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Example DiagnosticReport: DXA Bone density quantitative measurement panel Example

DXA Bone density quantitative measurement panel (Radiology)

SubjectAmy V. Baxter female, DoB: 1987-02-20 ( Medical Record Number: 1032702 (USUAL))
When For2021-11-10 07:30:46-0800

Report Details

CodeValueWhen For
DXA Hip-L Z-score BMD-0.19 Z-Score2021-11-10 07:14:41-0800
DXA Hip-L T-score BMD-1.62 T-Score2021-11-10 07:14:41-0800
DXA Hip-L ArMass BMD0.734 g/cm22021-11-10 07:14:41-0800
DXA Femur-L Z-score BMD0.05 Z-Score2021-11-10 07:14:41-0800
DXA Femur-L T-score BMD-1.48 T-Score2021-11-10 07:14:41-0800
DXA Femur-L ArMass BMD0.631 g/cm22021-11-10 07:14:41-0800