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Library: Generate Report Library (Experimental)

Official URL: Version: 2.0.0-draft
Active as of 2024-06-06 Computable Name: GenerateReportLibrary

Logic for an example recommendation to generate a report

Related Artifacts

depends-onCode System Activity TypeCPG Activity Type Code System


Inclusion Criteriaout01boolean
Generation Taskout0*Task
Generated Reportout0*MeasureReport
Active or Completed Activityout0*Task
Activity Not Doneout0*Task
Activity Proposalout0*Task
Activity Proposal Rejectedout0*Task
Is Recommendation Applicableout01boolean

Data Requirements

Type: Task (Task)
Type: MeasureReport (MeasureReport)



library GenerateReport

using FHIR version '4.0.1'

include FHIRHelpers version '4.0.1'

codesystem "Activity Type": ''

code "Generate report": 'generate-report' from "Activity Type"

parameter reportWith String

context Patient

/* Recommendation to generate a report */

NOTE: This recommendation is dramatically simplified to illustrate the general
pattern for a positive recommendation to enroll a patient, with the ability
for users to reject the recommendation, and flexibility in how the recommendation
is achieved.

* There is no terminology, any task on any topic will do
* There is no timing, any task will do at any time
* There is no reference to participants other than the patient
* There is no relationship to a setting
* There is no relationship to an encounter or episode
* There is no relationship to a care plan

These simplifications allow the example to focus exclusively on the pattern for
recommending and for accepting/rejecting the proposal, as well as documenting
the completion, or explicit non-performance of the activity.

Positive recommendation:

If the patient meets the inclusion criteria
  If the report has not been generated
    If report generation has not been planned or proposed
      Propose report generation

Given a proposal, the user can:
  Accept the proposal
  Ignore the proposal
  Reject the proposal without reason
  Reject the proposal with reason

Scenario 1: No event, no plan or proposal, decision support should propose
Scenario 2: No event, incomplete proposal, decision support should not propose
Scenario 3: No event, rejected proposal, decision support should not propose
Scenario 4: Event, no proposal, decision support should not propose
Scenario 5: Event, completed proposal, decision support should not propose
Scenario 6: Event not done, no proposal, decision support should not propose
Scenario 7: Event not done, proposal, decision support should not propose


define "Inclusion Criteria":

define "Generation Task":
  [Task] C
    where C.code ~ "Generate report"
      and reportWith(C) = reportWith
      and not Coalesce(doNotPerform(C), false)

define "Generated Report":
  [MeasureReport] R
    where R.measure = reportWith

define "Active or Completed Activity":
  "Generation Task" C
    where C.status in { 'in-progress', 'on-hold', 'completed' }

define "Activity Not Done":
  "Generation Task" C
    where C.status in { 'cancelled', 'failed' }

define "Activity Proposal":
  "Generation Task" R
    where R.status in { 'draft', 'requested', 'received', 'accepted', 'ready' }

define "Activity Proposal Rejected":
  "Generation Task" R
    where R.status in { 'rejected' }

define "Is Recommendation Applicable":
  "Inclusion Criteria"
    and not exists ("Generated Report")
    and not exists (
      "Active or Completed Activity"
        union "Activity Not Done"
    and not exists (
      "Activity Proposal"
        union "Activity Proposal Rejected"

define function doNotPerform(task Task):
  singleton from (
    task.extension E
      where E.url = ''
  ).value as boolean

define function reportWith(task Task):
  singleton from (
    task.input I
      where I.type ~ "Generate report"
  ).value as canonical

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