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ValueSet: HealthcareService Type Value Set

Official URL: Version: 1.0.0-ballot
Active as of 2022-12-08 Computable Name: HealthcareServiceTypeVS

HealthCareService type Value Set


Logical Definition (CLD)

  • Include these codes as defined in
    1Adoption/Permanent Care Info/Support
    3Aged Care Information/Referral
    8Home Care/Housekeeping Assistance
    9Home Maintenance and Repair
    10Personal Alarms/Alerts
    11Personal Care for Older Persons
    31Relaxation Therapy
    33Western Herbal Medicine
    34Family Day care
    36Kindergarten Inclusion Support
    42Parenting/Family Support/Education
    51Blood Donation
    55Health Advocacy/Liaison Service
    67Sexual Health
    68Speech Pathology/Therapy
    69Bereavement Counselling
    70Crisis Counselling
    71Family Counselling/Therapy
    72Family Violence Counselling
    75Genetic Counselling
    76Health Counselling
    78Problem Gambling Counselling
    79Relationship Counselling
    80Sexual Assault Counselling
    81Trauma Counselling
    82Victims of Crime Counselling
    96Disability Advocacy
    97Disability Aids & Equipment
    99Disability Day Programs/Activities
    102Disability Supported Accommodation
    103Early Childhood Intervention
    105Drug and/or Alcohol Counselling
    106Drug/Alcohol Information/Referral
    107Needle & Syringe Exchange
    108Non-resid. Alcohol/Drug Treatment
    111Residential Alcohol/Drug Treatment
    118Employment Placement and/or Support
    119Vocational Rehabilitation
    126Crisis/Emergency Accommodation
    127Homelessness Support
    128Housing Information/Referral
    130Interpreting/Multilingual Service
    134Mental Health Advocacy
    146Physical Activity Programs
    147Physical Fitness Testing
    224Support Groups
    230Patient Transport
    238Adult Day Programs
    275Cancer Support
    284Child Care
    296Companion Visiting
    301Contraception Inform
    308Crisis Assessment An
    309Crisis Assistance
    310Crisis Refuge
    328Eating Disorder
    331Employment And Train
    345Food Vouchers
    352Grief Counselling
    366Household Items
    411Pregnancy Tests
    427Rent Assistance
    429Residential Respite
    440Sexual Issues
    446Speech Therapist
    459Tenancy Advice
    468Vocational Guidance
    470Welfare Assistance
    488Diabetes Educator
    494Youth Services
    495Youth Health
    501Cancer Services
    513Cancer Support Groups
    530Disability Care Transport
    531Aged Care Transport
    532Diabetes Education s
    534Young Adult Diabetes
    535Pulmonary Rehabilita
    537Medication Reviews
    539Telephone Help Line
    546Veterans Services
    548Food Relief/Food/Meals
    552Drug and/or Alcohol Support Groups
    554Chronic Disease Management
    559Women's Health
    560Men's Health
    565Youth Drop In/Assistance/Support
    569Migrant Health Clinic
    570Refugee Health Clinic
    571Aboriginal Health Clinic
    614Development-Life Skills
    628Vehicle modifications



