Release 4
FHIR Infrastructure Work GroupMaturity Level: N/AStandards Status: Informative
Defines "common" extensions for use with the Bundle resource and contained elements
http-response-headerhttp-response-header :

In a transaction, every single interaction can have multiple HTTP response headers returned as a result of the interaction.

match-gradematch-grade :

Assessment of resource match outcome - how likely this resource is to be a match.

location-distancelocation-distance :

A calculated distance between the resource and a provided location.

subscription-event-countsubscription-event-count :

A record of the number of events for which the server has attempted delivery on this subscription (i.e., the number of events that occurred while the subscription is in an "active" or "error" state -- not "requested" or "off"). Server Initializes to 0 for a new subscription. Repeated attempts at delivery of the same event notification do not increment this counter. Valid values are unsigned integers (0+). The decmial type is used to ensure that counts can grow larger than 32-bit values.

bundle-event-countbundle-event-count :

The number of events included in this Subscription notification (0 for handshake and heartbeat).

subscription-statussubscription-status :

The current status of this Subscription at the time this Notification was sent.

subscription-topic-urlsubscription-topic-url :

The URL for the Topic this notification relates to (local to server - not canonical).

subscription-urlsubscription-url :

The URL for the Subscription this notification relates to (local to server).