Dependent IGs Analysis for DaVinci Payer Data Exchange (PDex) US Drug Formulary

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CodeSystems used in ValueSets

Codes for medication drug tiers in health plans C4DIC Copay Type

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Codes for benefit type of cost (not used)
Codes qualifying the type of cost share amount (not used)
Codes for medication drug tiers in health plans Used In C4DIC Copay Type (
Codes for insurance item type (not used)
Codes for pharmacy benefit types (not used)
Codes for type of plan contact (not used)


Benefit type of cost (not used)
Qualifier for coinsurance rate (not used)
Qualifier of copay amount (not used)
Drug tier of medication in health plan (not used)
Insurance item type (not used)
Pharmacy benefit types (not used)
Type of plan contact (not used)
Semantic Drug Form Group Codes (not used)
Semantic Drug Codes (not used)


Formulary (not used)
Formulary Bulk Data Graph Definition (not used)
Formulary Drug (not used)
Formulary Item (not used)
Insurance Plan Location (not used)
Payer Insurance Plan (not used)
Payer Insurance Plan Bulk Data Graph Definition (not used)


Additional Coverage Information (not used)
Availability Period (not used)
Availability Status (not used)
Drug Tier ID (not used)
Formulary Reference (not used)
Pharmacy Benefit Type (not used)
Prior Authorization (not used)
Prior Authorization New Starts Only (not used)
Quantity Limit (not used)
Quantity Limit Detail (not used)
Step Therapy Limit (not used)
Step Therapy Limit New Starts Only (not used)