Dependent IGs Analysis for C-CDA on FHIR

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Details By IG

Derived profiles

Consultation Note Dental Consult Note
Referral Note Dental Referral Note

Used Extensions

Order Extension Dental Consult Note

Derived profiles

Care Plan PhCP Composition

Details By Resource



LOINC Imaging Document Codes (not used)
Care Plan Document Type (not used)
ReferralDocumentType (not used)
TransferDocumentType (not used)
HPDocumentType (not used)
SurgicalOperationNoteDocumentTypeCode (not used)
DischargeSummaryDocumentTypeCode (not used)
ProcedureNoteDocumentTypeCodes (not used)
ProgressNoteDocumentTypeCode (not used)
ConsultDocumentType (not used)


Care Plan Constrained In PhCP Composition (
Consultation Note Constrained In Dental Consult Note (
Continuity of Care Document (not used)
Diagnostic Imaging Report (not used)
Discharge Summary (not used)
History and Physical (not used)
Operative Note (not used)
Procedure Note (not used)
Progress Note (not used)
Referral Note Constrained In Dental Referral Note (
Transfer Summary (not used)
US Realm Header (not used)


Authorization Extension (not used)
Data Enterer Extension (not used)
Informant Extension (not used)
Information Recipient Extension (not used)
Order Extension Used In Dental Consult Note (
Participant Extension (not used)
Performer Extension (not used)
Version Number (not used)