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Resource Profile: USCoreObservationClinicalTestResultProfile - Examples

Active as of 2022-04-20

Examples for the us-core-observation-clinical-test Profile.

Capillary refill Time Nail Bed Example
DXA Femur-L ArMass BMD Example
DXA Femur-L T-score BMD Example
DXA Femur-L Z-score BMD Example
DXA Hip-L ArMass BMD Example
DXA Hip-L T-score BMD Example
DXA Hip-L Z-score BMD Example
EKG impression Example
EKG lead Example
Heart rate rhythm Example
Jugular vein distension Example
P-R interval {EKG lead} Example
Pulse intensity Palpation Example
Q-T interval {EKG lead} Example
QRS dur {EKG lead} Example