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Valueset: ckd-valueset-diabetes

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Title:Diabetes Finding Codes
Status:Experimental as of 2/2/22, 8:41 PM

Diabetes Finding Codes

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Logical Definition (CLD)

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This value set contains 119 concepts

Expansion based on SNOMED CT United States edition 01-Sep 2021

All codes in this table are from the system http://snomed.info/sct

73211009Diabetes mellitus
2751001Fibrocalculous pancreatic diabetes
4783006Maternal diabetes mellitus with hypoglycemia affecting fetus OR newborn
5368009Drug-induced diabetes mellitus
5969009Diabetes mellitus associated with genetic syndrome
8801005Secondary diabetes mellitus
11687002Gestational diabetes mellitus
23045005Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus type IA
24203005Extreme insulin resistance with acanthosis nigricans, hirsutism AND abnormal insulin receptors
28032008Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus type IB
33559001Pineal hyperplasia AND diabetes mellitus syndrome
42954008Diabetes mellitus associated with receptor abnormality
44054006Diabetes mellitus type II
46635009Diabetes mellitus type I
46894009Gestational diabetes mellitus, class A>2<
49817004Neonatal diabetes mellitus
51002006Diabetes mellitus associated with pancreatic disease
57886004Protein-deficient diabetes mellitus
59079001Diabetes mellitus associated with hormonal etiology
70694009Diabetes mellitus AND insipidus with optic atrophy AND deafness
75022004Gestational diabetes mellitus, class A>1<
75524006Malnutrition related diabetes mellitus
75682002Diabetes mellitus due to insulin receptor antibodies
76751001Diabetes mellitus in mother complicating pregnancy, childbirth AND/OR puerperium
81531005Diabetes mellitus type 2 in obese
111307005Leprechaunism syndrome
111552007Diabetes mellitus without complication
123763000Houssay's syndrome
127012008Lipoatrophic diabetes
190368000Type I diabetes mellitus with ulcer
190372001Type I diabetes mellitus maturity onset
190389009Type 2 diabetes mellitus with ulcer
190407009Malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus with renal complications
190410002Malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus with peripheral circulatory complications
190412005Malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus without complications
190416008Steroid-induced diabetes mellitus without complication
190447002Steroid-induced diabetes
199223000Diabetes mellitus during pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium
199225007Diabetes mellitus during pregnancy - baby delivered
199226008Diabetes mellitus in the puerperium - baby delivered during current episode of care
199227004Diabetes mellitus during pregnancy - baby not yet delivered
199228009Diabetes mellitus in the puerperium - baby delivered during previous episode of care
199229001Pre-existing type 1 diabetes mellitus (disorder)
199230006Pre-existing type 2 diabetes mellitus
199231005Pre-existing malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus
237599002Insulin treated Type II diabetes mellitus
237600004Malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus - fibrocalculous
237601000Secondary endocrine diabetes mellitus
237603002Transitory neonatal diabetes mellitus
237604008Diabetes mellitus autosomal dominant type II
237612000Photomyoclonus, diabetes mellitus, deafness, nephropathy and cerebral dysfunction
237617006Megaloblastic anemia, thiamine-responsive, with diabetes mellitus and sensorineural deafness
237619009Ballinger-Wallace syndrome
237627000Pregnancy and type 2 diabetes mellitus
237651005Insulin resistance - type A
237652003Insulin resistance - type B
276560009Diabetes mellitus in neonate small for gestational age
313435000Type I diabetes mellitus without complication
313436004Type 2 diabetes mellitus without complication
359642000Diabetes mellitus type 2 in nonobese
408540003Diabetes mellitus induced by non-steroid drugs
413183008Diabetes mellitus induced by non-steroid drugs without complication
426705001Diabetes mellitus associated with cystic fibrosis
426875007Latent autoimmune diabetes mellitus in adult (disorder)
427089005Diabetes mellitus due to cystic fibrosis (disorder)
445260006Posttransplant diabetes mellitus (disorder)
609561005Maturity-onset diabetes of the young (disorder)
609562003Maturity onset diabetes of the young, type 1 (disorder)
609563008Pre-existing diabetes mellitus in pregnancy (disorder)
609564002Pre-existing type 1 diabetes mellitus in pregnancy
609565001Permanent neonatal diabetes mellitus (disorder)
609566000Pregnancy and type 1 diabetes mellitus
609567009Pre-existing type 2 diabetes mellitus in pregnancy
609568004Diabetes mellitus due to genetic defect in beta cell function
609569007Diabetes mellitus due to genetic defect in insulin action
609571007Maturity-onset diabetes of the young, type 4
609572000Maturity-onset diabetes of the young, type 5 (disorder)
609576002Maturity-onset diabetes of the young, type 9
609578001Maturity-onset diabetes of the young, type 11
609579009Diabetes mellitus, transient neonatal 1
609580007Diabetes mellitus, transient neonatal 2 (disorder)
609581006Diabetes mellitus, transient neonatal 3 (disorder)
703136005Diabetes mellitus in remission (disorder)
703137001Type I diabetes mellitus in remission (disorder)
703138006Type II diabetes mellitus in remission (disorder)
709147009Gingivitis co-occurrent with diabetes mellitus
716362006Gingival disease co-occurrent with diabetes mellitus (disorder)
720519003Atherosclerosis, deafness, diabetes, epilepsy, nephropathy syndrome (disorder)
721088003Developmental delay, epilepsy, neonatal diabetes syndrome (disorder)
722206009Pancreatic hypoplasia, diabetes mellitus, congenital heart disease syndrome (disorder)
722454003Intellectual disability, craniofacial dysmorphism, hypogonadism, diabetes mellitus syndrome (disorder)
724067006Permanent neonatal diabetes mellitus with cerebellar agenesis syndrome (disorder)
733072002Stimmler syndrome
734022008Wolfram-like syndrome (disorder)
737212004Diabetes mellitus caused by chemical (disorder)
782755007Primary microcephaly, mild intellectual disability, young-onset diabetes syndrome (disorder)
782825008Primary microcephaly, epilepsy, permanent neonatal diabetes syndrome
783722008Myopathy and diabetes mellitus (disorder)
816067005Diabetes, hypogonadism, deafness, intellectual disability syndrome
890171006Ketosis-prone diabetes mellitus
1142044000Pre-existing malnutrition-related diabetes mellitus in pregnancy
1481000119100Diabetes mellitus type 2 without retinopathy
31321000119102Diabetes mellitus type 1 without retinopathy (disorder)
40791000119105Postpartum gestational diabetes mellitus (disorder)
40801000119106Gestational DM antepartum
105401000119101Diabetes mellitus due to pancreatic injury (disorder)
106281000119103Pre-existing diabetes mellitus in mother complicating childbirth (disorder)
367391000119102Diabetes mellitus caused by drug without complication (disorder)
368101000119109Periodontal disease co-occurrent and due to diabetes mellitus type 2 (disorder)
368521000119107Disorder of nerve co-occurrent and due to type 1 diabetes mellitus (disorder)
10753491000119101Gestational diabetes mellitus in childbirth (disorder)
10754881000119104Diabetes mellitus in mother complicating childbirth (disorder)
530558861000132104Atypical diabetes mellitus (disorder)