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Defines common extensions used with or related to the DiagnosticReport resource
diagnosticReport-locationPerformedlocationPerformed :

Facility location where this report was prepared.

diagnosticReport-summaryOfsummaryOf :

A summary report that points to subordinate target reports.

diagnosticReport-replacesreplaces :

The report replaces the target resource. For example, when a final anatomic pathology report replaces a preliminary anatomic pathology report replaces where the subsequent observation of case and report may be on more or different material (specimen). Note that this is not same concept asDiagnosticReport.status = preliminary of final, but industry definition of preliminary and final.

diagnosticReport-extendsextends :

The report references related ("sibling") reports.

diagnosticReport-addendumOfaddendumOf :

The supplements or provides additional information for the target report.