HL7 FHIR® US Core Implementation Guide CI Build

US Core, published by HL7 International - US Realm Steering Committee. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version 3.1.0). This version is based on the current content of https://github.com/HL7/US-Core-R4/ and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

USCoreNDCtoCVXCodeMapping (http://hl7.org/fhir/us/core/ConceptMap/ndc-cvx)

Mapping from http://hl7.org/fhir/us/core/ValueSet/us-core-ndc-vaccine-codes to http://hl7.org/fhir/us/core/ValueSet/us-core-vaccines-cvx

ACTIVE. Published on May 21, 2019, 12:00:00 AM by HL7 US Realm Steering Committee.

Unit of Use [NDC code] (https://www2a.cdc.gov/vaccines/iis/iisstandards/ndc_crosswalk.asp) mapping to the CVX Vaccine codes. Note: source = NDC and target = CVX

Source CodeRelationshipDestination Code
00005-0100-02maps to wider concept162
00005-0100-05maps to wider concept162
00005-0100-10maps to wider concept162
00005-1970-50maps to wider concept100
00005-1971-02maps to wider concept133
00005-1971-04maps to wider concept133
00005-1971-05maps to wider concept133
00006-4045-00maps to wider concept62
00006-4045-41maps to wider concept62
00006-4047-20maps to wider concept116
00006-4047-41maps to wider concept116
00006-4093-02maps to wider concept08
00006-4093-09maps to wider concept08
00006-4094-02maps to wider concept43
00006-4094-09maps to wider concept43
00006-4095-02maps to wider concept83
00006-4095-09maps to wider concept83
00006-4096-02maps to wider concept52
00006-4096-09maps to wider concept52
00006-4109-02maps to wider concept62
00006-4109-09maps to wider concept62
00006-4119-02maps to wider concept165
00006-4119-03maps to wider concept165
00006-4121-02maps to wider concept165
00006-4133-41maps to wider concept09
00006-4171-00maps to wider concept94
00006-4681-00maps to wider concept03
00006-4739-00maps to wider concept33
00006-4826-00maps to wider concept21
00006-4827-00maps to wider concept21
00006-4831-41maps to wider concept83
00006-4837-02maps to wider concept33
00006-4837-03maps to wider concept33
00006-4841-00maps to wider concept52
00006-4841-41maps to wider concept52
00006-4897-00maps to wider concept49
00006-4898-00maps to wider concept51
00006-4943-00maps to wider concept33
00006-4963-00maps to wider concept121
00006-4963-41maps to wider concept121
00006-4980-00maps to wider concept08
00006-4981-00maps to wider concept08
00006-4992-00maps to wider concept44
00006-4995-00maps to wider concept43
00006-4995-41maps to wider concept43
00006-4999-00maps to wider concept94
00052-0603-02maps to wider concept19
13533-0131-01maps to wider concept09
14362-0111-04maps to wider concept09
17478-0131-01maps to wider concept09
19515-0845-11maps to wider concept141
19515-0850-52maps to wider concept140
19515-0889-07maps to wider concept141
19515-0890-07maps to wider concept141
19515-0891-11maps to wider concept158
19515-0893-07maps to wider concept141
19515-0894-52maps to wider concept150
19515-0895-11maps to wider concept158
19515-0896-11maps to wider concept158
19515-0898-11maps to wider concept158
19515-0900-11maps to wider concept158
19515-0901-52maps to wider concept150
19515-0903-11maps to wider concept158
19515-0908-52maps to wider concept150
19515-0909-52maps to wider concept150
19515-0912-52maps to wider concept150
21695-0413-01maps to wider concept09
33332-0010-01maps to wider concept140
33332-0013-01maps to wider concept140
33332-0014-01maps to wider concept140
33332-0015-01maps to wider concept140
33332-0016-01maps to wider concept140
33332-0017-01maps to wider concept140
33332-0018-01maps to wider concept140
33332-0110-10maps to wider concept141
33332-0113-10maps to wider concept141
33332-0114-10maps to wider concept141
33332-0115-10maps to wider concept141
33332-0116-10maps to wider concept141
33332-0117-10maps to wider concept141
33332-0118-10maps to wider concept141
33332-0316-01maps to wider concept150
33332-0317-01maps to wider concept150
33332-0318-01maps to wider concept150
33332-0416-10maps to wider concept158
33332-0417-10maps to wider concept158
33332-0418-10maps to wider concept158
33332-0519-01maps to wider concept126
33332-0519-25maps to wider concept126
33332-0629-10maps to wider concept127
42515-0001-01maps to wider concept134
42515-0001-01maps to wider concept134
42515-0001-01maps to wider concept134
42515-0001-01maps to wider concept134
