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Defining URL:http://hl7.org/fhir/us/core/ValueSet/us-core-medication-codes
Title:US Core Medication Codes (RxNorm)

All prescribable medication formulations represented using either a 'generic' or 'brand-specific' concept. This includes RxNorm codes whose Term Type is SCD (semantic clinical drug), SBD (semantic brand drug), GPCK (generic pack), BPCK (brand pack), SCDG (semantic clinical drug group), SBDG (semantic brand drug group), SCDF (semantic clinical drug form), or SBDF (semantic brand drug form)

Publisher:HL7 US Realm Steering Committee
OID:2.16.840.1.113762.1.4.1010.4 (for OID based terminology systems)
Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle



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All codes from system http://www.nlm.nih.gov/research/umls/rxnorm

10760Triamcinolone Oral Paste
25406Nitrofurazone Topical Cream [Furacin]
34246Polymyxin B / Trimethoprim Ophthalmic Solution [Polytrim]
89904calcium chloride, dihydration 0.2 MG/ML / Potassium Chloride 0.3 MG/ML / Sodium Chloride 6 MG/ML / Sodium Lactate 3.1 MG/ML Irrigation Solution
90127compound benzoin tincture (USP) Topical Solution
91318Coal Tar Topical Solution
91348Hydrogen Peroxide 300 MG/ML Topical Solution
91349Hydrogen Peroxide 30 MG/ML Topical Solution
91668Tetracycline 0.01 MG/MG Ophthalmic Ointment [Achromycin]
91669Tetracycline 10 MG/ML Ophthalmic Suspension [Achromycin]
91691Nifedipine 10 MG Oral Capsule [Adalat]
91692Nifedipine 20 MG Oral Capsule [Adalat]
91703Ibuprofen Oral Tablet [Advil]
91720Pilocarpine Ophthalmic Solution [Akarpine]
91729Methyldopa Oral Suspension [Aldomet]
91732Alfentanil Injectable Solution [Alfenta]
91792Oxymetholone 50 MG Oral Tablet [Anadrol-50]
91796Naproxen Oral Tablet [Anaprox]
91805Methyltestosterone 10 MG Oral Tablet [Android-10]
91809Succinylcholine Injectable Solution [Anectine]
91833Vitamin K 1 Injectable Solution [Aquamephyton]
91840Chloroquine Injectable Solution [Aralen Hydrochloride]
91843Metaraminol Injectable Solution [Aramine]
91878Lorazepam Injectable Solution [Ativan]
91879Lorazepam Oral Tablet [Ativan]
91889Antipyrine / Benzocaine Otic Solution [Auralgan]
91990Betaxolol Ophthalmic Suspension [Betoptic S]
91991Betaxolol Ophthalmic Solution [Betoptic]
92004Sulfacetamide Ophthalmic Ointment [Bleph-10]
92008Timolol Oral Tablet [Blocadren]
92015bretylium Injectable Solution [Bretylol]
92016esmolol Injectable Solution [Brevibloc]
92041Bumetanide Injectable Solution [Bumex]
92052Verapamil Oral Tablet [Calan]
92055salmon calcitonin Injectable Solution [Calcimar]
92084Doxazosin Oral Tablet [Cardura]
92089Clonidine Oral Tablet [Catapres]
92091Ceftizoxime Injectable Solution [Cefizox]
92113Ceftazidime Injectable Solution [Ceptaz]
92145Benzocaine Oral Lozenge [Chloraseptic]
92253Amiodarone Oral Tablet [Cordarone]
92254Nadolol Oral Tablet [Corgard]
92279Warfarin Injectable Solution [Coumadin]
92291Medroxyprogesterone Oral Tablet [Cycrin]
92292Pemoline Chewable Tablet [Cylert]
92301desmopressin Injectable Solution [DDAVP]
92316dezocine Injectable Solution [Dalgan]
92354Prednisone Oral Tablet [Deltasone]
92367Coal Tar Medicated Shampoo [Denorex]
92445Hydromorphone Rectal Suppository [Dilaudid]
92476oxybutynin Oral Tablet [Ditropan]
92479Chlorothiazide Oral Suspension [Diuril]
92567Amitriptyline Injectable Solution [Elavil]
92568Amitriptyline Oral Tablet [Elavil]
92579Theophylline Extended Release Oral Capsule [Elixophyllin SR]
92580Guaifenesin / Theophylline Oral Solution [Elixophyllin-GG]
92582mometasone furoate 1 MG/ML Topical Cream [Elocon]
92583mometasone furoate 1 MG/ML Topical Lotion [Elocon]
92584mometasone furoate 0.001 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Elocon]
92594Amitriptyline Oral Tablet [Endep]
92601Edrophonium Injectable Solution [Enlon]
92613Epoetin Alfa Injectable Solution [Epogen]
92623Erythromycin Chewable Tablet [EryPed]
92719Metronidazole Oral Tablet [Flagyl]
92730cyclobenzaprine Oral Tablet [Flexeril]
92743Fluorometholone Ophthalmic Suspension [Fluor-Op]
92751Fluorouracil Topical Solution [Fluoroplex]
92752Fluorouracil 10 MG/ML Topical Cream [Fluoroplex]
92758Griseofulvin 165 MG Oral Tablet [Fulvicin P/G]
92759Griseofulvin 330 MG Oral Tablet [Fulvicin P/G]
92772Furazolidone Oral Suspension [Furoxone]
92781Sulfisoxazole Ophthalmic Solution [Gantrisin Ophthalmic]
92784Sulfisoxazole Oral Tablet [Gantrisin]
92852Ibuprofen Oral Tablet [Haltran]
92892prednisolone Injectable Solution [Hydeltrasol]
92895ergoloid mesylates, USP Oral Tablet [Hydergine]
92929Terazosin Oral Tablet [Hytrin]
92950Erythromycin Ophthalmic Ointment [Ilotycin]
92960Propranolol Oral Tablet [Inderal]
92965Indomethacin Oral Suspension [Indocin]
92970Droperidol / Fentanyl Injectable Solution [Innovar]
92992Verapamil Oral Tablet [Isoptin]
93006Isosorbide Dinitrate 2.5 MG Sublingual Tablet [Isordil]
93007Isosorbide Dinitrate 40 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Isordil Tembids]
93029Kanamycin Injectable Solution [Kantrex]
93041Triamcinolone Topical Cream [Kenalog]
93042Triamcinolone Topical Lotion [Kenalog]
93043Triamcinolone Topical Ointment [Kenalog]
93044Triamcinolone Topical Spray [Kenalog]
93053Betaxolol Oral Tablet [Kerlone]
93055Clonazepam Oral Tablet [Klonopin]
93065Vitamin K 1 Injectable Solution [Konakion]
93073Amylases / Endopeptidases / Lipase Oral Capsule [Kutrase]
93101Furosemide Oral Solution [Lasix]
93130Fluocinonide 0.0005 MG/MG Topical Gel [Lidex]
93131Fluocinonide 0.5 MG/ML Topical Solution [Lidex]
93181Dyphylline 400 MG Oral Tablet [Lufyllin]
93183Dyphylline Injectable Solution [Lufyllin]
93188Leuprolide Injectable Solution [Lupron]
93193Gonadorelin Injectable Solution [Lutrepulse]
93199Morphine Oral Solution [MSIR]
93249Dexamethasone / Neomycin / Polymyxin B Ophthalmic Ointment [Maxitrol]
93250Dexamethasone / Neomycin / Polymyxin B Ophthalmic Suspension [Maxitrol]
93252Hydrochlorothiazide 50 MG / Triamterene 75 MG Oral Tablet [Maxzide]
93253Hydrochlorothiazide 25 MG / Triamterene 37.5 MG Oral Tablet [Maxzide]
93278Mesna Injectable Solution [Mesnex]
93312Glyburide Oral Tablet [Micronase]
93319Meprobamate 600 MG Oral Tablet [Miltown]
93325Minocycline Oral Suspension [Minocin]
93328Thiabendazole Chewable Tablet [Mintezol]
93354Cefonicid Injectable Solution [Monocid]
93358Ibuprofen Oral Tablet [Motrin]
93370Clotrimazole 500 MG Vaginal Tablet [Mycelex-G]
93377Nystatin Oral Suspension [Mycostatin]
93378Nystatin Oral Tablet [Mycostatin]
93382Metolazone 0.5 MG Oral Tablet [Mykrox]
93415Naphazoline / Pheniramine Ophthalmic Solution [Naphcon A]
93416Naproxen Oral Suspension [Naprosyn]
93417Naproxen Oral Tablet [Naprosyn]
93418Naloxone Injectable Solution [Narcan]
93459chloroprocaine Injectable Solution [Nesacaine]
93462Netilmicin 100 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Netromycin]
93469Niacin Oral Tablet [Niacor]
93470Niclosamide Chewable Tablet [Niclocide]
93471Niacin Oral Tablet [Nicolar]
93485Nitroglycerin Topical Ointment [Nitro-Bid]
93488Nitroglycerin Topical Ointment [Nitrol]
93514Tamoxifen Oral Tablet [Nolvadex]
