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      .copyright1. This value set includes content from SNOMED CT, which is copyright © 2002+ International Health Terminology Standards Development Organisation (IHTSDO), and distributed by agreement between IHTSDO and HL7. Implementer use of SNOMED CT is not covered by this agreement. 2. Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) is copyright 2020 American Medical Association. All rights reserved
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        .descriptionThe type of encounter: a specific code indicating type of service provided. This value set includes codes from SNOMED CT decending from the concept 308335008 (Patient encounter procedure (procedure)) and codes from the Current Procedure and Terminology (CPT) found in the following CPT sections: - 99201-99499 E/M - 99500-99600 home health (mainly nonphysician, such as newborn care in home) - 99605-99607 medication management - 98966-98968 non physician telephone services (subscription to AMA Required)
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                  .publisherHL7 International - Cross-Group Projects
                        .titleUS Core Encounter Type
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