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: VhDir Digital Certificate Type Value Set - XML Representation

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<ValueSet xmlns="">
  <id value="digitalcertificatetype"/>
    <status value="extensions"/>
    <div xmlns=""><ul><li>Include these codes as defined in <a href="CodeSystem-digitalcertificate.html"><code></code></a><table class="none"><tr><td style="white-space:nowrap"><b>Code</b></td><td><b>Display</b></td><td><b>Definition</b></td></tr><tr><td><a href="CodeSystem-digitalcertificate.html#digitalcertificate-TLS.47SSL">TLS/SSL</a></td><td>TLS/SSL</td><td>A certificate for a device such as a server or router, used to authenticate the device and establish secure communications between the device and a client.</td></tr><tr><td><a href="CodeSystem-digitalcertificate.html#digitalcertificate-device">device</a></td><td>Device</td><td>A certificate used to verify the identity of a device.</td></tr><tr><td><a href="CodeSystem-digitalcertificate.html#digitalcertificate-grp">grp</a></td><td>Group</td><td>A certificate for a collection of individual subscribers acting in a shared capacity, such as an organization.</td></tr><tr><td><a href="CodeSystem-digitalcertificate.html#digitalcertificate-ind">ind</a></td><td>Individual</td><td>A certificate for a single person.</td></tr><tr><td><a href="CodeSystem-digitalcertificate.html#digitalcertificate-role">role</a></td><td>Role based</td><td>A certificate for a specific role on behalf of which a subscriber is authorized to act, such as a Chief Information Officer.</td></tr></table></li></ul></div>
  <url value=""/>
  <version value="0.2.0"/>
  <name value="VhDirDigitalCertificateType"/>
  <title value="VhDir Digital Certificate Type Value Set"/>
  <status value="active"/>
  <date value="2018-02-21"/>
  <publisher value="HL7 International - Patient Administration Work Group"/>
    <name value="HL7 International - Patient Administration Work Group"/>
      <system value="url"/>
      <value value=""/>
      <system value="email"/>
      <value value=""/>
               value="In a certificate-based public key cryptographic system, certificates are issued to subscribers, whose name appears as the subject in the certificate. This value set defines a set of terms describing the types of subscribers who may be issued digital certificates."/>
      <system value="urn:iso:std:iso:3166"/>
      <code value="US"/>
             value="Used by permission of HL7 International all rights reserved Creative Commons License"/>
      <system value=""/>
        <code value="TLS/SSL"/>
        <code value="device"/>
        <code value="grp"/>
        <code value="ind"/>
        <code value="role"/>