42515-0002-01maps to wider concept134
42874-0012-10maps to wider concept155
42874-0013-10maps to wider concept155
42874-0014-10maps to wider concept155
42874-0015-10maps to wider concept155
42874-0016-10maps to wider concept155
42874-0017-10maps to wider concept155
42874-0117-10maps to wider concept185
43528-0002-05maps to wider concept189
43528-0003-05maps to wider concept189
46028-0114-01maps to wider concept163
46028-0114-02maps to wider concept163
46028-0208-01maps to wider concept136
46028-0208-01maps to wider concept136
49281-0010-10maps to wider concept140
49281-0010-25maps to wider concept140
49281-0010-50maps to wider concept140
49281-0011-10maps to wider concept140
49281-0011-50maps to wider concept140
49281-0012-10maps to wider concept140
49281-0012-50maps to wider concept140
49281-0013-10maps to wider concept140
49281-0013-50maps to wider concept140
49281-0014-50maps to wider concept140
49281-0111-25maps to wider concept140
49281-0112-25maps to wider concept140
49281-0113-25maps to wider concept140
49281-0215-10maps to wider concept113
49281-0215-15maps to wider concept113
49281-0225-10maps to wider concept28
49281-0250-51maps to wider concept175
49281-0278-10maps to wider concept28
49281-0286-01maps to wider concept106
49281-0286-05maps to wider concept106
49281-0286-10maps to wider concept106
49281-0291-10maps to wider concept113
49281-0291-83maps to wider concept113
49281-0298-10maps to wider concept20
49281-0386-15maps to wider concept141
49281-0387-65maps to wider concept135
49281-0388-15maps to wider concept141
49281-0389-65maps to wider concept135
49281-0390-15maps to wider concept141
49281-0391-65maps to wider concept135
49281-0392-15maps to wider concept141
49281-0393-65maps to wider concept135
49281-0394-15maps to wider concept141
49281-0395-65maps to wider concept135
49281-0396-15maps to wider concept141
49281-0397-65maps to wider concept135
49281-0399-65maps to wider concept135
49281-0400-05maps to wider concept115
49281-0400-10maps to wider concept115
49281-0400-15maps to wider concept115
49281-0400-20maps to wider concept115
49281-0401-65maps to wider concept135
49281-0403-65maps to wider concept135
49281-0413-10maps to wider concept150
49281-0413-50maps to wider concept150
49281-0414-10maps to wider concept150
49281-0414-50maps to wider concept150
49281-0415-10maps to wider concept150
49281-0416-10maps to wider concept150
49281-0416-50maps to wider concept150
49281-0417-10maps to wider concept150
49281-0417-50maps to wider concept150
49281-0418-10maps to wider concept150
49281-0418-50maps to wider concept150
49281-0489-01maps to wider concept32
49281-0489-91maps to wider concept32
49281-0510-05maps to wider concept120
49281-0510-05maps to wider concept120
49281-0513-25maps to wider concept161
49281-0514-25maps to wider concept161
49281-0516-25maps to wider concept161
49281-0517-25maps to wider concept161
49281-0518-25maps to wider concept161
49281-0545-03maps to wider concept48
49281-0545-05maps to wider concept48
49281-0562-10maps to wider concept130
49281-0589-05maps to wider concept114
49281-0621-15maps to wider concept158
49281-0625-15maps to wider concept158
49281-0627-15maps to wider concept158
49281-0629-15maps to wider concept158
49281-0640-15maps to wider concept127
49281-0650-10maps to wider concept126
49281-0650-25maps to wider concept126
49281-0650-50maps to wider concept126
49281-0650-70maps to wider concept126
49281-0650-90maps to wider concept126
49281-0703-55maps to wider concept144
49281-0705-55maps to wider concept144
49281-0707-55maps to wider concept144
49281-0708-40maps to wider concept166
49281-0709-55maps to wider concept144
49281-0710-40maps to wider concept166
49281-0712-40maps to wider concept166
49281-0718-10maps to wider concept185
49281-0790-20maps to wider concept101
49281-0790-51maps to wider concept101
49281-0800-83maps to wider concept35
49281-0820-10maps to wider concept35
49281-0860-10maps to wider concept10
49281-0860-10maps to wider concept10
49281-0860-55maps to wider concept10
49281-0913-01maps to wider concept183
49281-0915-01maps to wider concept37
49281-0915-05maps to wider concept37
50090-1693-09maps to wider concept10
50090-2883-00maps to wider concept20
50090-3096-00maps to wider concept176
50090-3469-00maps to wider concept189
51285-0138-50maps to wider concept143
51285-0138-50maps to wider concept143
