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Mapping from hl7VS-specimenType to http://snomed.info/sct?fhir_vs

DRAFT. Published on 2013-07-25 by HL7 International / Terminology Infrastructure (http://www.hl7.org/Special/com..., http://www.hl7.org/Special/com...).

Specimen mapping from v2 table 0487 to SNOMED CT

Group 1Mapping from specimenType to SNOMED CT International Edition

Source Concept DetailsRelationshipTarget Concept DetailsCommentProperties
Codes from specimenTypeCodes from http://snomed.info/scttype-modspec-srccoll-method
ACNETissue, Acneis equivalent to309068002Skin lesion sample
ACNFLDFluid, Acneis equivalent to119323008Pus specimen47002008HL7 term is a historical term. mapped to Pus
AIRSAir Sampleis equivalent to446302006Air sample
ALLAllograftis equivalent to119376003Tissue specimen7970006
AMPAmputationis equivalent to408654003Specimen obtained by amputation81723002
ANGICatheter Tip, Angiois equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
ARTCCatheter Tip, Arterialis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
ASERUSerum, Acute(not mapped)
ASPAspirateis equivalent to119295008Specimen obtained by aspiration14766002
ATTEEnvironment, Attest(not mapped)
AUTOCEnvironmental, Autoclave Capsule(not mapped)
AUTPAutopsy(not mapped)
BBLBlood bagis equivalent to119304001Blood bag specimen
BCYSTCyst, Baker's(not mapped)
BITEBite(not mapped)
BLEBBlebis equivalent to309049000Lesion sample339008
BLISTBlisteris equivalent to309049000Lesion sample339008
BOILBoilis equivalent to119295008Specimen obtained by aspiration5984300514766002
BONBoneis equivalent to430268003Specimen from bone
BOWLBowel contents(not mapped)
BPUBlood product unitis equivalent to119300005Specimen from blood product
BRNBurnis equivalent to119367005Specimen from burn injury
BRSHBrushis equivalent to258415003Biopsy sample439336003
BRTHBreath (use EXHLD)is equivalent to119336008Exhaled air specimen
BRUSBrushingis equivalent to309176002Bronchial brushings sample80657008
BUBBubois equivalent to302795002Lymph node aspirate1158500014766002
BULLABulla/Bullaeis equivalent to258482009Vesicle fluid sample339008
BXBiopsyis equivalent to258415003Biopsy sample86273004
CALCCalculus (=Stone)is equivalent to119350003Calculus specimen
CARBUCarbuncleis equivalent to309051001Body fluid sample41570003
CATCatheteris equivalent to119311002Catheter specimen
CBITEBite, Cat(not mapped)
CLIPPClippingsis equivalent to119327009Nail specimenBe more specific use either: 119326000^hair specimen or 119327009^nail specimen
CNJTConjunctivais equivalent to119401005Specimen from conjunctiva
CNJTConjunctivais equivalent to128160006Tissue specimen from conjunctiva
CNJTConjunctivais equivalent to258498002Conjunctival swab
COLColostrumis equivalent to119329007Colostrum specimen
CONEBiospy, Coneis equivalent to399713008Specimen from uterine cervix obtained by cone biopsy7125200554535009
CSCRScratch, Cat(not mapped)
CSERUSerum, Convalescent(not mapped)
CSITECatheter Insertion Siteis equivalent to258507003Swab of line insertion site386144009285570007Prefer to have aspirate of the pus oozing out from cleaned insertion site - if swab is all that can be obtained, then swab after cleaning, otherwise you may get a contaminated specimen and a falsely identified infected central line. Do not just swab the reddened area - that will just collect skin flora
CSMYFluid, Cystostomy Tubeis equivalent to309051001Body fluid sample
CSTFluid, Cystis equivalent to258453008Cyst fluid sample
CSVRBlood, Cell Saver(not mapped)
CTPCatheter tipis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
CVPSSite, CVPis equivalent to258507003Swab of line insertion site
CVPTCatheter Tip, CVPis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimen445085009TBD in detail
CYNNodule, Cysticis equivalent to119368000Specimen from cyst27925004
CYSTCystis equivalent to119368000Specimen from cyst
DBITEBite, Dog(not mapped)
DCSSputum, Deep Coughis equivalent to119335007Coughed sputum specimen
DECUlcer, Decubitusis equivalent to258505006Skin ulcer swab
