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Personal Health Device Implementation Guide, published by HL7 International - Health Care Devices Work Group. This is not an authorized publication; it is the continuous build for version current). This version is based on the current content of and changes regularly. See the Directory of published versions

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Status:Draft as of 2018-09-18

Maps IEEE 11073 ASN1 BITS measurements to codes. All these codes have two possible values, set or cleared. The code may either represent an event or a state. When an event, the defined event has occurred when set. If a state, the described item is either set or cleared. Sometimes the states may be defined in unexpected manners. For example, the regulation state when set is unregulated and when cleared it is regulated. In addition the code may derive from an IEEE 11073 attribute or from a measurement. More codes maybe added to this list in the future.

Publisher:HL7 International - Health Care Devices Work Group
Content:Complete: All the concepts defined by the code system are included in the code system resource
Source Resource:XML / JSON / Turtle

This Code system is referenced in the content logical definition of the following value sets:


typeIndicates that the code type is an event or statecode
sourceIndicates that the code originates from a measurement or an attribute that further describes a measurement or the sensor device.code

This code system defines the following codes:

167925.0 onMainsIndicates whether the PHD is on or off mains power
167925.1 onBatteryIndicates whether the PHD is on or off Battery power
167925.8 chargingFullIndicates whether the PHD battery is charging at maximum rate
167925.9 chargingTrickleIndicates whether the PHD battery is charging at a trickle rate
167925.10 chargingOffIndicates whether the PHD battery charging is on or off
1532354.0 regulation-statusIndicates device is regulated when cleared
168219.0 mds-time-capab-real-time-clockIndicates real time clock is supported
168219.1 mds-time-capab-set-clockIndicates support for the PHG to set the time
168219.2 mds-time-capab-relative-timeIndicates Relative Time is supported
168219.3 mds-time-capab-high-res-relative-timeIndicates Hi-Res Relative Time is supported
168219.4 mds-time-capab-sync-abs-timeIndicates that syncing the absolute time is supported
168219.5 mds-time-capab-sync-rel-timeIndicates that syncing the relative time is supported
168219.6 mds-time-capab-sync-hi-res-relative-timeIndicates that syncing hi-res relative time is supported
168219.7 mds-time-capab-bo-timeIndicates that the real-time clock supports base offset time
168219.8 mds-time-state-abs-time-syncedIndicates the absolute time has been synced
168219.9 mds-time-state-rel-time-syncedIndicates the relative time has been synced
168219.10 mds-time-state-hi-res-relative-time-syncedIndicates the hi-res time has been synced
168219.11 mds-time-mgr-set-timePHG Requested to set the time
168219.12 mds-time-capab-sync-bo-timeIndicates that syncing base-offset time is supported
168219.13 mds-time-state-bo-time-syncedIndicates that base-offset time has been synced
168219.14 mds-time-state-bo-time-UTC-alignedIndicates that base-offset time is aligned with UTC time standard
168219.15 mds-time-dst-rules-enabledIndicates support for daylight savings time rules
167846.0 lim-alert-offIndicates both the high and the low limit alerts are disabled
167846.1 lim-low-offIndicates the low limit alert is disabled
167846.2 lim-high-offIndicates the high limit alert is disabled
1150604.0 sensor-disconnectedIndicates the device is not connected with the sensor
1150604.1 sensor-malfunctionIndicates the sensor has malfunctioned
1150604.2 sensor-displacedIndicates the sensor is not correctly placed on the user
1150604.3 sensor-unsupportedIndicates the sensor connected to the device is unsupported
1150604.4 sensor-offIndicates the sensor is not connected to the user
1150604.5 sensor-interferenceIndicates the sensor is experiencing interference
1150604.6 signal-searchingIndicates the sensor is searching for a signal
1150604.7 signal-pulse-questionableIndicates a questionable pulse has been detected
1150604.8 signal-non-pulsatileIndicates a non pulsatile signal has been detected
1150604.9 signal-erraticIndicates a signal has been discovered, but it is erratic
1150604.10 signal-low-perfusionIndicates the signal is experiencing low perfusion
1150604.11 signal-poorIndicates the signal has been discovered, but it is poor
1150604.12 signal-inadequateIndicates the signal has been discovered, but it is inadequate
1150604.13 signal-processing-irregularityIndicates the signal has been discovered, but is experiencing processing irregularity
1150604.14 device-equipment-malfunctionIndicates a device malfunction has occurred
1150604.15 device-extended-updateIndicates an extended display update is in progress on device
1150605.0 pulse-qual-nominalIndicates no abnormalities have been detected by the sensor
1150605.1 pulse-qual-marginalIndicates the pulse profusion or quality is marginal
1150605.2 pulse-qual-minimalIndicates the pulse profusion or quality is minimal
1150605.3 pulse-qual-unacceptableIndicates the pulse profusion or quality is unacceptable
18410584.0 leadwire-lossLoss of unspecified lead wire or electrode connection
18410584.1 leadsignal-lossLoss of unspecified lead signal
