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Community Based Collaborative Care Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: InformativeCompartments: Patient

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General Consent Example (id = "consent-example-basic")

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<Consent xmlns="">
  <id value="consent-example-basic"/> 
    <status value="generated"/> 
    <div xmlns="">
        Authorize Normal access for Treatment
      Patient &quot;Peter James Chalmers (&quot;Jim&quot;)&quot; wishes to have all of
         the PHI collected at the Burgers University Medical Center available for normal treatment
  <status value="active"/> 
      <system value=""/> 
      <code value="patient-privacy"/> 
      <system value=""/> 
      <code value="59284-0"/> 
    <reference value="Patient/Example"/> 
    <display value="Peter James Chalmers"/> 
  <dateTime value="2018-12-28"/> 
    <reference value="Organization/f001"/> 
  <!--   the terms of the consent as signed by the patient in ink   -->
    <title value="The terms of the consent in lawyer speak."/> 
    <!--   likely use url pointer to common text   -->
  <!--   this is plain out opt-in with no exceptions   -->
      <system value=""/> 
      <code value="INFA"/> 
    <type value="deny"/> 
      <type value="permit"/> 
      <!--   bound by a timeframe between 1964 and 2019 - consent.applies   -->
        <start value="1964-01-01"/> 
        <end value="2019-01-01"/> 

Usage note: every effort has been made to ensure that the examples are correct and useful, but they are not a normative part of the specification.