93536Labetalol Injectable Solution [Normodyne]
93564Nalbuphine Injectable Solution [Nubain]
93574Ibuprofen Oral Tablet [Nuprin]
93576doxacurium Injectable Solution [Nuromax]
93593estropipate Oral Tablet [Ogen]
93594estropipate Vaginal Cream [Ogen]
93651xylometazoline Nasal Spray [Otrivin]
93652xylometazoline Nasal Solution [Otrivin]
93672Oxytocin Injectable Solution
93698Carboplatin Injectable Solution [Paraplatin]
93720prednisolone Oral Solution [Pediapred]
93731Famotidine Oral Suspension [Pepcid]
93732Famotidine Oral Tablet [Pepcid]
93752Penicillin G Injectable Solution [Pfizerpen]
93756Simethicone 95 MG Oral Tablet [Phazyme]
93782Pilocarpine Ophthalmic Solution [Pilocar]
93786Oxytocin Injectable Solution [Pitocin]
93787Hydroxychloroquine Oral Tablet [Plaquenil]
93789Cisplatin Injectable Solution [Platinol]
93811Citric Acid / potassium citrate Oral Solution [Polycitra-K]
93814Bacitracin / Polymyxin B Topical Ointment [Polysporin]
93855Ampicillin Oral Suspension [Principen]
93866Nifedipine Oral Capsule [Procardia]
93868Epoetin Alfa Injectable Solution [Procrit]
93877Fluphenazine Injectable Solution [Prolixin]
93885Procainamide Injectable Solution [Pronestyl]
93894Metronidazole Oral Tablet [Protostat]
93902Medroxyprogesterone Oral Tablet [Provera]
93904Fluoxetine Oral Capsule [Prozac]
93937Metoclopramide Oral Tablet [Reglan]
93946Temazepam Oral Capsule [Restoril]
93990Interferon Alfa-2a Injectable Solution [Roferon-A]
93991Minoxidil Topical Solution [Rogaine]
94001mesalamine Rectal Suppository [Rowasa]
94002mesalamine Enema [Rowasa]
94014Ibuprofen Oral Tablet [Rufen]
94031Sodium Chloride Nasal Solution [Salinex]
94035Cyclosporine Oral Solution [Sandimmune]
94048Acetaminophen 650 MG / butalbital 50 MG Oral Tablet [Sedapap]
94058Bupivacaine Injectable Solution [Sensorcaine]
94124Aspirin / Carisoprodol Oral Tablet [Soma Compound]
94125Aspirin / Carisoprodol / Codeine Oral Tablet [Soma Compound with Codeine]
94126Carisoprodol Oral Tablet [Soma]
94133Isosorbide Dinitrate Chewable Tablet [Sorbitrate]
94134Isosorbide Dinitrate Oral Tablet [Sorbitrate]
94135Isosorbide Dinitrate Sublingual Tablet [Sorbitrate]
94146Trifluoperazine Injectable Solution [Stelazine]
94183sulfabenzamide / Sulfacetamide / sulfathiazole Vaginal Tablet [Sultrin Triple Sulfa]
94185Tetracycline 250 MG Oral Capsule [Sumycin]
94186Tetracycline 500 MG Oral Capsule [Sumycin]
94187Tetracycline 250 MG Oral Tablet [Sumycin]
94188Tetracycline 500 MG Oral Tablet [Sumycin]
94230methdilazine Chewable Tablet [Tacaryl]
94233Cimetidine Injectable Solution [Tagamet]
94235Cimetidine Oral Tablet [Tagamet]
94241Flecainide Oral Tablet [Tambocor]
94251Ceftazidime Injectable Solution [Tazicef]
94261Carbamazepine Chewable Tablet [Tegretol]
94277terconazole Vaginal Cream [Terazol 3]
94278terconazole Vaginal Suppository [Terazol 3]
94279terconazole Vaginal Cream [Terazol 7]
94280Hydrocortisone / Oxytetracycline Ophthalmic Suspension [Terra-Cortril]
94283Oxytetracycline / Polymyxin B Ophthalmic Ointment [Terramycin with Polymyxin B Sulfate]
94292Theophylline Extended Release Oral Tablet [Theochron]
94293Theophylline Oral Solution [Theolair]
94294Theophylline Oral Tablet [Theolair]
94316Ticarcillin Injectable Solution [Ticar]
94319trimethobenzamide Injectable Solution [Tigan]
94321Clavulanate / Ticarcillin Injectable Solution [Timentin]
94334Dexamethasone / Tobramycin Ophthalmic Suspension [Tobradex]
94335Dexamethasone / Tobramycin Ophthalmic Ointment [Tobradex]
94336Tobramycin Ophthalmic Ointment [Tobrex]
94337Tobramycin Ophthalmic Solution [Tobrex]
94345Desoximetasone 2.5 MG/ML Topical Cream [Topicort]
94346Desoximetasone 0.0005 MG/MG Topical Gel [Topicort]
94348Desoximetasone 0.0025 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Topicort]
94351Thiethylperazine Injectable Solution [Torecan]
94356Atracurium Injectable Solution [Tracrium]
94359Labetalol Injectable Solution [Trandate]
94401Perphenazine Injectable Solution [Trilafon]
94405Amoxicillin 250 MG Oral Capsule [Trimox]
94406Amoxicillin 500 MG Oral Capsule [Trimox]
94407Amoxicillin 25 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Trimox]
94408Amoxicillin 50 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Trimox]
94462Nafcillin Injectable Solution [Unipen]
94470Bethanechol Injectable Solution [Urecholine]
94483Diazepam Injectable Solution [Valium]
94484Diazepam Oral Tablet [Valium]
94500Methoxamine Injectable Solution [Vasoxyl]
94516Mebendazole Chewable Tablet [Vermox]
94517Midazolam Injectable Solution [Versed]
94570Vidarabine Ophthalmic Ointment [Vira-A]
94573Trifluridine Ophthalmic Solution [Viroptic]
94581Hydroxyzine Oral Suspension [Vistaril]
94585Acetic Acid / Hydrocortisone Otic Solution [Vosol HC]
94586Acetic Acid Otic Solution [VoSoL]
94591Bupropion Oral Tablet [Wellbutrin]
94610Alprazolam Oral Tablet [Xanax]
94618Lidocaine Injectable Solution [Xylocaine]
94629Ranitidine Injectable Solution [Zantac]
94648Ondansetron Injectable Solution [Zofran]
94911Amoxicillin Oral Suspension [Biomox]
95104Chloramphenicol Ophthalmic Ointment
95267Glucose 500 MG/ML Oral Solution
95600Furosemide Injectable Solution
95721ichthammol 0.2 MG/MG Topical Ointment
96058Nitrofurazone 2 MG/ML Topical Solution
96304Primidone 250 MG Oral Tablet
96818Triamcinolone Injectable Suspension
96819Triamcinolone Oral Tablet
102102Alexitol sodium 360 MG Oral Tablet
102104magaldrate 160 MG/ML Oral Suspension
102111hydrotalcite 100 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Altacite]
102152Atropine 6 MG/ML Oral Solution
102155belladonna extract, USP 0.01 MG/ML Oral Solution
102166Glycopyrrolate 2 MG Oral Tablet [Robinul]
102182alginic acid 50 MG/ML / Cimetidine 20 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Algitec]
102184Carbenoxolone 50 MG Oral Tablet
102196Bran 2000 MG Oral Tablet [Fybranta]
102202Methylcellulose 500 MG Oral Tablet [Cellucon]
102203Methylcellulose 90 MG/ML Oral Solution [Cologel]
102206Cascara sagrada 20 MG Oral Tablet
102214sennosides, USP 3 MG/ML Oral Solution
102215sennosides, USP 1 MG/ML Oral Solution
102221Magnesium Sulfate 400 MG/ML Oral Solution
102232Bisacodyl 2.74 MG/ML Enema [Dulcolax]
102236Phenolphthalein 125 MG Oral Tablet
102242Witch Hazel 200 MG Rectal Suppository
102250Hydrocortisone 1.67 MG/ML Enema [Cortenema]
102260Chenodeoxycholate 250 MG Oral Capsule [Chenocedon]
102273Dicobalt edetate 15 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Kelocyanor]
102274sodium thiosulfate 500 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102276Digitoxin 1 MG/ML Oral Solution [Digitaline Nativelle]
102277Ouabain 0.25 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Ouabaine Arnaud]
102278Bumetanide 1 MG Oral Tablet [Burinex]
102292bretylium 50 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Bretylate]
102299Practolol 2 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102300Quinidine 250 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Kiditard]
102302Quinidine 250 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule
102303Tocainide 600 MG Oral Tablet [Tonocard]
102304Tocainide 50 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Tonocard]
