixation
  5186002 for synovectomy of glenohumeral joint
  5190000 fusion
  5191001 treatment of missed abortion of second trimester
  5212002 of lesion of lacrimal gland by frontal approach
  5216004 dimensional ultrasound imaging of heart
  5233006 fasciotomy
  5243009 of adenoid fossa
  5245002 of peripheral vein
  5246001 cluster region analysis
  5264008 bile acids measurement
  5267001 of adrenal artery
  5270002 of both fallopian tubes
  5273000 of closed fracture of proximal end of ulna with manipulation
  5282006 on oropharynx
  5290006 and drainage of Ludwig's angina
  5298004 and drainage of deep hematoma of thigh region
  5304008 radiation therapy, 200-300 KVP
  5316002 osteotomy of mandibular ramus
  5317006 amputation of penis with bilateral pelvic lymphadenectomy
  5326009 of dermatologic formulation
  5328005 of Achilles tendon
  5337005 biopsy
  5338000 measurement
  5342002 treatment of tibia with methyl methacrylate
  5348003 of endocardial cushion defect
  5373003 breaker
  5384005 of part of frontal cortex
  5391008 voice rehabilitation
  5393006 of parathyroid with mediastinal exploration by sternal split approach
  5402006 of thoracic artery
  5407000 of fallopian tube
  5415002 of lesion of liver
  5419008 of adhesions of tendon of hand
  5422005 measurement, peritoneal fluid
  5431005 transluminal angioplasty
  5433008 X-ray of lower limb
  5446003 of cervical rib for outlet compression syndrome with sympathectomy
  5452002 needle biopsy of thymus
  5456004 of lymphatic structure
  5457008 test for Rickettsia conorii
  5460001 of prosthesis from fallopian tube
  5479003 picture audiometry
  5486006 suture of tendon of hand
  5506006 and exploration of abdominal wall
  5517007, inlay, porcelain/ceramic, per tooth, in addition to inlay
  5521000 reduction of fracture of phalanges of foot
  5536002 of carpometacarpal joint of digits, other than thumb
  5545001 of carotid body
  5551006 laryngoscopy with arytenoidectomy with operating microscope
  5556001 assisted spontaneous delivery
  5570001 for infection with exploration and drainage of carpometacarpal joint
  5571002 of lesion of aorta with end-to-end anastomosis
  5572009 of kidney pelvis
  5586008 acid dehydratase measurement
  5608002 measurement
  5616006 of tibia
  5632009 biopsy of bronchus
  5636007 of bone
  5638008 measurement
  5648005 repair and revision of shunt
  5651003 A measurement
  5663008 of varicose vein of head and neck
  5669007 electroencephalogram awake and asleep with stimulation
  5671007 extraction of foreign body from ciliary body
  5687005 of foreign body from ovary
  5690004 of seminal vesicle
  5694008 intervention with follow-up
  5721002 of eyebrow
  5722009 reanastomosis of colon
  5726007 of epicardial electrodes
  5728008 for removal of foreign body
  5731009, quantitative measurement
  5733007 identification of anti-nuclear antibody
  5738003 of cul-de-sac
  5745003 ampulla of Vater with reimplantation of common duct
  5760000 of radius and ulna, shortening
  5777000 of elbow
  5781000 on nasal septum
  5785009 autopsy
  5787001 of bone fragments of orbit of skull with debridement
  5789003 of adhesions of intestines
  5796001 of external thrombotic hemorrhoid
  5806001 of tracheostomy scar
  5807005 of inner ear, initial
  5809008 vagotomy with pyloroplasty and gastrostomy
  5818005 test
  5821007, division and complete stripping of long and short saphenous veins
  5823005 radiography, left
  5832007 ostectomy of thorax, ribs or sternum
  5845006 procedure
  5857002 mediated cytotoxicity assay
  5865004 reduction of dislocation of toe
  5870006 closure of abdominal wall
  5880005 examination
  5892005 antrotomy
  5894006 red test
  5897004 of Scribner shunt
  5902003 and physical examination, complete
  5925002 and drainage of hematoma of wrist
  5930003 monitor removal
  5947002 for hearing and/or speech problem
  5961007 of blood vessels of cornea
  5966002 of foreign body from elbow area, deep
  5971009 and drainage of axilla
  5983006 of spermatic cord
  5986003 spontaneous sheep erythrocyte binding, E-rosette
  5992009 arthrodesis, multiple
  5995006 liquid chromatography, flame photometric type
  5997003 of cerebral subarachnoid space by aspiration
  5998008 dissection of groin
  6005008 of vitreous by anterior approach
  6007000 resonance imaging of chest
  6019008 of large intestine
  6025007 appendectomy
  6026008 of coronary artery obstruction by percutaneous transluminal balloon with thrombolytic agent
  6029001 of outflow tract of pulmonary valve
  6063004 measurement
  6082008 of footplate
  6092000 of nasal sinus by puncture
  6100001 of stapes footplate with vein graft
  6108008 tap through fontanel, infant, initial
  6119006 destruction of lesion of bony palate
  6125005 of gastrostomy tube
  6126006 factor assay
  6127002 radiography of abdomen, oblique standard
  6130009 exposure of impacted or unerupted tooth to aid eruption
  6133006 assay
  6143009 education (procedure)
  6146001 of heart septum with prosthesis
  6148000 of semilunar cartilage of knee
  6157006 retrograde cholangiopancreatography with biopsy
  6159009 measurement
  6161000 of lesion of capsule of toes
  6164008 of clavicle
  6177004 blot assay
  6187000 of aneurysm with graft of common femoral artery
  6188005 of knee
  6189002 of aberrant tissue of breast