54868-0734-00maps to wider concept43
54868-0980-00maps to wider concept03
54868-2219-00maps to wider concept43
54868-2219-01maps to wider concept43
54868-3339-01maps to wider concept33
54868-4320-00maps to wider concept33
54868-6177-00maps to wider concept141
54868-6180-00maps to wider concept140
55045-3841-01maps to wider concept52
58160-0801-11maps to wider concept148
58160-0806-05maps to wider concept48
58160-0808-15maps to wider concept160
58160-0808-15maps to wider concept160
58160-0809-05maps to wider concept148
58160-0810-11maps to wider concept20
58160-0810-52maps to wider concept20
58160-0811-51maps to wider concept110
58160-0811-52maps to wider concept110
58160-0812-11maps to wider concept130
58160-0812-52maps to wider concept130
58160-0815-11maps to wider concept104
58160-0815-34maps to wider concept104
58160-0815-46maps to wider concept104
58160-0815-48maps to wider concept104
58160-0815-52maps to wider concept104
58160-0816-05maps to wider concept48
58160-0818-11maps to wider concept48
58160-0819-12maps to wider concept187
58160-0820-11maps to wider concept08
58160-0820-52maps to wider concept08
58160-0821-11maps to wider concept43
58160-0821-34maps to wider concept43
58160-0821-52maps to wider concept43
58160-0823-11maps to wider concept187
58160-0825-11maps to wider concept83
58160-0825-52maps to wider concept83
58160-0826-11maps to wider concept52
58160-0826-34maps to wider concept52
58160-0826-52maps to wider concept52
58160-0830-34maps to wider concept118
58160-0830-52maps to wider concept118
58160-0842-11maps to wider concept115
58160-0842-34maps to wider concept115
58160-0842-51maps to wider concept115
58160-0842-52maps to wider concept115
58160-0854-52maps to wider concept119
58160-0879-52maps to wider concept140
58160-0880-52maps to wider concept140
58160-0881-52maps to wider concept140
58160-0883-52maps to wider concept140
58160-0898-52maps to wider concept150
58160-0900-52maps to wider concept150
58160-0901-52maps to wider concept150
58160-0903-52maps to wider concept150
58160-0905-52maps to wider concept150
58160-0907-52maps to wider concept150
58160-0955-09maps to wider concept136
58160-0955-09maps to wider concept136
58160-0964-12maps to wider concept176
58160-0964-12maps to wider concept176
58160-0976-06maps to wider concept163
58160-0976-20maps to wider concept163
62195-0051-10maps to wider concept134
62577-0613-01maps to wider concept153
62577-0614-01maps to wider concept153
63851-0501-01maps to wider concept176
63851-0501-02maps to wider concept176
63851-0612-01maps to wider concept153
63851-0613-01maps to wider concept153
64678-0211-01maps to wider concept24
66019-0107-01maps to wider concept111
66019-0108-10maps to wider concept111
66019-0109-10maps to wider concept111
66019-0110-10maps to wider concept111
66019-0200-10maps to wider concept125
66019-0300-10maps to wider concept149
66019-0301-10maps to wider concept149
66019-0302-10maps to wider concept149
66019-0303-10maps to wider concept149
66019-0304-10maps to wider concept149
66019-0305-10maps to wider concept149
66521-0000-01maps to wider concept168
66521-0112-02maps to wider concept140
66521-0112-10maps to wider concept141
66521-0113-02maps to wider concept140
66521-0113-10maps to wider concept141
66521-0114-02maps to wider concept140
66521-0114-10maps to wider concept141
66521-0115-02maps to wider concept140
66521-0115-10maps to wider concept141
66521-0116-02maps to wider concept140
66521-0116-10maps to wider concept141
66521-0117-02maps to wider concept140
66521-0117-10maps to wider concept141
66521-0118-02maps to wider concept140
66521-0118-10maps to wider concept141
66521-0200-02maps to wider concept127
66521-0200-10maps to wider concept126
69401-0000-01maps to wider concept25
69401-0000-02maps to wider concept25
70460-0001-01maps to wider concept174
70461-0001-01maps to wider concept168
70461-0002-01maps to wider concept168
70461-0018-03maps to wider concept168
70461-0119-02maps to wider concept140
70461-0119-10maps to wider concept141
70461-0120-02maps to wider concept140
70461-0120-10maps to wider concept141
70461-0200-01maps to wider concept171
70461-0201-01maps to wider concept171
70461-0301-10maps to wider concept186
70461-0318-03maps to wider concept171
70461-0418-10maps to wider concept186
76420-0482-01maps to wider concept150
76420-0483-01maps to wider concept150
63361-0245-10maps to wider concept146