102305Tocainide 50 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102306Acebutolol 5 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Sectral]
102309Sotalol 2 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102314Metoprolol 190 MG Oral Tablet [Metoros]
102315Metoprolol 95 MG Oral Tablet [Metoros]
102317Reserpine 0.1 MG Oral Tablet [Serpasil]
102318Reserpine 0.25 MG Oral Tablet [Serpasil]
102321Rauwolfia Alkaloids 2 MG Oral Tablet [Rauwiloid]
102325Bethanidine 50 MG Oral Tablet
102326Debrisoquin 20 MG Oral Tablet [Declinax]
102334Isosorbide Dinitrate 5 MG Oral Tablet [Isoket]
102335Pentaerythritol Tetranitrate 30 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Cardiacap]
102336Lidoflazine 120 MG Oral Tablet
102337Nifedipine 5 MG Oral Capsule [Calcipine]
102338Nifedipine 10 MG Oral Capsule [Calcipine]
102339Prenylamine 60 MG Oral Tablet [Synadrin]
102340Prenylamine 60 MG Oral Tablet
102341Nitroglycerin 5 MG Oral Capsule
102342Nitroglycerin 10 MG Oral Capsule
102346bamethan 12.5 MG Oral Tablet
102347Inositol 750 MG Oral Tablet [Hexopal Forte]
102349Moxisylyte 5 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Opilon]
102350Moxisylyte 15 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Opilon]
102351Moxisylyte 5 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102352Moxisylyte 15 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102353Cyclandelate 400 MG Oral Tablet
102354Cyclandelate 80 MG/ML Oral Suspension
102365Synephrine 60 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Sympatol]
102370Ethamsylate 500 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Dicynone]
102371Ethamsylate 250 MG Oral Tablet
102376Dextrothyroxine 2 MG Oral Tablet
102377Albuterol 2 MG Oral Tablet [Ventolin]
102378Albuterol 4 MG Oral Tablet [Ventolin]
102379Albuterol 2 MG Oral Tablet [Salbulin]
102380Albuterol 4 MG Oral Tablet [Salbulin]
102381Albuterol 1 MG/ML Oral Solution [Salbulin]
102385Albuterol 1 MG/ML Inhalant Solution [Salbuvent]
102388reproterol 20 MG Oral Tablet [Bronchodil]
102390reproterol 10 MG/ML Inhalant Solution [Bronchodil]
102391reproterol 20 MG Oral Tablet
102393reproterol 10 MG/ML Inhalant Solution
102394rimiterol 0.2 MG/ACTUAT Inhalant Solution [Pulmadil]
102398Isoetharine 10 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet
102401metaproterenol 0.5 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Alupent]
102402Aminophylline 50 MG Rectal Suppository
102403Aminophylline 100 MG Rectal Suppository
102404Aminophylline 150 MG Rectal Suppository
102405Aminophylline 180 MG Rectal Suppository
102406Aminophylline 360 MG Rectal Suppository
102409oxtriphylline 424 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet
102445diphenylpyraline 5 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Histryl Spansule]
102446diphenylpyraline 2.5 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Histryl Pediatric Spansule]
102447diphenylpyraline 5 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet [Lergoban]
102448diphenylpyraline 2.5 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule
102449diphenylpyraline 5 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet
102451Trimeprazine 10 MG Oral Tablet [Vallergan]
102452Triprolidine Hydrochloride 2.5 MG Oral Tablet [Actidil]
102486Bromhexine 2 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Bisolvon]
102487Carbocysteine 375 MG Oral Tablet [Mucolex]
102492Heroin 0.6 MG/ML Oral Solution
102493isoaminile 8 MG/ML Oral Solution [Dimyril]
102494Noscapine 3 MG/ML Oral Solution
102528triazulenone 1 MG Oral Tablet [Dormonoct]
102530Diazepam 2 MG Oral Capsule [Valium]
102531Diazepam 5 MG Oral Capsule [Valium]
102533Diazepam 5 MG Rectal Suppository [Valium]
102535ketazolam 15 MG Oral Capsule
102536ketazolam 30 MG Oral Capsule
102537Medazepam 10 MG Oral Capsule
102541Amobarbital 60 MG Oral Tablet
102542Amobarbital 200 MG Oral Tablet
102544Chlorprothixene 15 MG Oral Tablet
102545Chlorprothixene 50 MG Oral Tablet
102547Lithium Carbonate 104 MG/ML Oral Solution
102548butriptyline 25 MG Oral Tablet [Evadyne]
102549butriptyline 50 MG Oral Tablet [Evadyne]
102550Imipramine Hydrochloride 10 MG Oral Tablet [Pramimil]
102551Imipramine Hydrochloride 25 MG Oral Tablet [Pramimil]
102552Iprindole 30 MG Oral Tablet [Prondol]
102553Iprindole 30 MG Oral Tablet
102554Lofepramine 70 MG Oral Tablet [Gamanil]
102555Iproniazid 25 MG Oral Tablet [Marsilid]
102556Iproniazid 50 MG Oral Tablet [Marsilid]
102557Iproniazid 25 MG Oral Tablet
102558Iproniazid 50 MG Oral Tablet
102560Tryptophan 500 MG Oral Tablet [Optimax]
102566Dextroamphetamine 7.5 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Durophet]
102567Dextroamphetamine 12.5 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Durophet]
102568Dextroamphetamine 20 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Durophet]
102569Dextroamphetamine 7.5 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule
102570Dextroamphetamine 12.5 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule
102571Dextroamphetamine 20 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule
102573Methylcellulose 400 MG Oral Tablet [Nilstim]
102574Methylcellulose 400 MG Oral Tablet
102575Karaya Gum 0.55 MG/MG Oral Granules
102577Mazindol 2 MG Oral Tablet [Teronac]
102578Domperidone 30 MG Rectal Suppository [Evoxin]
102579Scopolamine 0.6 MG Oral Tablet
102581Metoclopramide 10 MG Oral Tablet [Metox brand of Metoclopramide]
102582Metoclopramide 10 MG Oral Tablet [Metramid]
102584Metoclopramide 15 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet [Gastrobid Continus]
102585Metoclopramide 30 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Gastromax]
102586Metoclopramide 15 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Maxolon SR]
102587Metoclopramide 15 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet [Gastrese-LA]
102588Metoclopramide 10 MG Oral Tablet [Gastroflux]
102590Thiethylperazine 6.33 MG Oral Tablet [Torecan]
102591Thiethylperazine 6.5 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Torecan]
102592Thiethylperazine 6.5 MG Rectal Suppository [Torecan]
102593Thiethylperazine 6.33 MG Oral Tablet
102594Thiethylperazine 6.5 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102595Thiethylperazine 6.5 MG Rectal Suppository
102597Aspirin 300 MG Oral Tablet [Laboprin]
102598Aspirin 600 MG Oral Tablet [Paynocil]
102599Aspirin 324 MG Delayed Release Oral Tablet [Caprin]
102600Aspirin 500 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet [Levius]
102601Aspirin 600 MG Delayed Release Oral Tablet [Nu-Seals Aspirin]
102602Aspirin 600 MG Oral Tablet [Palaprin Forte]
102603Aspirin 600 MG Delayed Release Oral Tablet
102604Acetaminophen 24 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Calpol]
102605Acetaminophen 50 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Calpol Six Plus]
102639Morphine 64 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Duromorph]
102651Dextromoramide 5 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102652Dextromoramide 10 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102656Levorphanol 1.5 MG Oral Tablet [Dromoran]
