BSeR: Bidirectional Services_eReferral
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Referral Service Request Feedback Resources

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Each referral feedback composition includes references to a patient (subject), referral recipient (author), and two composition sections - the feedback summary and feedback supporting information. The feedback summary section includes a reference to the referral service request (focus). The supporting information section includes a reference to a bundle of supporting information consistent with the scope of the referral use case as designated in the referral service request code.

The following diagram depicts referral feedback composition, its two sections, and the six use cases covered in the BSeR IG.

Referral Service Request Feedback Clinical Statements

Each referral use case requires that certain information items accompany the service request feedback as supporting information. The information items are supporting information for one or more referral use case. The following table indicates how service request feedback supporting information items are allocated to referral use cases.

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