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Generated Narrative: Location

Resource Location "1" Version "3" Updated "2019-06-06 03:04:12-0400"

identifier: id: B1-S.F2

status: active

operationalStatus: Housekeeping (Details: http://terminology.hl7.org/CodeSystem/v2-0116 code H = 'Housekeeping', stated as 'Housekeeping')

name: South Wing, second floor

alias: BU MC, SW, F2, Burgers University Medical Center, South Wing, second floor

description: Second floor of the Old South Wing, formerly in use by Psychiatry

mode: instance

telecom: ph: 8167892390(WORK), secondflooradmissions@hospital.smarthealthit.org, http://sampleorg.com/southwing

address: Galapagosweg 91, Building A Den Burg 9105 PZ NLD (WORK)

physicalType: Wing (Location type#wi)



managingOrganization: Organization/1 "Example Organization"