102657Levorphanol 1.5 MG Oral Tablet
102658Meperidine 25 MG Oral Tablet
102659Meperidine Hydrochloride 50 MG/ML Injectable Solution [pethilorfan]
102662Pizotyline 1.5 MG Oral Tablet [Sanomigran]
102663Beclamide 500 MG Oral Tablet
102666Phenobarbital 15 MG Oral Tablet [Luminal]
102667Phenobarbital 30 MG Oral Tablet [Luminal]
102668Phenobarbital 60 MG Oral Tablet [Luminal]
102679Methionine 250 MG Oral Tablet
102690Penicillin G 229 MG/ML Injectable Suspension [Penidural-LA]
102692penicillin G benzathine 115 MG/ML Oral Solution
102693phenethicillin 250 MG Oral Capsule [Broxil]
102695phenethicillin 250 MG Oral Capsule
102697Penicillin V 125 MG Oral Capsule
102699Penicillin V 125 MG Oral Granules
102700Penicillin V Potassium 125 MG Oral Tablet [V-Cil-K]
102709Amoxicillin 250 MG Oral Capsule [Rimoxallin]
102710Amoxicillin 500 MG Oral Capsule [Rimoxallin]
102712Amoxicillin 25 MG/ML / Clavulanate 12.5 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Augmentin]
102714Ampicillin 250 MG Oral Capsule [Vidopen]
102717Ampicillin 125 MG Oral Tablet [Penbritin]
102731Pivampicillin 35 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Pondocillin]
102734Pivampicillin 32.4 MG/ML Oral Suspension
102736Talampicillin 250 MG Oral Tablet [Talpen]
102738Talampicillin 250 MG Oral Tablet
102740Ticarcillin 385 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Ticar]
102748Cephalexin 125 MG Chewable Tablet [Keflex-C]
102749Cephalexin 250 MG Chewable Tablet [Keflex-C]
102750Cephalothin 1 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Keflin]
102751Cefamandole 250 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Kefadol]
102752Cefamandole 285 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Kefadol]
102759clomocycline 170 MG Oral Capsule
102761Lymecycline 204 MG Oral Capsule
102763Oxytetracycline 250 MG Oral Tablet [Chemocycline]
102764Oxytetracycline 250 MG Oral Tablet [Galenomycin]
102770Gentamicin 5 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102776Framycetin 250 MG Oral Tablet
102777Kanamycin 250 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Kannasyn]
102778Erythromycin 25 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Erythroped PI SF]
102779erythromycin stearate 50 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Erythroped SF]
102780Erythromycin Estolate 250 MG Oral Tablet [Erythrolar]
102781Erythromycin 500 MG Oral Tablet [Erythrolar]
102782erythromycin stearate 50 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Erythrolar]
102783Erythromycin 125 MG Delayed Release Oral Capsule [Erymax Sprinkle]
102785Lincomycin 500 MG Oral Capsule [Lincocin]
102787Lincomycin 300 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Lincocin]
102789Sulfamethoxazole 800 MG / Trimethoprim 160 MG Oral Tablet [Fectrim]
102790Sulfamethoxazole 267 MG/ML / Trimethoprim 53.3 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Septrin]
102791Sulfamethoxazole 100 MG / Trimethoprim 20 MG Oral Tablet [Septrin]
102793Calcium sulfaloxate 500 MG Oral Tablet
102794phthalylsulfathiazole 500 MG Oral Tablet
102797Sulfadimethoxine 500 MG Oral Tablet
102798Sulfamethazine 333 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102799Sulfamethazine 100 MG/ML Oral Suspension
102800Sulfaguanidine 500 MG Oral Tablet
102801sulfanilylurea 500 MG Oral Tablet
102803Cycloserine 125 MG Oral Capsule
102804Ethambutol 200 MG / isoniazid 100 MG Oral Tablet [Mynah brand of ethambutol hydrochloride-isoniazid]
102805Ethambutol 365 MG / isoniazid 100 MG Oral Tablet [Mynah brand of ethambutol hydrochloride-isoniazid]
102809Tinidazole 2 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102810Noxythiolin 125 MG/ML Irrigation Solution [Noxyflex-S]
102811Noxythiolin 25 MG/ML Irrigation Solution [Noxyflex-S]
102817Ribavirin 20 MG/ML Inhalant Solution [Virazid]
102819Amodiaquine 200 MG Oral Tablet [Camoquine]
102820Amodiaquine 200 MG Oral Tablet
102822Pyrimethamine 12.5 MG Oral Tablet
102824piperazine 500 MG Oral Tablet [antepar]
102828piperazine 500 MG Oral Tablet
102834Diethylcarbamazine Citrate 50 MG Oral Tablet [Banocide]
102845Glyburide 5 MG Oral Tablet [Daonil]
102847glibornuride 25 MG Oral Tablet
102849glymidine 500 MG Oral Tablet [Gondafon]
102850glymidine 500 MG Oral Tablet
102851guar gum 25 MG/ML Oral Suspension
102853Diazoxide 50 MG Oral Tablet
102857prednisolone 16 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Codelsol]
102858prednisolone 5 MG Oral Tablet [Stintisone]
102859prednisolone 16 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102862Estriol 0.25 MG Oral Tablet
102863quinestradol 0.25 MG Oral Tablet
102864Quinestrol 4 MG Oral Tablet
102865tibolone 2.5 MG Oral Tablet [Livial]
102868Progesterone 10 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102879Methyltestosterone 5 MG Oral Tablet
102880Methyltestosterone 50 MG Oral Tablet
102882Methyltestosterone 5 MG Oral Tablet [Virormone]
102883Methyltestosterone 10 MG Oral Tablet [Virormone]
102884Methyltestosterone 25 MG Oral Tablet [Virormone]
102892Nandrolone 25 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Durabolin]
102894Stanozolol 50 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102895Corticotropin 20 UNT/ML Injectable Solution
102896Corticotropin 60 UNT/ML Injectable Solution
102897Cosyntropin 1 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Synacthen Depot]
102908Dinoprost 5 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Minprostin F2 Alpha]
102913Dienestrol 0.25 MG/ML Topical Cream [Hormofemin]
102916Clotrimazole 100 MG/ML Vaginal Cream [Canesten VC]
102917isoconazole 300 MG Vaginal Tablet [Travogyn]
102919Natamycin 20 MG/ML Topical Cream [Pimafucin]
102920Natamycin 25 MG Vaginal Tablet
102929Nonoxynol-9 0.05 MG/MG Vaginal Suppository [Genexol]
102930Nonoxynol-9 0.05 MG/MG Vaginal Suppository [Rendells]
102931Nonoxynol-9 50 MG/ML Vaginal Cream
102933Emepronium 100 MG Oral Tablet
102934diphenylpyraline 5 MG / Phenylpropanolamine 50 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Eskornade]
102937terodiline 12.5 MG Oral Tablet [Micturin]
102938terodiline 25 MG Oral Tablet [Micturin]
102939terodiline 12.5 MG Oral Tablet
102948Cyclophosphamide 10 MG Oral Tablet [Endoxana]
102949Ethoglucid 1130 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Epodyl]
102950Ethoglucid 1130 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102953Methotrexate 10 MG Oral Tablet [Emtexate]
102954Methotrexate 2.5 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Emtexate]
102956Methotrexate 100 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Emtexate]
102958Methotrexate 2.5 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Maxtrex]
102974Medroxyprogesterone 80 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Provera]
102978dromostanolone 100 MG/ML Injectable Solution
102979Cyproterone 50 MG Oral Tablet [Cyprostat]
102980Tamoxifen 10 MG Oral Tablet [Noltam]
102981Tamoxifen 20 MG Oral Tablet [Noltam]
102983Ferrous glycine sulfate 225 MG Oral Tablet [Kelferon]
102984Ferrous glycine sulfate 565 MG Oral Tablet