DEIONEnvironmental, Water (Deionized)(not mapped)
DIADialysateis equivalent to119360007Dialysis fluid specimen
DISCHGDischargeis equivalent to258439008Discharge
DIVDiverticulumis equivalent to119376003Tissue specimen31113003
DRNDrainis equivalent to119306004Drain device specimen
DRNGDrainage, Tubeis equivalent to258455001Drainage fluid sample122462000Historical term - consider what is being drained and indicate that in SPM-4 instead: not an acceptable specimen for micro - not specific enough term
DRNGPDrainage, Penroseis equivalent to309051001Body fluid sample122462000Historical term - consider what is being drained and indicate that in SPM-4 instead
EARWEar wax (cerumen)is equivalent to122580007Cerumen specimen
EBRUSHBrush, Esophagealis equivalent to309210009Oesophageal brushings sample3284900236213007
EEYEEnvironmental, Eye Wash(not mapped)
EFFEnvironmental, Effluent(not mapped)
EFFUSEffusionis equivalent to258440005Effusion sample
EFODEnvironmental, Foodis equivalent to119320006Food specimen
EISOEnvironmental, Isoletteis equivalent to258536003Incubator swab
ELTElectrodeis equivalent to119314005Electrode specimen
ENVIREnvironmental, Unidentified Substanceis equivalent to119324002Specimen of unknown material
EOTHEnvironmental, Other Substance(not mapped)
ESOIEnvironmental, Soil(not mapped)
ESOSEnvironmental, Solution (Sterile)(not mapped)
ETAAspirate, Endotrachis equivalent to119307008Endotracheal tube specimen32166700114766002
ETTPCatheter Tip, Endotrachealis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
ETTUBTube, Endotrachealis equivalent to119307008Endotracheal tube specimen32166700114766002
EWHIEnvironmental, Whirlpool(not mapped)
EXGGas, exhaled (=breath)is equivalent to119336008Exhaled air specimen
EXSShunt, External(not mapped)
EXUDTEExudateis equivalent to258441009Exudate sample
FAWEnvironmental, Water (Well)(not mapped)
FBLOODBlood, Fetalis equivalent to119297000Blood specimen303112003
FGAFluid, Abdomenis equivalent to168139001Peritoneal fluid sample83670000
FISTFistulais equivalent to119370009Specimen from fistula
FLDFluid, Otheris equivalent to309051001Body fluid sample
FLTFilter(not mapped)
FLUFluid, Body unspis equivalent to309051001Body fluid sample
FLUIDFluidis equivalent to258442002Fluid sample
FOLEYCatheter Tip, Foleyis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
FRSFluid, Respiratoryis equivalent to258442002Fluid sample272626006this term is not specific enough, choose from terms that more accurately describe the specimen
FSCLPScalp, Fetalis equivalent to309502007Fetus specimen41695006
FURFuruncleis equivalent to119295008Specimen obtained by aspiration59843005Further describe the sample as tissue or pus. or by the collection method. The term boil is not specific to a body site - need to indicate source site (spm.8). preferred term is Aspirate_Boil
GASGasis equivalent to119317003Gaseous material specimen
GASAAspirate, Gastricis equivalent to168137004Gastric aspirate sample6969500314766002
GASANAntrum, Gastricis equivalent to119379005Specimen from stomach66051006
GASBRBrushing, Gastricis equivalent to309213006Gastric brushings sample69695003235157009
GASDDrainage, Gastricis equivalent to258459007Gastric fluid sample69695003122462000Historical term - consider what is being drained and indicate that in SPM-4 instead
GASTFluid/contents, Gastricis equivalent to258459007Gastric fluid sample
GENVGenital vaginalis equivalent to119394009Specimen from vagina
GRAFTGraftis equivalent to440493002Graft sample
GRANUGranulomais equivalent to119376003Tissue specimen45647009
GROSHCatheter, Groshongis equivalent to119311002Catheter specimenTBD in detail
GSOLSolution, Gastrostomy(not mapped)
GSPECBiopsy, Gastricis equivalent to309211008Gastric biopsy sample6969500379121003
GTTube, Gastric(not mapped)
GTUBEDrainage Tube, Drainage (Gastrostomy)is equivalent to258459007Gastric fluid sample12749000969695003122462000Historical term - consider what is being drained and indicate that in SPM-4 instead
HBITEBite, Human(not mapped)
HBLUDBlood, Autopsyis equivalent to119297000Blood specimen303113008
