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Defines common extensions used with or related to the Condition resource
condition-dueTodueTo :

Further conditions, problems, diagnoses, procedures or events or the substance that caused/triggered this Condition.

condition-occurredFollowingoccurredFollowing :

Further conditions, problems, diagnoses, procedures or events or the substance that preceded this Condition.

condition-outcomeoutcome :

A result of the condition. The "Cause of death" for a patient is typically captured as an Observation. The "outcome" doesn't imply causality. Some outcomes might not be assessable until the condition.clinicalStatus is no longer active.

condition-basedOnbasedOn :

The order, plan or recommendation being satisfied in whole or in part by this condition record.

condition-partOfpartOf :

The procedure, condition, or observation this condition was documented as a part of (e.g. hypertension can be part of metabolic syndrome).

condition-ruledOutruledOut :

Identifies what potential diagnoses have been ruled out for this condition.

condition-instantiatesinstantiates :

A protocol, guideline or other definition that was adhered to in whole or in part by this event.

condition-relatedrelated :

This condition has an unspecified relationship with another condition.

Search parameters defined by this package. See Searching for more information about searching in REST, messaging, and services.

based-onreferenceMatches on the basedon extension valuef:Condition/f:extension[@url=''] | f:Condition/f:extension[@url='']XML / JSON
instantiatesuriMatches on the instantiates extension valuef:Condition/f:extension[@url=''] | f:Condition/f:extension[@url='']XML / JSON
part-ofreferenceMatches on the partOf extension valuef:Condition/f:extension[@url=''] | f:Condition/f:extension[@url='']XML / JSON