102986Ferrous glycine sulfate 225 MG Oral Tablet
102988ferrous sulfate 116 MG/ML Oral Solution
102991Polysaccharide iron complex 50 MG Oral Tablet [Niferex]
103010Hydroxocobalamin 0.25 MG/ML Injectable Solution
103011Vitamin B 12 1 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Hepacon B12]
103014Vitamin B 12 0.5 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Hepacon]
103016Vitamin B 12 0.5 MG/ML Injectable Solution
103021Potassium Chloride 8 MEQ Extended Release Oral Tablet [Leo-K]
103022Potassium Chloride 8 MEQ Extended Release Oral Tablet [Nu-K]
103035Dextran 110 60 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Dextraven-110]
103069calcium lactate 600 MG Oral Tablet
103070Calcium Gluconate 9.3 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Calcium-Sandoz]
103073Aluminum Hydroxide 475 MG Oral Capsule [Alu-Cap]
103074Calcium Carbonate 420 MG Oral Tablet [Titralac]
103079Sodium Fluoride 1 MG Oral Tablet [FluoriGard RMT]
103080Sodium Fluoride 0.25 MG Oral Tablet [En-De-Kay Fluo]
103081Sodium Fluoride 1 MG Oral Tablet [Zymafluor]
103086Thiamine 3 MG Oral Tablet [Benerva]
103087Thiamine 10 MG Oral Tablet [Benerva]
103100Alfacalcidol 0.005 MG/ML Oral Solution [One-Alpha]
103102Alfacalcidol 0.0002 MG/ML Oral Solution [One-Alpha]
103106Ergocalciferol 0.015 MG Oral Tablet [Chocovite]
103107Ergocalciferol 10 MG/ML Oral Solution [Sterogyl]
103108Dihydrotachysterol 0.2 MG Oral Tablet [Tachyrol]
103109Vitamin E 3 MG Oral Tablet [Ephynal]
103110Vitamin E 10 MG Oral Tablet [Ephynal]
103111Vitamin E 50 MG Oral Tablet [Ephynal]
103112Vitamin E 200 MG Oral Tablet [Ephynal]
103113Vitamin E 100 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Ephynal]
103114menadiol 10 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Synkavite]
103148Etodolac 200 MG Oral Tablet [Ramodar]
103150Indomethacin 25 MG Oral Capsule [Indoflex]
103151Indomethacin 25 MG Oral Capsule [Indolar]
103152Indomethacin 50 MG Oral Capsule [Indolar]
103153Indomethacin 100 MG Rectal Suppository [Indolar]
103154Indomethacin 25 MG Oral Capsule [Mobilan]
103155Indomethacin 50 MG Oral Capsule [Mobilan]
103156Indomethacin 75 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Slo-Indo]
103157Phenylbutazone 200 MG Oral Tablet [Butacote]
103158Phenylbutazone 100 MG Oral Tablet [Butazolidin]
103159Phenylbutazone 200 MG Oral Tablet [Butazolidin]
103161Tolmetin 400 MG Oral Capsule [Tolectin DS]
103166prednisolone 16 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Codelson]
103167Gold Sodium Thiomalate 2 MG/ML Injectable Solution
103168Colchicine 0.25 MG Oral Tablet
103169Pyridostigmine 1 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Mestinon]
103170Pyridostigmine 1 MG/ML Injectable Solution
103172Deoxyribonucleases 10 MG Delayed Release Oral Tablet [Deanase]
103174CHYMOTRYPSIN 50000 UNT Oral Tablet
103175CHYMOTRYPSIN 100000 UNT Oral Tablet
103176CHYMOTRYPSIN 10 MG Delayed Release Oral Tablet
103191Framycetin 5 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Soframycin]
103192Framycetin 0.005 MG/MG Ophthalmic Ointment [Soframycin]
103201propamidine isethionate 1 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Brolene]
103202Sulfacetamide Sodium 200 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Albucid]
103203Sulfacetamide Sodium 0.025 MG/MG Ophthalmic Ointment [Albucid]
103204Sulfacetamide Sodium 0.06 MG/MG Ophthalmic Ointment [Albucid]
103212Betamethasone 1 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Betnesol]
103213Betamethasone 1 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Vista-methasone]
103214Clobetasone 1 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Eumovate]
103217Dexamethasone Ophthalmic Ointment
103221Oxyphenbutazone 0.1 MG/MG Ophthalmic Ointment [Tanderil]
103223prednisolone 5 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Predsol]
103226Cromolyn 0.04 MG/MG Ophthalmic Ointment [Opticrom]
103227Cromolyn Sodium 20 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Opticrom Aqueous]
103232lachesine 10 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution
103236Epinephrine 5 MG/ML / Guanethidine 50 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Ganda]
103237Epinephrine 10 MG/ML / Guanethidine 50 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Ganda]
103238Epinephrine 5 MG/ML / Guanethidine 50 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution
103239Epinephrine 10 MG/ML / Guanethidine 50 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution
103240Metipranolol 6 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Minims Metipranolol]
103241Metipranolol 6 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Glauline]
103249Polyvinyl Alcohol 0.014 ML/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Sno-Tears]
103253Sodium Chloride 0.154 MEQ/ML Ophthalmic Irrigation Solution
103258Rose Bengal 10 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Minims Rose Bengal]
103260Betamethasone 1 MG/ML Otic Solution [Betnesol]
103261Betamethasone 1 MG/ML Otic Solution [Vista-methasone]
103263prednisolone 5 MG/ML Otic Solution [Predsol]
103264prednisolone 5 MG/ML Otic Solution
103265Clioquinol 10 MG/ML Otic Solution
103273Neomycin 5 MG/ML Otic Solution
103274Tetracycline 0.01 MG/MG Otic Ointment
103289Cromolyn Sodium 5.2 MG/ACTUAT Nasal Spray [Rynacrom]
103308Carbenoxolone 0.02 MG/MG Oral Gel [Bioral]
103309Carbenoxolone 10 MG/ML Mouthwash [Bioplex brand of carbenoxolone sodium]
103318polynoxylin 30 MG Oral Lozenge
103323chlorhexidine gluconate 0.01 MG/MG Oral Gel [Corsodyl]
103328Chlorhexidine Mouthwash
103331Hydrogen Peroxide Mouthwash
103358dimethicone 100 MG/ML Topical Cream
103388Tetracaine 10 MG/ML Topical Cream [Anethaine]
103394Dibucaine 0.011 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Nupercainal]
103396Hydrocortisone 1 MG/ML Topical Cream [Dioderm]
103397Hydrocortisone 1.25 MG/ML Topical Cream
103399Hydrocortisone 10 MG/ML Topical Cream [Hydrocortistab]
103401Hydrocortisone 0.025 MG/MG Topical Ointment
103403Hydrocortisone 10 MG/ML Topical Lotion
103413Beclomethasone Dipropionate 0.00025 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Beconase]
103414Beclomethasone Dipropionate 0.00025 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Propaderm A]
103415Beclomethasone Dipropionate 0.25 MG/ML Topical Cream [Propaderm C]
103416Beclomethasone Dipropionate 0.00025 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Propaderm C]
103419Betamethasone 1 MG/ML Topical Lotion [Betnovate]
103422Betamethasone 0.25 MG/ML Topical Cream [Betnovate RD]
103423Betamethasone 0.00025 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Betnovate RD]
103426Betamethasone 1 MG/ML Topical Cream [Betnovate]
103427Betamethasone 0.001 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Betnovate]
103430Clobetasol Propionate 0.5 MG/ML Topical Cream [Dermovate]
103431Clobetasol Propionate 0.0005 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Dermovate]
103437clobetasone butyrate 0.5 MG/ML Topical Cream [Eumovate]
103438clobetasone butyrate 0.0005 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Eumovate]