HEMAQCatheter Tip, Hemaquitis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
HEMOCatheter Tip, Hemovacis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
HERNITissue, Herniatedis equivalent to119376003Tissue specimen
HEVDrain, Hemovacis equivalent to119306004Drain device specimen
HICCatheter, Hickmanis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimen445085009TBD in detail
HYDCFluid, Hydroceleis equivalent to309051001Body fluid sample55434001
IBITEBite, Insect(not mapped)
ICYSTCyst, Inclusionis equivalent to309075001Skin cyst sample
IDCCatheter Tip, Indwellingis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
IHGGas, Inhaledis equivalent to119337004Inhaled gas specimen
ILEODrainage, Ileostomyis equivalent to258455001Drainage fluid sample419954003Historical term - consider what is being drained and indicate that in SPM-4 instead: stool is what is expected, should use stool sample
ILLEGSource of Specimen Is Illegible(not mapped)
IMPImplantis equivalent to439961009Implant submitted as specimen
INCISite, Incision/Surgicalis equivalent to438660002Specimen from prosthetic device
INFILInfiltrate(not mapped)
INSInsectis equivalent to258614005Insect sample
INTRDCatheter Tip, Introduceris equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
ITIntubation tubeis equivalent to119307008Endotracheal tube specimen
IUDIntrauterine Device(not mapped)
IVCATCatheter Tip, IVis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimen255560000TBD in detail
IVFLDFluid, IVis equivalent to258649003Intravenous infusion fluid sample
IVTIPTubing Tip, IVis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimen
JEJUDrainage, Jejunalis equivalent to258463000Jejunal fluid sample21306003122462000Historical term - consider what is being drained and indicate that in SPM-4 instead: stool is what is expected, should use stool sample
JNTFLDFluid, Jointis equivalent to119332005Synovial fluid specimen
JPDrainage, Jackson Prattis equivalent to309051001Body fluid sample122462000Historical term - consider what is being drained and indicate that in SPM-4 instead
KELOILavageis equivalent to440674008Wash out specimen67889009
KIDFLDFluid, Kidneyis equivalent to309051001Body fluid sample64033007
LAVGLavage, Bronhialis equivalent to258607008Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid sample397394009
LAVGGLavage, Gastricis equivalent to168138009Gastric lavage aspirate sample69695003173830003
LAVGPLavage, Peritonealis equivalent to440137008Specimen obtained by peritoneal lavage
LAVPGLavage, Pre-Bronchis equivalent to440674008Wash out specimen4456700167889009
LENS1Contact Lensis equivalent to440473005Contact lens submitted as specimen
LENS2Contact Lens Case(not mapped)
LESNLesionis equivalent to309049000Lesion sampleshould be more specific what kind of lesion is observed - be more specific is it a wound, abscess, mass - specify! Ask SNOMED CT to mark it as a grouper term only (309049000)
LIQLiquid, Unspecifiedis equivalent to258442002Fluid sample
LIQOLiquid, Other(not mapped)
LSACFluid, Lumbar Sacis equivalent to258450006Cerebrospinal fluid sample303949008The HL7 term is a historical term Mapped to CSF obtained by lumbar puncture
MAHURCatheter Tip, Makurkouris equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
MASSMassis equivalent to420548004Specimen from mass4147007
MBLDBlood, Menstrualis equivalent to119345009Menstrual blood specimen
MUCOSMucosais equivalent to119376003Tissue specimen414781009
MUCUSMucusis equivalent to258483004Mucus sample
NASDRDrainage, Nasalis equivalent to258474009Sinus fluid sample2095001122462000Historical term - consider what is being drained and indicate that in SPM-4 instead
NEDLNeedle(not mapped)
NEPHSite, Nephrostomyis equivalent to438660002Specimen from prosthetic device
NGASPAspirate, Nasogastricis equivalent to302794003Nasogastric aspirate696950036853008
NGASTDrainage, Nasogastricis equivalent to258459007Gastric fluid sample12749200169695003122462000Historical term - consider what is being drained and indicate that in SPM-4 instead