  6195001 drainage of prostatic abscess
  6198004 of fracture with Sofield type procedure
  6200005 of lesion of female perineum
  6205000 antigen, titer
  6213004 corneoscleral contact lens
  6221005 of colon
  6225001 detection, RBC, enzyme, 2 stage technique, including anti-human globulin
  6226000 rehabilitation, eye motion defect
  6227009 psychotherapy
  6231003 of palate
  6238009 radiography of sacroiliac joints
  6240004 procedure on knee
  6255008 of abdominal artery with replacement
  6271008, immersion B-scan
  6274000 of aural glomus tumor, extended, extratemporal
  6289009 blood cell histogram evaluation
  6295005 of pelvic bone
  6309008 fat differential, quantitative
  6319002 lactamase, chromogenic cephalosporin susceptibility test
  6337001 of aortic arch
  6339003 play audiometry
  6353003 reaction to lepromin
  6354009 rate, Westergren
  6355005 of internal fixation device of radius
  6358007 of joint
  6361008 for popliteal thromboendarterectomy
  6363006 of lacrimal punctum with irrigation
  6370006 of stomach lesion
  6384001 of device from digestive system
  6385000 of disc space
  6388003 stain
  6396008 measurement
  6397004 strength development exercise
  6399001 of arteriovenous fistula with ligation
  6402000 of common bile duct
  6403005 of muscle of hand
  6419003 of tumor from elbow area, deep, subfascial
  6433003 heart valvotomy of mitral valve
  6434009 fluid detection
  6438007 of ciliary body
  6439004 of lesion of peripheral nerve
  6443000, porcelain fused to predominantly base metal
  6444006 of eye socket
  6465000 of glenohumeral joint for infection with drainage
  6473009 of old obstetrical laceration of uterus
  6480006 bladder residual urine study
  6486000 of sclera
  6487009 tendon pulley reconstruction with tendon prosthesis
  6491004 S, free assay
  6499002 operation on finger for macrodactyly repair
  6506000 a patient on a bedpan
  6519001 on multiple extraocular muscles with temporary detachment from globe
  6527005 fimbriectomy with tubal ligation by endoscopy
  6535008 of cyst of hand
  6536009 of tricuspid valve with tissue graft
  6543003 catheterization of bladder
  6547002 with closure of non-surgical wound
  6555009 of infusion pump beneath skin
  6556005 antibody measurement
  6562000 of lesion of tongue
  6563005 of muscle of hand
  6567006 valve commissurotomy by transvenous balloon method
  6585004 reduction of fracture of tarsal or metatarsal
  6589005 titration, high protein
  6601003 of foreign body from skin of axilla
  6614002 to single stranded DNA measurement
  6622009 clasp to existing partial denture
  6634001 of hemorrhoids, internal
  6639006 of obstructed valve in shunt system
  6650009 lacrimal flow study
  6656003 stimulation test
  6657007 drug therapy for mental disorder
  6658002 of foreign body from alveolus
  6661001 hindquarter operation
  6668007 assay, quantitative
  6670003 of external fistula of trachea
  6682007 of amputated ear
  6689003, qualitative
  6690007 measurement
  6704000 of parasternal diaphragmatic hernia
  6708002 cordocentesis
  6712008 of nail
  6722002 for removal of calculus
  6726004 and drainage of appendiceal abscess by transabdominal approach
  6727008 of lesion of bone of humerus
  6728003 examination of complete spine, anteroposterior and lateral
  6732009 II, early periodontitis, moderate pocket therapy
  6737003 of ventricular shunt
  6745008 laryngoscopy with removal of foreign body
  6748005 microscopy technique, glass knife making
  6759001 by thoracic approach
  6760006 of lesion of phalanges of foot
  6763008 reduction of closed fracture of acetabulum (procedure)
  6774004 of tracheostomy
  6776002 aneurysmectomy
  6778001 biopsy of lesion of spinal cord
  6779009 treatment of slipped femoral epiphysis
  6782004 blue plating test
  6794008 of soft tissue of wrist, superficial
  6801000 of mesentery
  6812000' chemosurgery, fixed tissue technique
  6818001 of buccal mucosa
  6833009 osteotomy of mandibular angle
  6846004 of pituitary gland
  6848003 for electroconvulsive therapy
  6853008 tube aspiration
  6862005 education
  6872008 chemotherapy for malignant neoplasm
  6880001 receptor measurement
  6889000 of sclera by scleral buckling
  6898002 aided posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
  6903003 monitoring procedure
  6909004 biopsy of peripheral nerve ganglion
  6915004 operation, temporary gastrostomy
  6943008 measurement, normal salt diet, urine
  6948004 of calcareous deposit of tendon of hand
  6951006 of hand
  6967000 reduction of separation of epiphysis of fibula
  6968005 of cisterna chyli
  6976007 spinal fusion
  6979000 of elastic bandage
  6986008 test for blood group, species identification
  7001008 of lingual frenum
  7012008 or electrocoagulation of spinal cord lesion
  7017002 of internal jugular vein
  7026004 of pectoralis major tendon
  7040003 of adhesions of nerve ganglion

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
System The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
Display The display (used in the display element of a Coding). If there is no display, implementers should not simply display the code, but map the concept into their application
Definition An explanation of the meaning of the concept
Comments Additional notes about how to use the code