103439Desonide 0.5 MG/ML Topical Cream [Tridesilon]
103443Desoximetasone 0.0005 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Stiedex LP]
103444Diflucortolone 1 MG/ML Topical Cream [Nerisone]
103445Diflucortolone 0.001 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Nerisone]
103446Diflucortolone 0.003 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Nerisone]
103448Fluclorolone 0.25 MG/ML Topical Cream [Topilar]
103449Fluclorolone 0.00025 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Topilar]
103456Fluocinonide 0.5 MG/ML Topical Cream
103457Fluocinonide 0.0005 MG/MG Topical Ointment
103458Fluocinonide 0.5 MG/ML Topical Lotion [Metosyn]
103459Fluocortolone 2 MG/ML Topical Cream
103460Fluocortolone 0.002 MG/MG Topical Ointment
103461Fluocortolone Caproate 2.5 MG/ML / Fluocortolone Pivalate 2.5 MG/ML Topical Cream
103462Fluocortolone Caproate 0.0025 MG/MG / Fluocortolone Pivalate 0.0025 MG/MG Topical Ointment
103463Flurandrenolide 0.125 MG/ML Topical Cream [Haelan]
103464Flurandrenolide 0.000125 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Haelan]
103465Flurandrenolide 0.5 MG/ML Topical Cream [Haelan-X]
103466Flurandrenolide 0.0005 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Haelan-X]
103467Halcinonide 1 MG/ML Topical Cream
103472Budesonide 0.25 MG/ML Topical Cream [Preferid]
103473Budesonide 0.00025 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Preferid]
103474Coal Tar 100 MG/ML Topical Solution
103475Coal Tar 20 MG/ML Topical Cream [Carbo-Dome]
103476Coal Tar 10 MG/ML Topical Cream [Clinitar]
103480Coal Tar 0.05 MG/MG Topical Gel [Gelcosal]
103485Bufexamac 50 MG/ML Topical Cream [Jomax]
103490Anthralin 1 MG/ML Topical Cream [Dithrocream]
103491Anthralin 2.5 MG/ML Topical Cream [Dithrocream]
103492Anthralin 5 MG/ML Topical Cream [Dithrocream Forte]
103493Anthralin 10 MG/ML Topical Cream [Dithrocream HP]
103495Anthralin 20 MG/ML Topical Cream [Dithrocream]
103496Anthralin 10 MG/ML Topical Cream [Exolan]
103500Benzoyl Peroxide 0.025 MG/MG Topical Gel [Acetoxyl]
103501Benzoyl Peroxide 0.05 MG/MG Topical Gel [Acetoxyl]
103502Benzoyl Peroxide 0.05 MG/MG Topical Gel [Acnegel]
103503Benzoyl Peroxide 0.1 MG/MG Topical Gel [Acnegel Forte]
103511Benzoyl Peroxide 0.05 MG/MG Topical Gel [Theraderm]
103512Benzoyl Peroxide 0.1 MG/MG Topical Gel [Theraderm]
103518Erythromycin 20 MG/ML Topical Lotion
103519Erythromycin 20 MG/ML Topical Lotion [Stiemycin]
103524Salicylic Acid 0.5 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Verrugon]
103526Glutaral 100 MG/ML Topical Solution [Glutarol]
103527Glutaral 0.1 MG/MG Topical Gel [Verucasep]
103528podofilox 5 MG/ML Topical Solution [Wartec]
103529podofilox 5 MG/ML Topical Solution [Condyline]
103568Salicylic Acid 20 MG/ML Topical Lotion
103569lithium succinate 0.08 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Efalith]
103570Mupirocin 0.02 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Bactroban]
103572Nitrofurazone 0.002 MG/MG Topical Ointment
103574Fusidate 20 MG/ML Topical Cream [Fucidin]
103575Fusidate 0.02 MG/MG Topical Gel [Fucidin]
103577Fusidate 0.02 MG/MG Topical Ointment [Fucidin]
103584Clotrimazole 0.01 MG/MG Topical Powder [Canesten]
103585Econazole Nitrate 10 MG/ML Topical Lotion [Pevaryl]
103586Econazole 0.01 MG/MG Powder Spray [Pevaryl]
103598Amorolfine 2.5 MG/ML Topical Cream [Loceryl]
103603Carbaryl 5 MG/ML Topical Lotion [Carylderm]
103605Carbaryl 5 MG/ML Topical Lotion [Clinicide]
103606Carbaryl 5 MG/ML Topical Lotion [Suleo-C]
103611Lindane 10 MG/ML Topical Cream [lorexane]
103617Malathion 5 MG/ML Topical Lotion [Prioderm]
103620monosulfiram 250 MG/ML Topical Solution [Tetmosol]
103625phenothrin 2 MG/ML Topical Lotion [Full Marks]
103626Permethrin 10 MG/ML Medicated Shampoo [Lyclear]
103629polynoxylin 100 MG/ML Topical Cream [Anaflex]
103630dibrompropamidine 1.5 MG/ML Topical Cream [Brulidine]
103631Cetrimide 5 MG/ML Topical Cream [Cetavlex]
103633polynoxylin 0.1 MG/MG Topical Gel [Ponoxylan]
103638Chlorhexidine 0.005 MG/MG Topical Powder
103640chlorhexidine gluconate 40 MG/ML Topical Solution [Hibiscrub]
103641chlorhexidine gluconate 5 MG/ML Topical Solution [Hibisol]
103644chlorhexidine gluconate 10 MG/ML Topical Cream [Hibitane Obstetric]
103646chlorhexidine gluconate 40 MG/ML Topical Solution [pHiso-Med]
103664chloroxylenol 13 MG/ML Topical Lotion [Dettol]
103665Hydrogen Peroxide 270 MG/ML Topical Solution
103667Povidone-Iodine 0.025 MG/MG Powder Spray [Betadine]
103668Povidone-Iodine 40 MG/ML Medicated Liquid Soap [Betadine]
103670Povidone-Iodine 100 MG/ML Topical Solution [Videne]
103671Sodium Chloride 0.154 MEQ/ML Topical Solution [Normasol]
103672Sodium Chloride 0.154 MEQ/ML Topical Solution [Steripod Blue]
103676aluminum chloride 200 MG/ML Topical Solution [Anhydrol Forte]
103678aluminum chloride 190 MG/ML Topical Cream [Hyperdrol]
103681Benzoyl Peroxide 200 MG/ML Topical Lotion [Benoxyl]
103682Hydrogen Peroxide 15 MG/ML Topical Cream [Hioxyl]
103739Thiopental 250 MG/ML Injectable Solution
103746Alfentanil 0.1 MG/ML Injectable Solution
103747Levorphanol 2 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Dromoran]
103749Papaveretum 10 MG Oral Tablet [Omnopon]
103750Papaveretum 20 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Omnopon]
103751Papaveretum 10 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Omnopon]
103753Papaveretum 10 MG Oral Tablet
103754Papaveretum Injectable Solution
103773Ibuprofen 50 MG/ML Topical Cream [Proflex]
103781Carteolol 10 MG Oral Tablet
103782Carteolol 10 MG Oral Tablet [Cartrol]
103786Isotretinoin 0.0005 MG/MG Topical Gel [Isotrex]
103795Chlorhexidine Acetate 0.5 MG/ML Topical Solution [Steripod Pink]
103798Benzoyl Peroxide 0.05 MG/MG Topical Gel [Acnecide]
103799Benzoyl Peroxide 0.1 MG/MG Topical Gel [Acnecide]
103806Rauwolfia Alkaloids 2 MG Oral Tablet
103812Dibromopropamidine isethionate 1 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Golden Eye]
103813Dibromopropamidine isethionate 0.0015 MG/MG Ophthalmic Ointment [Golden Eye]
103816Cetrimide 1.5 MG/ML / chlorhexidine gluconate 0.15 MG/ML Topical Solution [Tisept]
103817Cetrimide 5 MG/ML / chlorhexidine gluconate 0.5 MG/ML Topical Solution [Tisept]
103823Minocycline 0.02 MG/MG Oral Gel
103831chlorhexidine gluconate 200 MG/ML Topical Solution [Hibitane]
103835Levamisole 50 MG Oral Tablet
103840Econazole Nitrate 0.01 MG/MG Topical Powder [Pevaryl]
103841Nonoxynol-9 0.06 MG/MG Vaginal Suppository
103842Naproxen 500 MG Oral Tablet [Timpron]
103844Povidone-Iodine 0.0114 MG/MG Powder Spray [Savlon Dry]
103859Acyclovir 80 MG/ML Oral Suspension
103860Apomorphine 10 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Britaject]
103862oxitropium 0.1 MG/ACTUAT Inhalant Solution [Oxivent]
103863Aspirin 150 MG Rectal Suppository
103864Timolol 2.5 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Glaucol]
103865Timolol 5 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Glaucol]
103867Metronidazole 0.25 MG/MG Oral Gel
103868Amoxicillin 250 MG Oral Capsule [Galenamox TP]