This value set contains 102 concepts

Expansion based on example code system version 4.0.1

Expansion based on version 4.0.1

  1 Care Info/Support

Adoption & permanent care information/support

  3 Care Information/Referral

Aged Care information/referral

  8 Care/Housekeeping Assistance

Home care/housekeeping assistance

  9 Maintenance and Repair

Home maintenance and repair

  10 Alarms/Alerts

Personal alarms/alerts

  11 Care for Older Persons

Personal care for older persons





  31 Therapy

Relaxation therapy

  33 Herbal Medicine

Western herbal medicine

  34 Day care

Family day care

  36 Inclusion Support

Kindergarten inclusion support for children with a disability

  42 Support/Education

Parenting & family management support/education

  51 Donation

Blood donation

  55 Advocacy/Liaison Service

Health advocacy/Liaison service

  67 Health

Sexual health

  68 Pathology/Therapy

Speech pathology/therapy

  69 Counselling

Bereavement counselling

  70 Counselling

Crisis counselling

  71 Counselling/Therapy

Family counselling and/or family therapy

  72 Violence Counselling

Family violence counselling

  75 Counselling

Genetic counselling

  76 Counselling

Health counselling

  78 Gambling Counselling

Problem gambling counselling

  79 Counselling

Relationship counselling

  80 Assault Counselling

Sexual assault counselling

  81 Counselling

Trauma counselling

  82 of Crime Counselling

Victims of crime counselling

  96 Advocacy

Disability advocacy

  97 Aids & Equipment

Disability aids & equipment

  99 Day Programs/Activities

Disability day programs & activities

  102 Supported Accommodation

Disability supported accommodation

  103 Childhood Intervention

Early childhood intervention

  105 and/or Alcohol Counselling

Drug and/or alcohol counselling

  106 Information/Referral

Drug and/or alcohol information/referral

  107 & Syringe Exchange

Needle & Syringe exchange

  108 Alcohol/Drug Treatment

Non-residential alcohol and/or drug dependence treatment

  111 Alcohol/Drug Treatment

Residential alcohol and/or drug dependence treatment

  118 Placement and/or Support

Employment placement and/or support

  119 Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation

  126 Accommodation

Crisis/emergency accommodation

  127 Support

Homelessness support

  128 Information/Referral

Housing information/referral

  130 Service

Interpreting/Multilingual/Language service

  134 Health Advocacy

Mental health advocacy

  146 Activity Programs

Physical activity programs

  147 Fitness Testing

Physical fitness testing

  224 Groups

Support groups

  230 Transport

Patient transport



  238 Day Programs

Adult Day Programs



  275 Support

Cancer Support

  284 Care

Child Care

  296 Visiting

Companion Visiting

  301 Inform

Contraception Information

  308 Assessment An

Crisis Assessment And Treatment Services (Cats)

  309 Assistance

Crisis Assistance

  310 Refuge

Crisis Refuge







  328 Disorder

Eating Disorder

  331 And Train

Employment And Training



  345 Vouchers

Food Vouchers

  352 Counselling

Grief Counselling

  366 Items

Household Items





  411 Tests

Pregnancy Tests

  427 Assistance

Rent Assistance

  429 Respite

Residential Respite

  440 Issues

Sexual Issues

  446 Therapist

Speech Therapist

  459 Advice

Tenancy Advice

  468 Guidance

Vocational Guidance

  470 Assistance

Welfare Assistance

  488 Educator

Diabetes Educator

  494 Services

Youth Services

  495 Health

Youth Health

  501 Services

Cancer Services

  513 Support Groups

Cancer Support Groups

  530 Care Transport

Disability Care Transport

  531 Care Transport

Aged Care Transport

  532 Education s

Diabetes Education service

  534 Adult Diabetes

Young Adult Diabetes services (YADS)

  535 Rehabilita

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Service

  537 Reviews

Medication Reviews

  539 Help Line

Telephone Help Line

  546 Services

Veterans Services

  548 Relief/Food/Meals

Food Relief/food/meals

  552 and/or Alcohol Support Groups

Drug and/or alcohol support groups

  554 Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management

  559's Health

Women's Health

  560's Health

Men's Health

  565 Drop In/Assistance/Support

Youth drop in/assistance/support

  569 Health Clinic

Migrant Health Clinic

  570 Health Clinic

Refugee Health Clinic

  571 Health Clinic

Aboriginal Health Clinic

  614 Skills

Development-Life Skills

  628 modifications

Vehicle modifications

Explanation of the columns that may appear on this page:

Level A few code lists that FHIR defines are hierarchical - each code is assigned a level. In this scheme, some codes are under other codes, and imply that the code they are under also applies
System The source of the definition of the code (when the value set draws in codes defined elsewhere)
Code The code (used as the code in the resource instance)
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