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Generated Narrative

status: draft

description: Heart valve replacement



purpose: Describes the proposal to perform a Heart Valve replacement.

usage: This activity definition is used as the definition of a service request to perform a heart valve replacement. Elements that apply universally are defined here, while elements that apply to the specific setting of a referral within a particular order set are defined in the order set.

topic: Heart valve replacement

kind: ServiceRequest

code: Heart valve replacement

timing: Events: Now()

location: Generated Summary: id: B1-S.F2; status: active; name: South Wing, second floor; alias: BU MC, SW, F2, alias: Burgers University Medical Center, South Wing, second floor; description: Second floor of the Old South Wing, formerly in use by Psychiatry; mode: instance; Phone: 2328, Fax: 2329, second wing admissions,; Wing


*practitionerInterventional Cardiology

bodySite: Heart valve structure



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