103869Amoxicillin 500 MG Oral Capsule [Galenamox TP]
103870Clarithromycin 50 MG/ML Injectable Suspension [Klaricid IV]
103872Minocycline 50 MG Oral Capsule [Aknemin]
103873Minocycline 100 MG Oral Capsule [Aknemin]
103877Celiprolol 400 MG Oral Tablet [Celectol]
103894tenoxicam 10 MG/ML Injectable Solution
103895tenoxicam 10 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Mobiflex]
103897Papaveretum 15.4 MG/ML Injectable Solution
103898Papaveretum 15.4 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Omnopon]
103899Rifabutin 150 MG Oral Capsule [Mycobutin]
103903Ketoprofen 150 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule
103907Naproxen 250 MG Oral Tablet [Timpron]
103909Granisetron 1 MG Oral Tablet [Kytril]
103910Carbamazepine 100 MG Oral Tablet [Epimaz]
103911Carbamazepine 200 MG Oral Tablet [Epimaz]
103912Carbamazepine 400 MG Oral Tablet [Epimaz]
103916Fosfomycin 2000 MG Oral Suspension [Monuril Paediatric]
103918fluvastatin 20 MG Oral Capsule [Lescol]
103919fluvastatin 40 MG Oral Capsule [Lescol]
103920Fenofibrate 200 MG Oral Capsule [Lipantil Micro]
103927Morphine Sulfate 6.67 MG/ML Oral Suspension [MST Continus]
103932Amiloride Hydrochloride 2.5 MG / Furosemide 20 MG Oral Tablet [Aridil]
103933Amiloride Hydrochloride 5 MG / Furosemide 40 MG Oral Tablet [Aridil]
103934Amiloride Hydrochloride 10 MG / Furosemide 80 MG Oral Tablet [Aridil]
103941Carbamazepine 125 MG Rectal Suppository
103942Carbamazepine 250 MG Rectal Suppository
103943Ciprofloxacin 3 MG/ML Ophthalmic Solution [Ciloxan]
10394412 HR Nifedipine 20 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet [Cardilate MR]
103945quinapril 40 MG Oral Tablet [Accupro]
103951Tolnaftate 10 MG/ML Topical Cream
103954Aspirin 75 MG Delayed Release Oral Tablet
103955Terfenadine 60 MG Oral Tablet [Terfinax]
103956Alprostadil 0.02 MG Injection [Caverject]
103959Loperamide Hydrochloride 2 MG Oral Capsule [LoperaGen]
103966Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 MG / Lisinopril 10 MG Oral Tablet [Carace Plus]
103967Aspirin 300 MG Delayed Release Oral Tablet [postMI]
103968lamotrigine 100 MG Disintegrating Oral Tablet
103970tramadol hydrochloride 50 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Zydol]
103971tramadol hydrochloride 50 MG Oral Capsule [Zydol]
103972Ibuprofen 50 MG/ML Topical Cream [Proflex Pain Relief]
103976Zolpidem tartrate 5 MG Oral Tablet [Stilnoct]
103977Urofollitropin 150 UNT/ML Injectable Solution [Orgafol]
103983Isosorbide Mononitrate 50 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet [MCR (Mono-Cedocard Retard)]
104015Magnesium Hydroxide 83 MG/ML Oral Suspension
104019Sodium Bicarbonate 300 MG Oral Tablet
104020Sodium Bicarbonate 600 MG Oral Tablet
104021Sodium Bicarbonate 500 MG Oral Capsule
104022hydrotalcite 500 MG Chewable Tablet
104023hydrotalcite 100 MG/ML Oral Suspension
104024Aluminum Hydroxide 600 MG / Magnesium Hydroxide 300 MG Oral Tablet
104038Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 10 MG Oral Tablet [Merbentyl]
104040Dicyclomine Hydrochloride 20 MG Oral Tablet [Merbentyl]
104044Mepenzolate 25 MG Oral Tablet [Cantil]
104045pipenzolate 5 MG Oral Tablet [Piptal]
104047dimethicone 8 MG/ML / pipenzolate 0.8 MG/ML Oral Suspension
104048pipenzolate 5 MG Oral Tablet
104049poldine 2 MG Oral Tablet [Nacton]
104050poldine 4 MG Oral Tablet [Nacton Forte]
104051poldine 4 MG Oral Tablet
104052Propantheline 15 MG Oral Tablet [Probanthine]
104054alverine 60 MG Oral Capsule [Spasmonal]
104055alverine 60 MG Oral Capsule
104057mebeverine 135 MG Oral Tablet [Fomac]
104062Cimetidine 200 MG Oral Tablet [Tagamet]
104063Cimetidine 400 MG Oral Tablet [Tagamet]
104064Cimetidine 800 MG Oral Tablet [Tagamet]
104066Cimetidine 200 MG Chewable Tablet [Dyspamet]
104067Cimetidine 40 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Dyspamet]
104068Cimetidine 200 MG Oral Tablet [Galenamet]
104070Cimetidine 400 MG Oral Tablet [Galenamet]
104071Cimetidine 800 MG Oral Tablet [Galenamet]
104074Cimetidine 200 MG Oral Tablet [Peptimax 200]
104075Cimetidine 200 MG Oral Tablet [Phimetin]
104076Cimetidine 400 MG Oral Tablet [Peptimax 400]
104077Cimetidine 400 MG Oral Tablet [Phimetin]
104078Cimetidine 800 MG Oral Tablet [Peptimax 800]
104079Cimetidine 800 MG Oral Tablet [Phimetin]
104080Cimetidine 200 MG Oral Tablet [Zita]
104081Cimetidine 400 MG Oral Tablet [Zita]
104082Cimetidine 800 MG Oral Tablet [Zita]
104083Cimetidine 200 MG Oral Tablet [Ultec]
104084Ranitidine 25 MG/ML Injectable Solution [Zantac]
104086Ranitidine 1.68 MG/ML Oral Solution [Zantac]
104088bismuth subcitrate 120 MG Oral Tablet [De-Nol]
104089Sucralfate 1000 MG Oral Tablet [Antepsin]
104090Sucralfate 200 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Antepsin]
104094Famotidine 20 MG Oral Tablet [Pepcid]
104095Famotidine 40 MG Oral Tablet [Pepcid]
104096Nizatidine 150 MG Oral Capsule [Axid]
104097Nizatidine 300 MG Oral Capsule [Axid]
104098Misoprostol 0.2 MG Oral Tablet [Cytotec]
104099Omeprazole 20 MG Delayed Release Oral Capsule [Losec]
104108Atropine / Diphenoxylate Oral Solution [Lomotil]
104112mesalamine 400 MG Delayed Release Oral Tablet [Asacol]
104113mesalamine 10 MG/ML Enema
104114mesalamine 250 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet [Pentasa]
104115mesalamine 250 MG Delayed Release Oral Tablet [Canasa]
104118Sulfasalazine 500 MG Rectal Suppository [Azulfidine]
104119Sulfasalazine 30 MG/ML Enema [Azulfidine]
104120Sulfasalazine 50 MG/ML Oral Suspension [Azulfidine]
104121Sulfasalazine 50 MG/ML Oral Suspension
104122Sulfasalazine 30 MG/ML Enema
104134Methylcellulose 500 MG Oral Tablet [Celevac]
104135Karaya Gum 620 MG/ML Oral Solution
104141picosulfate sodium 0.0667 MG/ML Oral Solution [Picolax]
104143picosulfate sodium 0.0667 MG/ML Oral Solution
104148Lactulose 670 MG/ML Oral Solution
104155Glycerin 2000 MG Rectal Suppository
104156Glycerin 4000 MG Rectal Suppository
104157Bisacodyl 5 MG Rectal Suppository [Dulcolax]
104158Oxyphenisatin 50 MG Enema [Veripaque]
104159Sodium Phosphate, Monobasic 1720 MG Rectal Suppository [Carbalax]
104160Oxyphenisatin 50 MG Enema
104161Sodium Phosphate, Monobasic 1720 MG Rectal Suppository
104163Magnesium Sulfate 500 MG/ML Enema
104171prednisolone 0.2 MG/ML Enema [Predenema]
104172prednisolone 0.2 MG/ML Enema [Predsol]
104173prednisolone 5 MG Rectal Suppository [Predsol]
104174prednisolone 20 MG Enema [Predfoam]
104184Chenodeoxycholate 250 MG Oral Tablet [Chendol]
104185Chenodeoxycholate 250 MG Oral Tablet [Chenofalk]
104186Ursodiol 150 MG Oral Tablet [Destolit]
104187Ursodiol 250 MG Oral Capsule [Ursofalk]
104196Glutamate 500 MG Oral Tablet [Muripsin]
104206Digoxin 0.0625 MG Oral Tablet [Lanoxin]
1042082 ML Digoxin 0.25 MG/ML Injection
104210lanatoside C 0.25 MG Oral Tablet
104211Bendroflumethiazide 2.5 MG Oral Tablet [Neo-Bendromax]
104212Bendroflumethiazide 5 MG Oral Tablet [Neo-Bendromax]
104213Mefruside 25 MG Oral Tablet
104214Xipamide 20 MG Oral Tablet
104216Furosemide 20 MG Oral Tablet [Rusyde]
104217Furosemide 40 MG Oral Tablet [Rusyde]
104218Furosemide 500 MG Oral Tablet [Lasix]
104220Furosemide 4 MG/ML Oral Solution
