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Service Request and Referral Feedback Supporting Information Bundles

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The BSeR IG illustrates the specific fit to purpose and parsimonious design pattern through the inclusion of service request content profiles for six representative use cases and the context for extension of BSeR use by other implementation guides as detailed elsewhere in this guide.

The selected service request use cases have overlapping information needs that demonstrate the concepts of parsimonious partitioning and resource profile reuse. A service request content profile constrains the content of supporting information for a service request to the information needs of the service request use case.

Each referral use case is an aggregation of supporting information data items. Supported information data items are represented in clinical statement profiles. Supporting information bundles associated with referral use cases are aggregations of clinical statements. Supporting information bundles are used as referral requests and referral feedback aggregations of use case specific supporting information data items.

Aggregation of Clinical Statement Profiles

The following table identifies the aggregation of clinical statement profiles to referral request and referral feedback supporting information bundles:

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