NGSSite, Naso/Gastricis equivalent to438660002Specimen from prosthetic device
NODULNodule(s)(not mapped)
NSECRSecretion, Nasalis equivalent to168141000Nasal fluid sample
ORHOtheris equivalent to123038009Specimen
ORLLesion, Oral(not mapped)
OTHSource, Otheris equivalent to123038009Specimen
PACEMPacemaker(not mapped)
PCFLFluid, Pericardialis equivalent to122571007Pericardial fluid specimen
PDSITSite, Peritoneal Dialysisis equivalent to438660002Specimen from prosthetic device
PDTSSite, Peritoneal Dialysis Tunnel(not mapped)
PELVAAbscess, Pelvicis equivalent to119371008Specimen from abscess12921003
PENILLesion, Penile(not mapped)
PERIAAbscess, Perianalis equivalent to119371008Specimen from abscess397158004
PILOCCyst, Pilonidalis equivalent to119368000Specimen from cyst
PINSSite, Pinis equivalent to438660002Specimen from prosthetic device
PISSite, Pacemaker Insetionis equivalent to258507003Swab of line insertion site
PLANPlant Materialis equivalent to119301009Plant specimen
PLASPlasmais equivalent to119361006Plasma specimen
PLBPlasma bagis equivalent to119305000Plasma bag specimen
PLEVSSerum, Peak Levelis equivalent to119364003Serum specimen255587001
PNDDrainage, Penileis equivalent to258439008Discharge13648007122462000Historical term -though in this case more often used for discharge
POLPolypsis equivalent to119376003Tissue specimen41329004
POPGSGraft Site, Poplitealis equivalent to440493002Graft sample6902008
POPLGGraft, Poplitealis equivalent to440493002Graft sample6902008
POPLVSite, Popliteal Vein(not mapped)
PORTACatheter, Portais equivalent to119311002Catheter specimenTBD in detail
PPPPlasma, Platelet pooris equivalent to119362004Platelet poor plasma specimen
PROSTProsthetic Deviceis equivalent to438660002Specimen from prosthetic device
PRPPlasma, Platelet richis equivalent to119363009Platelet rich plasma specimen
PSCPseudocystis equivalent to119368000Specimen from cyst
PUNCTWound, Punctureis equivalent to119365002Specimen from wound129300006
PUSPusis equivalent to119323008Pus specimen
PUSFRPustuleis equivalent to119323008Pus specimen47002008
PUSTPusis equivalent to119323008Pus specimen47002008
QC3Quality Control(not mapped)
RANDUUrine, Randomis equivalent to278020009Spot urine sample
RBITEBite, Reptile(not mapped)
RECTDrainage, Rectalis equivalent to119339001Stool specimen34402009122462000Historical term - consider what is being drained and indicate that in SPM-4 instead: stool is what is expected, should use stool sample
RECTAAbscess, Rectalis equivalent to119371008Specimen from abscess34402009
RENALCCyst, Renalis equivalent to258420003Cyst tissue64033007
RENCFluid, Renal Cystis equivalent to258453008Cyst fluid sample64033007
RESRespiratoryis equivalent to258603007Respiratory sample
SALSalivais equivalent to119342007Saliva specimen
SCARTissue, Keloid (Scar)is equivalent to119376003Tissue specimen
SCLVCatheter Tip, Subclavianis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimen9454009TBD in detail
SCROAAbscess, Scrotalis equivalent to119371008Specimen from abscess20233005
SECRESecretion(s)is equivalent to432825001Body secretion specimen
SERSerumis equivalent to119364003Serum specimen
SHUSite, Shuntis equivalent to119295008Specimen obtained by aspiration25735100814766002Preferred is aspiration with sterile syringe from inflamed area. Specify body location of shunt site
SHUNFFluid, Shuntis equivalent to446861007Cerebrospinal fluid specimen obtained via ventriculoperitoneal shunt279107003446860008
SHUNTShunt(not mapped)
SITESite(not mapped)
SKBPBiopsy, Skinis equivalent to309066003Skin biopsy sample240977001
SKNSkinis equivalent to119325001Skin specimen
SMMMass, Sub-Mandibularis equivalent to420548004Specimen from mass4147007
SNVFluid, synovial (Joint fluid)is equivalent to119332005Synovial fluid specimen
SPRMSpermatozoais equivalent to119349003Spermatozoa specimen
SPRPCatheter Tip, Suprapubicis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
SPRPBCathether Tip, Suprapubicis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