18410584.2 leadwire-loss-first-leadLoss of 1st lead wire or electrode connection
18410584.3 leadsignal-loss-first-leadLoss of 1st lead signal
18410584.4 leadwire-loss-second-leadLoss of 2nd lead wire or electrode connection
18410584.5 leadsignal-loss-second-leadLoss of 2nd lead signal
18410584.6 leadwire-loss-third-leadLoss of 3rd lead wire or electrode connection
18410584.7 leadsignal-loss-third-leadLoss of 3rd lead signal
18417752.0 device-battery-lowThe device battery is low
18417752.1 sensor-malfunctionThe sensor has malfunctioned
18417752.2 sensor-sample-size-insufficientThe sensor's sample size is insufficient
18417752.3 sensor-strip-insertionThe test strip was inserted incorrectly
18417752.4 sensor-strip-type-incorrectThe test strip type is incompatable with the sensor
18417752.5 sensor-result-too-highThe value reported by the sensor is too high
18417752.6 sensor-result-too-lowThe value reported by the sensor is too low
18417752.7 sensor-temp-too-highThe temperature is too high
18417752.8 sensor-temp-too-lowThe temperature is too low
18417752.9 sensor-read-interruptThe read process was interrupted
18417752.10 device-gen-faultGeneral Device Fault
18417752.11 sensor-temp-out-of-rangeThe temperature is out of range
18417909.0 inr-device-battery-lowThe INR device battery is low
18417909.1 inr-sensor-malfunctionThe INR device sensor has malfunctioned
18417909.2 inr-sensor-sample-size-insufficientThe sample size was insufficient
18417909.3 inr-sensor-strip-insertionThe test script was inserted incorrectly
18417909.4 inr-sensor-strip-type-incorrectThe test strip used is not compatible with the INR
18417909.5 inr-sensor-result-too-highThe test result is too high
18417909.6 inr-sensor-result-too-lowThe test result is too low
18417909.7 inr-sensor-temp-too-highThe temperature is too high
18417909.8 inr-sensor-temp-too-lowThe temperature is too low
18417909.9 inr-sensor-read-interruptThe read process was interrupted
18417909.10 inr-device-gen-faultGeneral device fault
18417909.11 inr-sensor-calibration-dueThe INR sensor calibration is due
18408608.0 device-status-undeterminedUndetermined device status event
18408608.1 device-status-resetDevice reset
18408608.5 device-status-errorDevice error
18408608.6 device-status-error-mechanicalMechanical error
18408608.7 device-status-error-electronicElectronic error
18408608.8 device-status-error-softwareSoftware error
18408608.9 device-status-error-batteryBattery error
18408608.15 device-status-serviceUndetermined device status event, service needed
18408608.16 device-status-service-time-sync-requiredTime sync service required
18408608.17 device-status-service-calibration-requiredCalibration required
18408608.18 device-status-service-replenishment-requiredReplenishment required
18408608.25 device-status-battery-lowBattery power is too low
18408608.26 device-status-battery-depletedBattery is depleted
18408608.27 device-status-battery-replacedBattery has been replaced
18408608.28 device-status-battery-interruptedBattery was interrupted
18418060.0 sensor-session-stoppedSession stopped
18418060.2 sensor-type-incorrectSensor type incorrect for device
18418060.3 sensor-malfunctionThe sensor malfunctioned
18418060.4 device-specific-alertDevice specific alert
18418060.7 sensor-calibration-not-allowedCalibrating the sensor is not allowed
18418060.8 sensor-calibration-recommendedCalibrating the sensor is recommended
18418060.9 sensor-calibration-requiredCalibrating the sensor is required
18418060.10 sensor-temp-too-highTemperature is too high for a valid result
18418060.11 sensor-temp-too-lowTemperature is too low for a valid result
18418060.12 sensor-result-below-patient-lowSensor result below the Patient Low level
18418060.13 sensor-result-above-patient-highSensor result above the Patient High level
18418060.14 sensor-low-hypoSensor result below level
18418060.15 sensor-high-hyperSensor result above level
18418060.16 sensor-rate-decrease-exceededThe sensor rate of decrease has been exceeded
18418060.17 sensor-rate-increase-exceededThe sensor rate of increase has been exceeded
18418060.18 sensor-result-too-lowSensor result is lower than the device can process
18418060.19 sensor-result-too-highSensor result is higher than the device can process
18418060.20 sensor-com-out-of-rangeThe sensor communication is out of range
18418512.0 Battery-status-Undeterminedthe status of the battery is unknown
18418512.1 Battery-absentIndicates if the battery is absent
18418512.2 Battery-activeIndicates if the battery is active in the system
18418512.3 Battery-chargingIndicates if the battery is charging
18418512.4 Battery-fullyChargedIndicates if the battery is fully charged
18418512.5 Battery-disposableIndicates if the battery is disposable
18418512.6 Battery-rechargeableIndicates if battery is rechargable
18418512.8 Battery-faultyIndicates if battery is faulty
2  8418512.7 Battery-overTemperatureIndicates if the battery is too hot
18418512.9 Battery-incompatibleIndicates if battery is incompatible
18410608.0 body-movementIndicates too much body movement
18410608.1 cuff-too-looseIndicates the cuff was too loose
18410608.2 irregular-pulseIndicates an irregular pulse was detected
18410608.3 pulse-over-range-limitIndicates the pulse was too high for sensor to work
18410608.4 pulse-under-range-limitIndicates the pulse was too low for sensor to work
18410608.5 improper-body-positionIndicates the cuff was incorrectly placed with respect to the heart