Clinical Practice Guidelines
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ActivityDefinition: Activity Example Order Service AD (Experimental)

Official URL: Version: 2.0.0-draft
Active as of 2024-06-06 Computable Name: ActivityExampleOrderServiceAD

Example Activity Definition for a recommendation to order a service

Generated Narrative: ActivityDefinition

ResourceActivityDefinition "activity-example-orderservice-ad"

Profiles: CPG Service Request Activity, CPG Computable Activity Definition

CQF Knowledge capability: shareable

CQF Knowledge capability: computable

CQF Knowledge capability: publishable

CQF knowledge representation level: structured


version: 2.0.0-draft

name: ActivityExampleOrderServiceAD

title: Activity Example Order Service AD

status: active

experimental: true

date: 2024-06-06 21:28:30+0000

publisher: HL7 International / Clinical Decision Support

contact: HL7 International / Clinical Decision Support:

description: Example Activity Definition for a recommendation to order a service

jurisdiction: World (m49.htm#001)

kind: ServiceRequest

profile: CPG Service Request

code: Order a service (CPG Activity Type Code System#order-service)

intent: proposal

doNotPerform: false


path: status