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ErrorValueSet.versionValues for version differ: '1.1.0' vs '2.1.0-preview'
InformationValueSet.statusValues for status differ: 'draft' vs 'active'
InformationValueSet.dateValues for date differ: '2021-10-26T18:38:56-07:00' vs '2022-10-24'
InformationValueSet.publisherValues for publisher differ: 'HL7 International - Patient Care Work Group' vs 'HL7 International / Payer/Provider Information Exchange Work Group'
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[1]Code payment-nos removed
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[1]Code operations-nos removed
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[1]Code payment-noe added
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[1]Code operations-noe added
ErrorValueSet.compose.exclude[1]Code treatment-noe added


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        .descriptionThe set of purpose of use codes for the requested data (the output of the task). This code set is composed of [FHIR core Purpose of Use security labels]( and additional codes defined by this Guide.
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                  .publisherHL7 International - Patient Care Work GroupHL7 International / Payer/Provider Information Exchange Work Group
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                    .titleCDex Purpose of Use Value Set
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