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Defines common extensions used by the Decision Support-Specific Clinical Quality Improvement Framework.
cqif-guidanceinitiatingOrganizationinitiatingOrganization :

The organization initiating the request.

cqif-guidanceinitiatingPersoninitiatingPerson :

The person initiating the request.

cqif-guidancesystemUserTypesystemUserType :

The type of user initiating the request, e.g. patient, healthcare provider, or specific type of healthcare provider (physician, nurse, etc.).

cqif-guidancesystemUserLanguagesystemUserLanguage :

Preferred language of the person using the system.

cqif-guidancesystemUserTaskContextsystemUserTaskContext :

The task the system user is performing, e.g. laboratory results review, medication list review, etc. This information can be used to tailor decision support outputs, such as recommended information resources.

cqif-guidancereceivingOrganizationreceivingOrganization :

The organization that will receive the response.

cqif-guidancereceivingPersonreceivingPerson :

The person in the receiving organization that will receive the response.

cqif-guidancerecipientTyperecipientType :

The type of individual that will consume the response content. This may be different from the requesting user type (e.g. if a clinician is getting disease management guidance for provision to a patient). E.g. patient, healthcare provider or specific type of healthcare provider (physician, nurse, etc.).

cqif-guidancerecipientLanguagerecipientLanguage :

Preferred language of the person that will consume the content.

cqif-guidanceencounterClassencounterClass :

The class of encounter (inpatient, outpatient, etc).

cqif-guidanceencounterTypeencounterType :

The type of the encounter.