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Example DiagnosticReport: DiagnosticReport Cardiology Report Example

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Cardiovascular physiologic and EKG assessment panel (Cardiology)

SubjectAmy V. Baxter female, DoB: 1987-02-20 ( Medical Record Number/1032702 (use: usual))
When For2021-11-10 21:39:30+0000

Report Details

CodeValueWhen For
QRS dur {EKG lead}60 ms2021-11-10 16:48:57-0800
Pulse intensity Palpation1+2021-11-10 16:48:57-0800
P-R interval {EKG lead}0.2 s2021-11-10 16:48:57-0800
Q-T interval {EKG lead}0.4 s2021-11-10 16:48:57-0800
Jugular vein distensionAbsent2021-11-10 16:48:57-0800
Heart rate rhythmRegular (R)2021-11-10 16:48:57-0800
EKG leadII2021-11-10 16:48:57-0800
EKG impressionNormal Sinus Rhythm (NSR)2021-11-10 16:48:57-0800
Capillary refill Time Nail Bed1 s2021-11-10 16:48:57-0800