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Patient Administration Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: InformativeCompartments: Encounter, Patient, Practitioner, RelatedPerson

This is the narrative for the resource. See also the XML, JSON or Turtle format. This example conforms to the profile Encounter.

Generated Narrative with Details

id: f201

identifier: Encounter_Roel_20130404 (TEMP)

status: completed

class: ambulatory (Details: code AMB = 'ambulatory', stated as 'ambulatory')

type: Consultation (Details : {SNOMED CT code '11429006' = 'Consultation', given as 'Consultation'})

priority: Normal (Details : {SNOMED CT code '17621005' = 'Normal', given as 'Normal'})

subject: Roel



reasonCode: The patient had fever peaks over the last couple of days. He is worried about these peaks. (Details )

serviceProvider: Organization/f201


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