SPSEnvironmental, Spore Strip(not mapped)
SPTSputumis equivalent to119334006Sputum specimen
SPTCSputum - coughedis equivalent to119335007Coughed sputum specimen
SPTTSputum - tracheal aspirateis equivalent to258609006Sputum specimen obtained by aspiration from trachea
SPUT1Sputum, Simulated(not mapped)
SPUTINSputum, Inductedis equivalent to258610001Sputum specimen obtained by sputum induction
SPUTSPSputum, Spontaneousis equivalent to119335007Coughed sputum specimen
STEREnvironmental, Sterrad(not mapped)
STLStool = Fecalis equivalent to119339001Stool specimen
STONEStone, Kidneyis equivalent to119350003Calculus specimen64033007
SUBMAAbscess, Submandibularis equivalent to119371008Specimen from abscess5713008
SUBMXAbscess, Submaxillaryis equivalent to119371008Specimen from abscess4335006
SUMPDrainage, Sumpis equivalent to446562005Body fluid specimen obtained via sump drain122462000Historical term - consider what is being drained and indicate that in SPM-4 instead
SUPSuprapubic Tapis equivalent to122575003Urine specimen58088002
SUTURSuture(not mapped)
SWGZCatheter Tip, Swan Gantzis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
TASPAspirate, Trachealis equivalent to122877000Upper respiratory fluid specimen obtained by tracheal aspiration44567001129112001
TISSTissueis equivalent to119376003Tissue specimen
TISUTissue ulceris equivalent to122593002Tissue specimen obtained from ulcer
TLCCathether Tip, Triple Lumenis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
TRACSite, Tracheostomyis equivalent to438660002Specimen from prosthetic device
TRANSTransudateis equivalent to258538002Transudate sample
TSERUSerum, Troughis equivalent to119364003Serum specimen255588006
TSTESAbscess, Testicularis equivalent to119371008Specimen from abscess279572002
TTRAAspirate, Transtrachealis equivalent to258480001Transtracheal aspirate sample129112001
TUBESTubesis equivalent to119310001Tube specimen
TUMORTumoris equivalent to258435002Tumour tissue
TZANCSmear, Tzanck(not mapped)
UDENTSource, Unidentifiedis equivalent to123038009Specimen
URUrineis equivalent to122575003Urine specimen
URCUrine clean catchis equivalent to122880004Urine specimen obtained by clean catch procedure
URINBUrine, Bladder Washingsis equivalent to122575003Urine specimen78533007
URINCUrine, Catheterizedis equivalent to446846006Urine specimen obtained via indwelling urinary catheter
URINMUrine, Midstreamis equivalent to258574006Mid-stream urine sample431938005225271002
URINNUrine, Nephrostomyis equivalent to446277003Urine specimen obtained from nephrostomy tube after percutaneous insertion25990002225109005
URINPUrine, Pedibag(not mapped)
URTUrine catheteris equivalent to122565001Urinary catheter specimen
USCOPUrine, Cystoscopy(not mapped)
USPECSource, Unspecifiedis equivalent to123038009Specimen
VASTIPCatheter Tip, Vasis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
VENTCatheter Tip, Ventricularis equivalent to119312009Catheter tip specimenTBD in detail
VITFVitreous Fluidis equivalent to258438000Vitreous humor sample
VOMVomitusis equivalent to122572000Vomitus specimen
WASHWashis equivalent to440674008Wash out specimen
WASIWashing, e.g. bronchial washingis equivalent to122609004Specimen from lung obtained by bronchial washing procedure
WATWateris equivalent to119318008Water specimen
WBBlood, Whole(not mapped)
WENWenis equivalent to309075001Skin cyst sample
WICKWick(not mapped)
WNDWoundis equivalent to119365002Specimen from wound
WNDAWound abscessis equivalent to119366001Specimen from wound abscess
WNDDWound drainageis equivalent to122566000Fluid specimen from wound122462000
WNDEWound exudateis equivalent to122568004Exudate specimen from wound
WORMWormis equivalent to258618008Helminth sample
WRTWartis equivalent to309068002Skin lesion sample
WWAEnvironmental, Wateris equivalent to119318008Water specimen
WWOEnvironmental, Water (Ocean)(not mapped)
WWTEnvironmental, Water (Tap)(not mapped)
CSITECatheter Insertion Site(not mapped)
CLIPPClippings(not mapped)
SHUSite, Shunt(not mapped)



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