104221Furosemide 1 MG/ML Oral Solution [Lasix]
104222Bumetanide 5 MG Oral Tablet
104223Bumetanide 0.5 MG/ML Injectable Solution
104224piretanide 6 MG Oral Capsule [Arelix]
104225piretanide 6 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule
104226Canrenone 20 MG/ML Injectable Solution
104227Spironolactone 25 MG Oral Tablet [Spirolone]
104228Spironolactone 50 MG Oral Tablet [Spirolone]
104229Spironolactone 100 MG Oral Tablet [Spirospare]
104230Spironolactone 1 MG/ML Oral Suspension
104231Spironolactone 2 MG/ML Oral Suspension
104232Spironolactone 5 MG/ML Oral Suspension
104233Spironolactone 10 MG/ML Oral Suspension
104234Spironolactone 100 MG Oral Capsule
104243Amiloride Hydrochloride 2.5 MG / Hydrochlorothiazide 25 MG Oral Tablet [Moduret]
104245benzthiazide 25 MG / Triamterene 50 MG Oral Capsule
104246Chlorthalidone 25 MG / Triamterene 50 MG Oral Tablet
104248Chlorthalidone 50 MG / Triamterene 50 MG Oral Tablet
104263Bumetanide 0.5 MG / Potassium 7.7 MMOL Extended Release Oral Tablet
104264Bendroflumethiazide 2.5 MG / Potassium 7.7 MMOL Extended Release Oral Tablet
104265Furosemide 40 MG / Potassium 8 MMOL Extended Release Oral Tablet
104266Furosemide 20 MG / Potassium 10 MMOL Extended Release Oral Tablet
104267Bendroflumethiazide 2.5 MG / Potassium 8.4 MMOL Extended Release Oral Tablet
104270Verapamil hydrochloride 40 MG Oral Tablet [Geangin]
104271Verapamil hydrochloride 80 MG Oral Tablet [Geangin]
104272Verapamil hydrochloride 120 MG Oral Tablet [Geangin]
104273Verapamil hydrochloride 240 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet [Securon SR]
10427624 HR Verapamil hydrochloride 120 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Univer]
10427724 HR Verapamil hydrochloride 240 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Univer]
10427824 HR Verapamil hydrochloride 180 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Univer]
104284Disopyramide 250 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Isomide CR]
104285Disopyramide 250 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule
104293Propranolol Hydrochloride 10 MG Oral Tablet [Cardinol]
104294Propranolol Hydrochloride 40 MG Oral Tablet [Cardinol]
104295Propranolol Hydrochloride 80 MG Oral Tablet [Cardinol]
104296Propranolol Hydrochloride 160 MG Oral Tablet [Cardinol]
104300Propranolol Hydrochloride 80 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Sloprolol]
104301Acebutolol Hydrochloride 100 MG Oral Capsule [Sectral]
104303Acebutolol Hydrochloride 400 MG Oral Tablet [Sectral]
104304Atenolol 50 MG Oral Tablet [Totamol]
104305Atenolol 100 MG Oral Tablet [Totamol]
104306Atenolol 25 MG Oral Tablet [Totamol]
104308Atenolol 0.5 MG/ML Injectable Solution
104311Labetalol hydrochloride 400 MG Oral Tablet [Trandate]
104314Oxprenolol 20 MG Oral Tablet [Trasicor]
104315Oxprenolol 40 MG Oral Tablet [Trasicor]
104316Oxprenolol 80 MG Oral Tablet [Trasicor]
104317Oxprenolol 160 MG Oral Tablet [Trasicor]
104318Oxprenolol 160 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet [Trasicor Retard]
104324Bendroflumethiazide 5 MG / Nadolol 80 MG Oral Tablet [Corgaretic]
104332Chlorthalidone 12.5 MG / Metoprolol 100 MG Oral Tablet
104337Atenolol 50 MG / Chlorthalidone 12.5 MG Oral Tablet [Tenoret]
104338Hydrochlorothiazide 25 MG / Sotalol 160 MG Oral Tablet
104340Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 MG / Sotalol 80 MG Oral Tablet
104343Atenolol 50 MG / Chlorthalidone 12.5 MG Oral Tablet [Tenchlor]
104344Atenolol 100 MG / Chlorthalidone 25 MG Oral Tablet [Tenchlor]
104348Bisoprolol Fumarate 5 MG Oral Tablet [Emcor LS]
104349Bisoprolol Fumarate 10 MG Oral Tablet [Emcor]
104350Celiprolol 200 MG Oral Tablet [Celectol]
104357Methyldopa 250 MG Oral Capsule
104358Debrisoquin 10 MG Oral Tablet [Declinax]
104359Indoramin 25 MG Oral Tablet [Baratol]
104360Indoramin 50 MG Oral Tablet [Baratol]
104361Indoramin 20 MG Oral Tablet [Doralese]
104363Terazosin 5 MG Oral Tablet [Hytrin]
104364Terazosin 10 MG Oral Tablet [Hytrin]
104366Terazosin 2 MG Oral Tablet [Hytrin]
104367Doxazosin 1 MG Oral Tablet [Cardura]
104368Doxazosin 2 MG Oral Tablet [Cardura]
104369Doxazosin 4 MG Oral Tablet [Cardura]
104370Captopril 25 MG / Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 MG Oral Tablet
104375Lisinopril 2.5 MG Oral Tablet [Zestril]
104376Lisinopril 5 MG Oral Tablet [Zestril]
104377Lisinopril 10 MG Oral Tablet [Zestril]
104378Lisinopril 20 MG Oral Tablet [Zestril]
104382Perindopril Erbumine 4 MG Oral Tablet [Coversyl]
104384Ramipril 2.5 MG Oral Capsule [Altace]
104385Ramipril 5 MG Oral Capsule [Altace]
104388Cilazapril 0.25 MG Oral Tablet [Vascace]
104389Cilazapril 0.5 MG Oral Tablet [Vascace]
104398Isosorbide Mononitrate 50 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [MCR (Mono-Cedocard Retard)]
104399Isosorbide Mononitrate 20 MG Oral Tablet [Isotrate]
104400Isosorbide Mononitrate 40 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet [Monit SR]
104402Isosorbide Mononitrate 25 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule
104403pentaerythritol 30 MG Oral Tablet
10440624 HR Diltiazem Hydrochloride 300 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Adizem-XL]
10440712 HR Diltiazem Hydrochloride 90 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Dilzem SR]
10440812 HR Diltiazem Hydrochloride 120 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Dilzem SR]
10440912 HR Diltiazem Hydrochloride 60 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule [Dilzem SR]
104411Nifedipine 5 MG Oral Capsule [Angiopine]
104412Nifedipine 10 MG Oral Capsule [Adalate]
10441412 HR Nifedipine 20 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet [Angiopine MR]
10441924 HR Felodipine 5 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet [Plendil]
10442024 HR Felodipine 10 MG Extended Release Oral Tablet [Plendil]
104421flosequinan 100 MG Oral Tablet
104422flosequinan 50 MG Oral Tablet
104425Isosorbide Dinitrate 20 MG Oral Tablet [Jeridin]
104426Isosorbide Dinitrate 20 MG Extended Release Oral Capsule
104427Isosorbide Dinitrate 0.5 MG/ML Injectable Solution
104428Isosorbide Dinitrate 1.25 MG/ACTUAT Oral Spray
104429Isosorbide Dinitrate 1 MG/ML Injectable Solution
104430Nitroglycerin 0.3 MG Sublingual Tablet [GTN]
104433Cinnarizine 75 MG Oral Capsule
104435nicofuranose 250 MG Delayed Release Oral Tablet
104436Inositol 500 MG Oral Capsule
104437Moxisylyte 40 MG Oral Tablet [Opilon]
104438Moxisylyte 40 MG Oral Tablet
104440Oxerutins 250 MG Oral Capsule [Paroven]
104441Oxerutins 250 MG Oral Capsule
104443Nafronyl 20 MG/ML Injectable Solution
104451Xamoterol 200 MG Oral Tablet [Corwin]
104468Phenindione 25 MG Oral Tablet
104469Phenindione 50 MG Oral Tablet
104470Dipyridamole 25 MG Oral Tablet [Modaplate]
104471Dipyridamole 100 MG Oral Tablet [Modaplate]
104474Aspirin 75 MG Oral Tablet
104475Aspirin 75 MG Disintegrating Oral Tablet
104478Anistreplase 6 UNT/ML Injectable Solution [Eminase]
104480Ethamsylate 500 MG Oral Tablet
104481Tranexamic Acid 500 MG Oral Tablet
104489Fenofibrate 100 MG Oral Capsule [Lipanthyl]
104490Simvastatin 10 MG Oral Tablet [Zocor]