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Patient Administration Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: InformativeCompartments: Encounter, Patient, Practitioner, RelatedPerson

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Real-world encounter example (id = "f001")

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<Encounter xmlns="">
  <id value="f001"/> 
    <text> <status value="generated"/> <div xmlns=""><p> <b> Generated Narrative</b> </p> <p> <b> identifier</b> : id: v1451 (OFFICIAL)</p> <p> <b> status</b> : completed</p> <p> <b> class</b> : <span> ambulatory</span> </p> <p> <b> type</b> : <span> Patient-initiated encounter</span> </p> <p> <b> priority</b> : <span> Non-urgent cardiological admission</span> </p> <p> <b> subject</b> : <a> P. van de Heuvel. Generated Summary: id: 738472983 (USUAL), id: ?ngen-9? (USUAL); active;
           Pieter van de Heuvel ; Phone: 0648352638,; gender: male; birthDate:
           1944-11-17; <span> Getrouwd</span> ; multipleBirth</a> </p> <h3> Participants</h3> <table> <tr> <td> -</td> <td> <b> Individual</b> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> *</td> <td> <a> P. Voigt. Generated Summary: id: 730291637 (OFFICIAL), id: 174BIP3JH438 (USUAL); Pieter
               Voigt (OFFICIAL); Phone: 0205569336,, Fax: 0205669382; gender: male; birthDate:
               1979-04-29</a> </td> </tr> </table> <h3> Lengths</h3> <table> <tr> <td> -</td> </tr> <tr> <td> *</td> </tr> </table> <h3> Reasons</h3> <table> <tr> <td> -</td> </tr> <tr> <td> *</td> </tr> </table> <h3> Hospitalizations</h3> <table> <tr> <td> -</td> <td> <b> PreAdmissionIdentifier</b> </td> <td> <b> AdmitSource</b> </td> <td> <b> DischargeDisposition</b> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> *</td> <td> id: 93042 (OFFICIAL)</td> <td> <span> Referral by physician</span> </td> <td> <span> Discharge to home</span> </td> </tr> </table> <p> <b> serviceProvider</b> : <a> Burgers University Medical Center. Generated Summary: id: 91654 (OFFICIAL), id: 17-0112278
           (USUAL); <span> University Medical Hospital</span> ; name: Burgers University Medical Center; Phone: 022-655 2300</a> </p> </div> </text> <identifier> 
        <use value="official"/> 
        <system value=""/> 
        <value value="v1451"/> 
    <status value="completed"/> 
        <system value=""/> 
        <code value="AMB"/>  <!--    outpatient    -->
        <display value="ambulatory"/> 
            <system value=""/> 
            <code value="270427003"/> 
            <display value="Patient-initiated encounter"/> 
            <system value=""/> 
            <code value="310361003"/> 
            <display value="Non-urgent cardiological admission"/> 
        <reference value="Patient/f001"/> 
        <display value="P. van de Heuvel"/> 
            <reference value="Practitioner/f002"/> 
            <display value="P. Voigt"/> 
        <value value="140"/> 
        <unit value="min"/>     
        <system value=""/> 
        <code value="min"/> 
            <system value=""/> 
            <code value="34068001"/> 
            <display value="Heart valve replacement"/> 
            <use value="official"/> 
            <system value=""/> 
            <value value="93042"/> 
  <!--         <preAdmissionTest>
                <system value=""/>
                <code value="164847006"/>
                <display value="Standard ECG"/>
                <system value=""/>
                <code value="396550006"/>
                <display value="Blood test"/>
        </preAdmissionTest>    -->
                <system value=""/> 
                <code value="305956004"/> 
                <display value="Referral by physician"/> 
                <system value=""/> 
                <code value="306689006"/> 
                <display value="Discharge to home"/> 
        <reference value="Organization/f001"/> 
        <display value="Burgers University Medical Center"/> 

Usage note: every effort has been made to ensure that the examples are correct and useful, but they are not a normative part of the specification.